Petro canada cell phone pay as you go

Petro canada cell phone pay as you go

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Oct 11, · I’m a light cell phone user so I’m thinking about trying pay as you go for a couple months just to see how that goes. I’ve read a few thread here. Petro-Canada prepaid cell phone reviews You can pay for your Petro-Canada Mobility took the SIM card out and put it into the Iphone voila pay as you go. While you may find a fair bit of information online about plans in the United States, it can sometimes be more challenging to find the best pay-as-you-go cell phone.
Plus, you can conveniently pick up pre-paid cell time at almost 1, locations across Canada. Unlimited text North America. Called plain old customer service, even talking to supervisors almost never worked. How do I get this deal. Ed July 15, at 6:
Oct 11, · I’m a light cell phone user so I’m thinking about trying pay as you go for a couple months just to see how that goes. I’ve read a few thread here. Petro-Canada prepaid cell phone reviews You can pay for your Petro-Canada Mobility took the SIM card out and put it into the Iphone voila pay as you go. While you may find a fair bit of information online about plans in the United States, it can sometimes be more challenging to find the best pay-as-you-go cell phone.

petro canada cell phone pay as you go

petro canada cell phone pay as you go

petro canada cell phone pay as you go

petro canada cell phone pay as you go

petro canada cell phone pay as you go

petro canada cell phone pay as you go

petro canada cell phone pay as you go

petro canada cell phone pay as you go

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Mike September 2, at 1: After reading comments here, do I risk it? Petro Mobility is exactly like speak out its all rogers. They also sell data plans. Bill July 13, at 6: In fact you would be surprised just how short a time you have to use your minutes up. Only way to do that is to keep track of calls on cellphone as you dial out or receive calls and texts.

Well done Petro Mobile. It would seem like your website is mission critical if that is your primary way of account administration. Compare All Petro-Canada Plans. Motorola Moto G4 Play. Compare All Petro-Canada Phones.

Enjoy an assortment of minutes, texts and data each month customized to fit your needs. No need to worry about zones or provinces with Petro Canada as all plans include calling anywhere in the country.

Earn Petro-Points rewards for every dollar you spend on service. Do They Charge Roaming Fees? What About Long Distance Fees? All calls within Canada are billed at local rates or from your monthly bundle allotment.

Calls outside Canada are subject to a long distance calling fee as follows: North American long distance: Can I Tether My Phone? Tethering is not allowed on Petro-Canada Mobility.

In their Terms and Conditions, they state: No any data from monthly bundles expires at the end of the month. Do They Offer Add-ons or Bundles? Do They Require A Contract? As all services are prepaid, you are free to quit using the service at any time.

Petro-Canada does not charge activation fees. What About Early Termination Fees? Requirements are as follows: The account from which you are transferring the number must be assigned to the same name and address as your Petro-Canada Mobility account.

Will They Unlock My Phone? Newest First Sort By: Darn, there are no reviews yet for this carrier. Stay Away if you have an iphone. We could not get data to work on our 6s, tried everything, phone reps were of no help and did not forewarn of this p Tena 03 Nov We could not get our data to work at all.

Phone reps were of no help and they did not forewarn us of this problem. Now I have been waiting 2 days to get my new number ported over to my new provider. My wife has been nothing but happy with her Speakout phone and service.

So I’m going with petro Canada. Just one last follow up. Since petro can uses the rogers network, all these phones are locked in to Rogers. So any upgrade I choose would either have to be rogers locked or unlocked right?

My Gramma is gooder than your typos Says GrammerNazi. I bought my mother a Petro phone a year ago and she loved it. The Nokia is the cheapest phone from Petro, but it definitely feels and looks like it can take some good beating.

You’ve got the issues exactly. Great for emergency or “visitor” phones. Our family uses one Petrocan and two Speakout phones, and we’re happy with both. Congrats to the Winners!

Additional local anytime minutes are 20 cents each, but this is only if you sign up for a day rate plan. Virgin Mobile has one critical advantage over some of the other prepaid cell phone providers in Canada.

