Samsung galaxy s3 straight talk verizon network

Samsung galaxy s3 straight talk verizon network

Valid till 2017/5/25

Buy Samsung Galaxy S3 S III 16GB for Straight Talk – PEBBLE BLUE, USE VERIZON 4G LTE NETWORK ACCESS!: Cases – sawron. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases/5(20). Jan 15, · I would like to get the Samsung galaxy s3 thoroughly straight talk but I hear its sprint based and I don’t think I get very good service thoroughly sprint living up. Trying to Figure out a Straight Talk Wireless Samsung Galaxy S3 This specific model phone is 3G only and will only work on the Verizon network. Straight Talk also.
Bring a phone Bring a tablet. Is the iphone 8 faster than the Iphone X? The customer may end the lease and return the phone at anytime. Bring the smartphone you love to Straight Talk and save a ton. Multi-Window Multi-Window tray offers more available apps. Escape or Close will close the layer and refresh the page. I get unlimited text, unlimited calls, unlimited MMS.
Buy Samsung Galaxy S3 S III 16GB for Straight Talk – PEBBLE BLUE, USE VERIZON 4G LTE NETWORK ACCESS!: Cases – sawron. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases/5(20). Jan 15, · I would like to get the Samsung galaxy s3 thoroughly straight talk but I hear its sprint based and I don’t think I get very good service thoroughly sprint living up. Trying to Figure out a Straight Talk Wireless Samsung Galaxy S3 This specific model phone is 3G only and will only work on the Verizon network. Straight Talk also.

samsung galaxy s3 straight talk verizon network

samsung galaxy s3 straight talk verizon network

samsung galaxy s3 straight talk verizon network

samsung galaxy s3 straight talk verizon network

samsung galaxy s3 straight talk verizon network

samsung galaxy s3 straight talk verizon network

samsung galaxy s3 straight talk verizon network

samsung galaxy s3 straight talk verizon network

Z3x verizon s3 network galaxy straight talk samsung for laptop windows

This is a lease-to-own transaction. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Otherwise you would probably better off selling that S3 and buying a used verizon one. Yes, my password is: To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here.

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My SM-GV is unlocked supposedly – would like to know how to make sure that it is please! I am in Greensboro, NC, if that helps. Thank you for your time. I just want it to work. After a while they said yes, but I would have to change my number.

Do any of you think that would make it easier for MMS to work? Thanks for Posting this. Create your Samsung Account First Name. Touch Free Experience a whole new way to interact with your smartphone.

Take It at Your Own Pace Easy Mode is a setting you can use to simplify your home screen with bigger icons and your favorite apps, so you can take your time to discover the amazing world of your new Galaxy S 4.

Slow and Fast Motion Capture every moment with Slow Motion video recording — no video editing tools necessary. Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.

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New gmail verizon talk straight samsung s3 network galaxy version

I read someplace howardforums maybe? Even on a pageplus branded SIM, My verizon branded Galaxy note 2 “mysteriously” lost mobile data sometime late in XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers.

It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Are you a developer? Remap Bixby Button with bxActions October 31, Tags This thread has automatically been categorized with the following tags.

Click on any of the topics to find related threads. By cnewman, Member on 5th July, Post Reply Email Thread Page 3 of 3 1 2 3. Honor 8 Pro Mini-Review: Not set Multimedia message port: Not set APN type: APN turned on Bearer: Unspecified Mobile virtual network operator type: None Mobile virtual network operator value: Post Reply Subscribe to Thread Page 3 of 3 1 2 3.

Quote message in reply? Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Any advice would surely be appreciated, guys. By the way, I always read your articles via Drippler. More power to you! Thanks for being a constant reader, we really do appreciate it.

If your account is in good standing, then I am almost certain the problem is with the APN settings. My advice is call the hotline again and ask for the correct APN settings on the on-set of the call to prevent representatives from troubleshooting your phone, which may take several minutes.

Have a great day, Marty! Hi, my name is Claire and I am having troubles connecting my phone to my computer. For some reason, my computer cannot recognize my phone when I connected it this morning.

It used to recognize it and I can just drag and drop file to and fro but that is impossible now. My phone is a smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy S3 given to me by my daughter. I enjoyed reading the Galaxy S3 series.