Basic BlackBerry bundles include email and instant messaging, while the more comprehensive packages give more unrestricted wireless Internet access for checking out websites and streaming online media.

With Virgin Mobile, possibly one of the best Canadian pay-as-you-go cell phone services, users have the choice between three kinds of prepaid rate plans. In this way, you’ll find that many of the handsets offered by Solo are mirrored by Bell, as are their core features and selling points.

With Solo Prepaid, you only pay when you need to use the phone. As expected, daytime minutes are typically more expensive than minutes used during evenings and weekends.

Also, because of its array of text message-oriented handsets with full QWERTY keyboards, Solo may be a good choice as a prepaid service for children and teens. Most people think of 7-Eleven as a convenience store for slushy drinks, hot dogs, and potato chips, but the company also offers a prepaid cell phone service called SpeakOut Wireless.

This operates on the Rogers network, so there is a great assurance in terms of reliability and coverage. Easily one of the most appealing aspects of Speak-Out Wireless is the day expiry. Any unused value rolls over with additional voucher redemptions.

Much like 7-Eleven’s SpeakOut Wireless, Petro Canada Mobility is a service that many consumers may overlook when searching for the best prepaid cell phone plan in Canada.

All Petro Canada Mobility plans include key features like voicemail and caller ID, as well as free nationwide coverage and Canada-wide long distance.

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There are no roaming charges with Petro-Canada. You will receive the 20 cents per minute rate as long as you are within the Petro-Canada network. Voicemail, caller ID, 3 way calling, and call waiting are included at no additional charge.

There is no fee to activate your Petro-Canada account. Dialing long distance from Petro-Canada only costs 20 cents per minute more than your normal 25 cent rate. Refills expire based on the airtime card denomination.

The 15 dollar card expires after 30 days; the 25 dollar card expires after days; the 50 dollar card expires after days; the dollar card expires after days. A monthly charge of 99 cents is deducted from your account for services.

Currently, Petro-Canada Mobility only offers six handsets, all made by Nokia. These are older models that do not contain features of the newest phones. Some Available Cell Models: Nokia Nokia Nokia Nokia Nokia View the Petro-Canada coverage map.

Add Your Own Review. Visit the Official Petro-Canada Website. Mobile phone service, or cellular, or cell phone service in Canada is the same as the U. If using your phone from home, roaming charges can be expensive.

Check with you service provider if they offer any roaming packages. Most Jurisdictions in Canada have adopted laws that prohibit use of a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle.

This includes texting and surfing the web including TA! GSM is used in most of the world but the North American system uses different frequencies. Makre sure your own phone is compatible with these frequencies.

However they do not provide international roaming and you cannot use them outside of Canada. A provider with plans for visitors to Canada, for 7 days and up. Cheap or Pay as You Go phones are available from various mobile phone stores, with service provided by all major network.

Many people like the phones and plans from Speakout or from Petro-Canada. Using Skype can make it even cheaper for me. Purchased my phone at a SuperStore, phones were available through customer service.

Epincall international calling cards, offers lowest international calling rates, webcall option is very simple too because it offers calling right from your browser, epincall sells calling cards, phone cards to India, China, Ukraine, Pakistan and more.

Perhaps if you are close to the border look at a US carrier, I know my brother who lives in the Vancouver area, has an unlocked phone, and slips across the border and buys pay as you go card which is good N America wide, at a fraction of what the bandits up here charge.

I live near Vancouver and go to the states around once a month. I sympathize with all the Canucks on the bad pre-paid programs. They roll over minutes and you can extend phone service times.

But come to Canada and look for a pre-paid and I made the mistake of picking Bell Mobility at a Bestbuy store. The website is total crap, and slow, and full of way too much scripting and big-brother stuff and the cookies expire.

And then the clincher is trying to setup some way to get a block of minutes to use. No wonder standard of living in Canada sucks. Even us tech types that do real hard core kernel stuff and get paid the big bucks down in Silicon Valley balk at Canuck pricing.

You folks have a LONG way to go to advance into mobile civilization. And here I thought the US mobile pricing features were monopolistic. And if you think the federal government should legislate cell phone rates — that is the opposite of a competitive market, which is what many of the posts suggest lowers costs in other countries.

The profit they are making from your phones makes their share prices and dividends go up consistently. Anyone who bought Telus shares 3 years ago has had free cell phone service several times over.

And for those who suggest we would be better off being in the U. Lots of countries with smaller populations have more competitive pricing. Most rankings put both in the top 10 but it changes year by year.

There is more to life than mobile computing. I have used wind for 2 years unlimited long distance and found like all carries, some places good, some bad. Have a child on Koodo and this is who I will go for next because of coverage.

My job takes me to rural locations now and koodo offers free roaming where wind does not. The best plan i have found is with fido. Again would stay with this but the rogers net work is week in rural where they have placed lower watt towers.

CDMA works better in this case. GReat review of plans and I think I am going to go with the pc plan and pay the fee. I found a iphone with telus so this looks like the best way to go to have a phone that has a number that I will not give out.

Best route for a phone for my kids when they go out I thing as well. Fido rogers will lower your rate if you call and talk to customer support before switching. They will also lower your rate if you say you are switching away from them as well My poor third world country of the Philippines telecom companies all of them do not charge incoming calls or incoming text messages and no charge for tethering data.

So you pay only for the data when you need it. Oh by the way, no roaming charges or long distance charges for the entire country if call is mobile to mobile regardless of the telecom company.

They just use your airtime minutes for the call or pay per use per minute. Long distance charges apply only if you call from landline but only the caller is charged. I never used the number provided by PC Mobile.

In my country that is already 10GB of data! Coming from a country where 80 percent of subscriber are prepaid, it is frustrating getting a prepaid n Canada. So far, the cheapest that can give my needs is PC Mobile.

You mean M not G correct? That still 7x more expensive than in the U. I am with wind and if your inside the zone, you pay no long distance as long as it is part of your plan.

And what does our spineless government do…. But our government feels the need to get their sticky little fingers into everything from interest rates, wheat prices, where a person can sell their wares, and so on.

You forgot to mention one company, videotron. Let me tell you something PC mobile offers for I use prepaid because I hate committing to a contract. I recently upgraded and changed to Telus.

Either way it seems much cheaper than a contract. Great discussion, very helpful. I live in the country side and coverage is an issue. Petro Canada uses the Rogers network. I used Fido prepaid for the last few year.

Two years ago, The battery of the cell phone were getting bad. The problem is, can not be used in US. While I travel in US times annually, this is very inconvenience. From your forum, it looks like Rogers will offer the call from US.

Is switching to Rogers a better way or simply get a second phone from across the boarder is the best? Petro Mobility is exactly like speak out its all rogers.

Hello, I have been with Chatr wireless for about 3 years now and I have had absolutely no issues with it. I am somewhat of a simpleton, though. I have unlimited text and talk. If I want to send or receive photos or video, I have to buy the data plan.

All I really need is Canada-wide long Distance, text and talk. If anyone wants to send me photos or videos, they can send it to my email. I went through the same process about a year ago when I bought a Chinese android phone which is a great way to save money yet use a full featured smartphone.

I remember coming across Sears Connect and was surprised they even existed and even more surprised by reasonable prices. I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with them and would share their thoughts.

One thing I really wish they would offer is pay-by-the-megabyte data usage. Thanks for a great synopsis. In researching for a possible new carrier I discovered all the things you did.

Just a couple more things you could add is the cost of long distance, fees and incoming call costs. Not every carrier has them. What I would really like is to see is the expiry of prepaid minutes abolished.

So please inspire your readers to make their voices heard at http: After living in several other countries I moved back to the one I was born in. And I have to say.

I find it laughable they had an add online recently stating canadians pay less for cell phone coverage in canada than USA. But they forget to mention they pay less and get less.