Hi Claire, we appreciate you spending time sending and telling us your concerns. The representatives were right, the problem could be in your computer and not in your phone. This will make sure you have the updated software and drivers in your computer.

Now, try to connect your phone to your computer. If you have a different cable you can use, then try that. I hope this helps. Recently, MMS messages started to show exclamation point. Hello guys, thanks for providing this free support service.

You can actually help a lot of people with this. I have a problem with the phone given to me by my son. Before anything else, my phone is a Galaxy S3 and it is under Straight Talk, although it was originally from Verizon.

Last week I updated it because I received a notification. Everything went smoothly as it should, however, when I tried texting, the phone keeps correcting every word I typed and bad thing is, those words were incorrect.

My phone runs Android 4. I hope you can help me solve this problem. Thank you so much! It is a minor software glitch that could have been triggered by the recent update.

You can fix this problem by clearing both cache and data of the Download Manager app. The recent update may be for the Google apps in which Play Store is included.

Thanks for specifying what you already did, at least, I know where to start. Instead, I want you to uninstall updates for the Play Store. Tap on that button and reboot your phone.

That should do it. Of course, I am assuming you already checked your internet connection. Thank God you exist, guys! Thus, we need to clear data that are not usable already and in your case, those corrupted data came from the app known called Email.

I need your help badly Droid guy.

Thank you very much for your time i will sell my phone and get an other one have a good day. Ok in the back of the phone are the 2 slots that you told me but not sim, what happened if i put a lte sim card.

Jul 8, 50 7 16 Male electrician Herford, NC. But where i am verizon have 4glte. If you go on st web and look the phone said 4glte. Oct 1, 19 Just a quick question,, am I reading this right? Straight talk has a s2 or s3 that is cdma v with 3g?

Att and T-Mobile and sprint has terrible service in my area and I would love to have another s2 or 3. I was understanding that the only way to have one was to have a gsm service phone.

If there is a way and still able to use picture messaging please let me know. Straight Talk carries two s3 phones. Phones that use the Verizon and Sprint networks do not. If the phone was advertised as supporting 4G LTE, then it will use the Sprint network, otherwise its will use the Verizon network.

My recommendation, take a step back. Decide what network your phone will be on. Decide what network you would like to use. T-Mobile and Sprint have great coverage in some areas but not others.

Once you know what network, you want to be on, pick a phone that supports that network and then sign up for Straight Talk. You should still be able to return the S3 if its not the right phone for you.

I bought my galaxy 4 from walmart online. She said I need verizon in my area!!! Tiffany, Did you know your S3 was using their Verizon network? The fact that the phone did not include a SIM is strange.

What is the model number of the phone? Will he be able to use it with Straight Talk? What will he need to do? Check if the phone is eligible. I bought the same phone and was confused as well.

I called to activate thinking in the very least they can use my existing Sim. My previous phone had one. If you try to activate online it tells you that it has a technology which cannot be activated in your area online.

Not even for your contacts. My s3 gose frome 3g to 1x and stay on 1x wen I put it in my new phone case. I want to buy a straighttalk Samsung galaxy s3 but I need to know that it will work in my coverage on fort mountain.

Also are you looking to buy this phone from Straight Talk or Walmart directly? Did you check to see which Straight Talk phones are available in your area? Was it advertised as supporting 4G LTE?

If not, it might not be the best choice. I think the sc only supports 3G. This means your data will be slower than a phone that supports 4G LTE. This model is a for the Verizon 3G network only.

Bought the phone at Walmart. The Box the phone came in had a red map indicating it works on Verizon towers. You can try backing it us and doing a factory reset, but this sons like a hardware problem.

I have a Galaxy s3 from Straighttalk themselves, they are telling me I need a new SIM card to transfer number back over from broken phone. Where would I locate SIM card area?

It is not underneath battery and slot space there is for micro SD and there is no slot by battery. What do I do? Hi Karlie, what is the model number of your S3?

Is the S3 a new phone and you are trying to move the service from a broken phone to the S3? I know the problem she is having. Myself and my mom bought 2 StraightTalk branded Galaxy S3s 2 years ago.