But of course the canadian citizen will brag about it with no knowledge of the true facts. The consumer gets ripped off here on every aspect. Even payless shoes I never used the plastic crap even in USA but they charge The consumer in Canada always hears an excuse of shipping or cost of cell phone towers etc.

So basically, Canada wants to make as much money in sales as the USA off of less citizens. Thus corporations are very greedy here. And use government bullying to force canadians under some stupid regulation to pay it.

Even Food is outrageous here. I took images of prices and sent to my friends around the globe. And all had same comments. And truthfully speaking I had better cell phone service and rates in developing nations.

Now that is sad. Very sad to say… Good luck on finding decent prices that you are looking for on cell phone airtime. It just wont happen. Only not coming back foolishly after 25 years gone.

I agree, this nation is full of corporate rip-offs at every turn. You should let the United Nations know this. If u buy a Dollars prepay card with day expiry would u be able to get unlimited calls from people or u have a certain limit on that too.

Also can u use your home wifi with that? No minimum annual deposit. If I buy a prepaid phone from say future shop or target which has gsm of mhz, can I use a sim card to activate it? Petrocan is best for me.

That is about what I use in a year. The only improvement would be auto refill on expiry of minutes rather than auto refill on a certain date. Have had them now for 4 years, and no problems or troubles.

Got my sister, my daughter and my brother to switch to Petrocan as well. Hey, throw out the phone fee as a Christmas present from your spouse, great idea eh?

If I will be away from the home phone and expect an important call, I call forward my home phone to my mobile at no charge except for the incoming call. This has been quite helpful so thx! I have been with Speakout for 4 years now and quite happy until recently when they got rid of the unlimited browsing option.

I bought my phone second hand on kijiji galaxy s2. A note for prosepective customers though. All topups as said above are good for days. BUT when you top up again, the remaining amount rolls into the next days.

It does advertise itself as an actual Data plan so pretty much any smartphone app will work with it. But the data cap is pretty small. This was a great article and I would suggest to everyone that the best way to save money is by being informed.

I would be inclined to take advantage of different technologies and services in the same way that Ed has above although combining services from too many companies may be confusing for some people.

There are some details about some of the services with Wind that I might try to clarify. Since Wind still appears to include unlimited incoming texts and calls, although not really advertised, I would also use a callback service to turn outgoing calls into incoming calls.

The service that I would use would be something like callwithus. There are some programs available for smartphones to automate the callback process and callwithus. Something to check into is if text messages can be received on the Fongo number or not.

Another service which will be available now will be the Blackberry messenger service for various smartphones. Another item to mention is that some users should consider using the services of a third-party long distance provider instead of paying the long distance company service rates.

A company that I might suggest might be one like keepcalling. They have a few different local access numbers for use in different parts of Canada and the USA as well as some toll-free numbers that can be used in some of the rural areas for a small surcharge.

Although Wind has free incoming calls in their Wind zones, it is good to understand something about SIP settings that can be inserted into some of the voip calling applications available on many smartphones today.

The trend now is for more and more places to be offering free Wifi as a value added service for their customers at many shopping malls, coffee shops, fast food places, etc.

This is something that you can take advantage of to help save on your airtime minutes. Thank you for the thorough detailed information! I discovered your very informative article through a Google search.

I found that very few other articles that popped up even mention the existence of the PC, PetroCan or cell phone plans. I was looking for an inexpensive emergency cell phone and found that having 2 SpeakOut pay-as-you-go cell phones works for me and my fiance.

The base Alcatel cell phone has more features than we will ever need or use as well. To be activated by Dec. I am thinking about replacing my aging phone which I bought at a self serve kiosk at Superstore.

They had a couple of 4 year old phones in the customer service department and that was it. Apparently in order to get a new phone, I need to go to the North Vancouver store or the Metotown store.

Hello, the pc sim cards are sold in the superstore Fredericton NB Isaw 9 of them just yesterday. They have a prepaid counter and a moblie shop in this store.

I am looking for a cheap phone for my son, he has an ipod but wants to be able to call when not in a wifi area. Where is the phone from?? Thanks for the great review of Canadian pre-paid cellphone packages.

I did quite a bit of research myself a few months back, and I finally settled on Koodo pre-paid. But there is a trick to it. Thanks so much for this info. I have researched all of the prepaid plans and I will be going with Koodo.

Thanks for the info, greatly appreciated. Sorry, I forgot to mention this in my previous post. I live in Newfoundland, and I should point out to customers in this province that Rogers only has coverage on the Avalon Peninsula.

If you live on any other part of the island and possibly Labrador, Rogers, Fido, Petro-Canada and any other provider that runs on the Rogers network are not an option for us. Can they not just charge a nominal network connection rate without draining the entire account?

Of course they can. Not quite the same huh? I seem to recall Telus did this with landlines and long distance a long time ago. It was good until too many businesses started using the service and Telus felt they were losing to much profit by allowing business and industry to get such a good deal so Telus then changed the plan to minutes of long distance a month instead.

Blame business and industry just like everything else they do in this country. Ruin everything for the customer and the people. I use Telus pre-paid but will now be looking to change to since they more than doubled the price of both incoming and outgoing calls from 15 cents to 50 cents a minute.

Question which prompted my visit: Would be great if the minutes were pooled between the couple. Excellent information on this page, greatly appreciated. Very difficult to get straight informative answers about cellphones, so keep up the good work.

By the way, the best online calculators I used were http: I currently travel extensively the world and there is NO country I have come across, that is sooooo expensive with prepaid. Most of the people here in the forum complain all about local call minutes, yet in rural areas one will almost always need to make long distance calls.

NOT to mention fees for incoming calls!!! This is the greatest ripp off ever and also non existent in other contries. This is a great offer and NZ has only 4 mill people vs 36 in canada!!!

I look forward to extend my travels as long as I can. Oh and did I mentioned that it will be dial up Internet again? And dont think the fees would be low for such a slow internet, it cost as much s high speed.

If I complain, the provider says, it is my fault alone that I choose a rural area to live in. Anyhow a pay as you go phone would be really for emergency protection only, when one drives into the nearest town for shopping.

Since this happens only x a month, a day expiry term is the only way to even use a cell phone. I think the complicated plans are simply a strategy to make comparing plans difficult.

That is the problem with Canada — too much land to cover and not enough people to pay for the service. It answered several questions and has made my decision easier. I do have a question.

Thus, I have cancelled my Bell mobility account. It might be enough. I understand that they carry micro sims, but not a nano sim. I guess I have 2 questions, first, in your opinion which should I choose, Petro Canada or?

I just posted with a related question about the nano card for my new unlocked iPhone 5. Cell phone users in Canada should be rioting in the streets given how the telecoms are ripping off consumers.

The websites and literature from the companies are confusing and incomprehensible and the explanations from the clerks in the stores not much better. I was in similar spot last year.

I asked friends if they or could help find an unused cell phone that I could use for a month or so. I had three SIM phones offered within 24 hours. Lots of people keep their older phones. One of the people with a phone said it was easy to unlock this particular unit LG?

I got an unlocked iPhone 5s for Christmas and have been researching pre-paid plans. I have encountered all the frustrations mentioned here. The clerk was useless.

How can I get a decent not that there is one pre-paid plan that also will provide me with a Nano SIM card. Get iphone 4s which uses micro sim. Speakout sells micro sim. I did like the bell coverage and I still get it with PC, since it is carried on the Bell network.

I keep my usage down by using my free call display to send all but a couple callers to free voicemail and retrieving it on a landline later. I found your article by accident and I likely have the wrong place for my question.

However, I cannot seem to connect with Telus. I use Telus pay as you go and have a Samsung phone. It makes no sense! I did get someone at Telus sounded like a telemarketer and told him about this problem.