When we first set it up 2 years ago, it was a breeze. Two years later Today: So now we have 2 perfectly good Straighttalk branded S3s for sell. Straight Talk added another step to activating a straight talk phone.

Enter sim card number. There is no sim card, so there is no sim card number. The guy had called Straight Talk tech support and they told him he needed a sim card.

But they are sending him one for free anyhow. I refunded his money. Hi, What is the model number of your S3 phones? Also look for it in the Settings. Probably under about phone.

I sold the phone and provided that number as the SIM number. Thanks for your help. Thanks for the update. I am sure someone else will ask the same question again. Hi, I had also tried the online thing.

This seems like a website error on their part but even if you fill that out it will say that it cannot be done online if CDMA. But if it does use a sim maybe it will let you, but I would say just try to call straight talk.

I had to call twice to get the same answer as I got from the original posting. I have a Galaxy S3 from Straight Talk. It runs off Verizon. I have no service in some areas I travel to in rural areas.

You can check that here https: The byop Starter kit does not unlock the phone. Id return the starter kit to Walmart. How much did you pay for the phone? Carin, what is the exact model number of the phone?

It might have some compatibility with the ATT network. I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime from straight talk at Walmart and had my number transferred from my other straight talk phone.

Now I can only receive pictures from some people but not from others. Can you help me figure this please??? I called the company twice and they reset my entire phone but still nothing.

The phone came with a sim card already installed. Their service seems to be getting worse as time goes on and my connection no matter where I am is next to nothing.

Would that even work or would I just be putting it in and still purchasing Straight Talk time cards? I really want to keep the phone but ditch Straight Talks terrible service.

Hi Ira, What is the model number of your S3? Or can I just get the prepaid card to activate it? I am looking at getting a samsung galaxy s3 verizon. It does not come with a slim card.

I want to use this phone using pay as you go tracfone. Are there any problems with not having a slim card in the phone! And will all the features work without a slim card.

Hi Robert, You mean tracfone, not straight talk, right? They now offer SIM cards online. Hi Mary, What is the model number of the phone? Question-I bought a galaxy s3 from ST last year and though the ST website says it is 4g capable, it only ever displays 3g, is generally slow, and only gets 1 bar of 1x or no service at all in areas where other 4g devices get full 4g LTE service.

It has a sim slot in the back-would I be able to put a sim in it to get the 4g service? Do you remember what number you dialed to activate the phone? If we know the model number we can see what networks the phone is compatible with.

Hi Ashley, This specific model phone is 3G only and will only work on the Verizon network. I have tried most of your suggested settings. The only one that seems to work some is the TFdata one.. Do you think I need to give it a few days because I ported my?

I called ST support and they say everything looks fine on their end. I have been reading the above replies and seems it may be a nightmare to get the APN settings right and be able to use MMS also.

The phone service is good to me but their support is absolutely horrible. I have not tried these yet but I will. I question the one that says cingular in it tho..??? Here are the settings I found: I just bought a Samsung Galaxy S3…….

I can send them but not receiving them……just transfered my number over from another straight talk phone today….. How will I make it work, or will it ever work? Its a factory unlocked one.

What might I be doing wrong? Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Derick Costa Amanda, which phone do you have and is it rooted?

December 10, Reply. December 27, Reply. December 28, Reply. Scott I was given an at t galaxy s3.

Registry repair straight verizon network talk s3 samsung galaxy web

It always connected at 4g sitting in same spot as now. This button opens a dialog that displays additional images for this product with the option to zoom in or out. Content Transfer Easily transfer contacts, photos and videos from one device to another. Your date of birth is used to verify your identity if you lose your E-mail or password. It runs on Android 4.

Why Buy From Us? Thanks for signing up! It always connected at 4g sitting in same spot as now. Please be respectful to others, as some people may not have the same knowledge as you.

You can then use this phone in any phone that uses the Att network. Unlock Samsung Galaxy S3. Did you try to activate it online using the straight talk website?


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400 watts network verizon samsung galaxy straight s3 talk zip file

Its great I love it. Please check with your desired carrier to confirm functionality and compatibility. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. I have talk and text. See…

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