He just said that that was how it was set up. I asked if there were anyone there who could explain this to me and he said no — that is just the way it has always been.

I asked if he had a supervisor I could speak with. Have you ever hear anything like this? You can also use justdial. You need to dial the local access no. After reading all of these post.

I am sure is the way to go. I can sacrifice the data for a good saving. I will be making some serious adjustments. Thank you all for your contribution. Thank you so much for all of this information.

I lived in Washington state and I am with virgin mobile. I definitely need data and a smart phone for navigation. It was crazy looking at the outrageous prices! Wish I could find that service plan where you can buy time in the states for a Canadian phone.

Having gone through the article and all the comments, I appreciate knowing that I am not the only one in the situation. I live in the U. The price to use my own phone is pretty bad so have been looking to get a sim on PAYG just to use when I am there — as described by many above its a nightmare trying to find anything and it seems Rogers is the only thing that works in this area.

I love Canada but feel so sorry for you as regards being ripped off like this. Or when the top up runs out do I also loose the telephone number I presently have? Any help much appreciated. This is a useful site for newcomers to payasyougo though in the end the options in Canada are limited and none are cheap.

As of now, Speakout still offers days for all prepaid amounts. It looks like they will keep this to present themselves as the industry leader. This is why I am with them. If they were to change to be equivalent to all the others, I would probably leave.

Because, historically speaking, Petro Canada had better phones to offer. Thank you sooo much for all this info!! They will not let you talk to a supervisor. I have been lucky until recently.

Unlimited evenings and weekends. Now they r putting me down to 1gb. Not to happy about that seeing i use that in two days.. Well just got back from the Virgin kiosk at the mall.

The Virgin kiosk s no longer sell pay as you go plans or sell you a new phone for pay as you go. Found this excellent source of information trawling the web for the best pre-paid option in Canada, thanks so much!

I believe Petro is the cheapest way to go. If you buy gas at Petro get a PetroPoints card and collect points that can be used toward pirchase of top-ups.

I use about 30 min. If I use less, any extra minutes roll over. If you need data, Koodo pre-pay, as someone mentioned above, is the best way to go. I am upgrading to a smart phone and found the best deal for a decent phone is Koodo pre-pay.

By the way, if all you want is a phone for emergencies, you do NOT need any calling plan at all. Any inactive phone will make a call for free. Speakout at has data plans! And they claim that you can access the web either through their data plan or via wi-fi hotspots, so that should help.

The best deal on pay as you go data is Koodo. I have just switched from Petro Mobility, which I have used for about 5 years because my old flip phone died and I moved to a smart phone.

If all yu want is phone and text, this is the best deal. If you buy gas and use a Petro Points card you can earn poitns that can be redeemed for phone top up.

No fees or network charges. Hard to beat that. If they had better data plan I would stick with them. I thought this would be perfect for them since the minutes last days.

I had to go to a few in west Toronto before I found one. It would be very odd for Speakout to cancel an account with airtime remaining. Your comment seems to suggest that my SIM card would be deactivated, no matter if there are still days or months before the expiry of my airtime minutes.

But the service remains available to you as a free call all calls are free until the SIM dies and you lose the number. I think if you talk only about using technical way as cell technology, wins.

Plus internet surfing, emails, faxing. I though the web site was a parody someone registered just for fun but in less than a minute reality sunk in that this is real?

Is this the third world? Does anyone have experience with an outfit called g3wireless? I have used G3 wireless for a number of years. But checking around it is hard to beat for price.

There service is crappy, you have to figure things out yourself. We have had a Speakout phone for several years and spend 6 months in the winter in California when the phone is not used and have not had any problem with sim card expiring.

We top up once a year in the summer with as much as needed and the service is always there when we come home in the spring. I would also like to comment on the complaints about minutes expiring. This is also true for prepaid plans in the US although as pointed out, plans there are much cheaper less than 10 cents per min in some situations, including country wide long distance.

But there are many other situations where you pay the same amount whether you use a service a little or a lot, like cable TV. I did alot of research and the plan that I found that was priced well and covered all I needed was with Telus.

My plan is as follows: Unlimited text North America. You can look up your usage and add daily features as needed. As long as you top up before you expire you remaing balance will roll over.

Great service and support. This comes from someone that would not have Telus as a home phone if they paid me. Had to eat alot of crow for using the,. As a follow up to my last entry on 26 April If you are not interested in using your phone for data or for wifi hotspot to stream videos, much of the following does not matter, except perhaps the first para.

Skype is an option, provided you have access to Wifi. Otherwise your readers might want to look at Roam Mobility and G3. Roam offers talk text and data but only in the US.

It does not work in Canada. They, like G3, use the T-mobile network. G3 will work all over the world, including Canada. The rates offered by both companies are far better than any of the rates discussed in this thread.

As I said if you just want to use the phone for talk and text, these networks may be of interest. You can look them up on the web. Data is a whole other kettle of fish. However, for most of us, the coverage will be more than adequate.

I am with G3, having chosen a Canadian number only available in major cities. G3 roams in Canada with Bell or Telus. My problem is that T-mobile uses the frequencies and AWS but are updating they call it refarming many centres to use the frequency as well, for 4g service.

Frequent short calls Look for no connection or no maintenance fee phone time price per minute. These products usually have higher price per minute rates. Occasional long phone calls Look for transaction fee-based phone time price per connection.

These products will have a lower price per minute rate. These fees can eat up your phone time value. Local Access numbers Look for pre-paid calling cards with local access numbers or toll-free access numbers to save money.

The additional service fee applies to all denominations of the following Wireless Airtime cards: Find us on Facebook: Watch us on YouTube: Read up on gas prices and fuel efficiency: Web access I believe is not available with either Speakout or PetroCanada – but as a light user that probably isn’t a problem.

All SpeakOut top-ups are valid for days from date of activation. These airtime vouchers are valid for 90 days from date of purchase. I also know about the mobile service from president’s choice, but they use Bell which I believe does not use a SIM card and I would prefer to have that option.

So that’s how I picked petro can. Petro canada allows you to purchase minutes online not sure how recent that is and I buy most of my gas from petro canada as well so that’s not an issue for me.

Both offer voice mail, caller Id, call waiting and 3 way calling. So other than getting access to more expensive phones and getting rogers customer service which from what I hear isn’t anything that great either I can’t think of a reason to go with rogers over petro can unless I’ve overlooked something.

I would go with PetroCanada. I did extensive research on the cheapest service for a light user and it was a toss-up between PetroCanada and Speakout. PetroCanada’s service is exactly the same as Speakout, just with the slight difference in airtime expiry.

The same call centre services both brands. My wife has been nothing but happy with her Speakout phone and service. So I’m going with petro Canada. Just one last follow up. Since petro can uses the rogers network, all these phones are locked in to Rogers.

So any upgrade I choose would either have to be rogers locked or unlocked right? My Gramma is gooder than your typos Says GrammerNazi.

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Manny May 18, at 4: Help inform others by sharing your experience with Petro-Canada. Go and read the fine print. A lot of people should take note of what you said regarding voice mail spammers. Coming from a country where 80 percent of subscriber are prepaid, it is frustrating getting a prepaid n Canada. It was good until too many businesses started using the service and Telus felt they were losing to much profit by allowing business and industry to get such a good deal so Telus then changed the plan to minutes of long distance a month instead. As I am going back to the U.

Yes I need to buy a cell phone or smartphone but once I own it, I want to limit my calls as much as possible in an effort to save money. The unlimited incoming is the bonus. I bought a Virgin Mobile phone soon after the brand appeared in Canada.

Please check with your own service provider at home regarding compatability and rates. IIRC, they dropped that plan within a couple of months of my getting sucked in. You only pay on days that you use the phone, but you get a reduced rate.


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They run on the Rogers network. I do have a question. Nim August 25, at 4: See…

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