How to use android device manager on pc

How to use android device manager on pc

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Find My Device makes it easy to locate, ring, or wipe your device from the web. How to Use Android Device Manager. If you’ve lost your Android device, you may be able to track it down using the Android Device Manager. You can also set a new lock. Google’s Android Device Manager is a great tool for finding a lost Android phone and protecting your personal information. Here’s how to use Android Device Manager.
Does anyone know where I can find this file? There is a one to one match for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge extracted firmware as downloaded from the Samsung site and the Odin file names which are no longer. TouchWiz is so bad that’s why the phone was hiding under the couch! Latest news Oreo 8. Haha I enjoyed reading this.
Find My Device makes it easy to locate, ring, or wipe your device from the web. How to Use Android Device Manager. If you’ve lost your Android device, you may be able to track it down using the Android Device Manager. You can also set a new lock. Google’s Android Device Manager is a great tool for finding a lost Android phone and protecting your personal information. Here’s how to use Android Device Manager.

how to use android device manager on pc

how to use android device manager on pc

how to use android device manager on pc

how to use android device manager on pc

how to use android device manager on pc

how to use android device manager on pc

how to use android device manager on pc

how to use android device manager on pc

Zip pc android to on how device manager use zip file

If they give it to the seller unwiped, then they’ll probably give it without a secure lockscreen so it’ll be disabled. That’s actually kinda funny. Candy Crush Soda Saga. Perhaps Airdroid was having an off day? That being said, the current Airdroid version is 3.

With more apps than iOS, Android puts a world of options at your fingertips. Explore a selection of Android applications that you can use to make your Android phone, tablet, wearable, auto console and television one-of-a-kind.

Use the previous and next buttons, as well as the keyboard arrows, to change the displayed item. Explore the Android phones, tablets, wearables, auto consoles and televisions that you can use to customize your digital life.

Explore these carousel items. Now available in the U. The new Pixel 2. A more impressive camera and the Google Assistant built-in. Introducing Google Play Protect Google’s security protections for Android and Play, bringing peace of mind to over a billion users.

It’s now easier than ever to switch to Android Learn More. We’ve reached 2 billion monthly active Android devices around the world. Meet your Google Assistant Ask it questions.

Unlevel the playing field Android TV personalizes your entertainment experience so you can enjoy more and browse less. Technology that moves you Android Auto is designed with the driving environment in mind, from Google Maps to voice controls.

Come on, get appy With more apps than iOS, Android puts a world of options at your fingertips. Apps Carousel Explore a selection of Android applications that you can use to make your Android phone, tablet, wearable, auto console and television one-of-a-kind.

Candy Crush Soda Saga. Stitcher Radio for Podcasts. Android in real life AndroidIRL. Make your phone uniquely yours Android Tips. Download the official firmware zip package for your device.

Then extract the downloaded zip file. After extracting, you will either get one. You will get following files:. Right click on Odin3 v3. Boot your device in download mode.

For most Samsung devices, you will need to do this:. Once it is in download mode, connect your device to the computer via USB cable. When your device is connected, one of Odin ID: See the screenshot below:.

If you do not see the port number in any of ID: COM boxes or if the box does not turn yellow, please do not proceed and check if the USB drivers are installed correctly and the device is connected via USB.

If you do see the message, it means that your device was detected successfully by Odin and you can now flash any firmware files onto your device using Odin. If the firmware zip package had just one file, click on PDA button, then browse and select the firmware file.

This will kick off the process to flash the ROM. Please do not disconnect your device during the process. Once flashing is complete, your device will reboot. You can now disconnect from the PC and start using it.

Hi Rasheed, The information which you have shared is really very helpful for a noob like me. MD5 for JB update. I shall be exercising this for the first time. I shall be thankful and obliged if you let me know if this is the official JB release which I got from sammobile and any other precaution needed other than what you have mentioned.

Do you suggest to take firmware backup first? Do you have any tutorial on that? You can install it using Odin. Also take the precautionary measures mentioned in this post.

The second link you shared was equally helpful. I have successfully upgraded to JB. ZiZoKnight February 12, I have a Galaxy Note And if I flashed it, is that gonna root the device??

Any help is much appreciated. ZiZoKnight Hi, thanks for the comment: No, you do not need to root your device to flash the stock firmware using Odin. Installing the firmware will not root the device either.

It will just update your device to 4. Please feel free to ask any further questions you may have. AngeloGobbi February 13, 2: Do not unplug the cable.. Heya, thanks very much for your tutorial.

Your step-by-step directions were very clear and as such, the upgrade worked perfectly. Bipin Shah March 16, 2: EdgeisMan March 22, 2: I got a problem I do have Kies installed.

But i cant get my phone to connect. It comes up down in the corner that the PC does not now the usb device. What should i do? Bipin Shah March 23, 8: SahanTharangaBodhinayake April 4, 8: SubashSri April 15, 8: I tried many options provided in many portals but nothing worked.

Bipin Shah April 16, JamelFarhat May 7, 5: ZiZoKnight I have a question for you! A friend of mine install another rom and another kernel on my phone because I use to have issues with the wifi and Bluetooth.

Do you know how to resume my gadget normal?

Free day to on manager how pc android device use pro license

Not sure if you’re being cheeky, but in case you aren’t, “Find My iPhone” is a tool on iPhones that help you locate the device in case you lose it. All articles I have read about battery saving are at pains to stress that the Location should be turned OFF until you actually need it.

I wonder if Location On still affects battery as badly as it did on older versions of Android? Maybe we should test it out! I prefer apps which ring your phone without internet connection like Ring My Droid.

Just send a message to your phone with a specific keyword and it will ring at full volume. Ring My Droid is a nice alternative, definitely. Android Device Manager has the edge in that it’s a built-in solution but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s the best.

Sometimes convenience wins out, though. Good to hear stories that show that Android Device Manager is actually useful in more than a theoretical context. Thanks for sharing, Patrik! Find My iPhone for Android?

Meet Android Device Manager. Android Find My iPhone for Android? If you own a recent Galaxy device from Galaxy Note 3 and upwards, you can enable Samsung’s version of tbe device protection using the guide here http: As long as I can use root still to re-unlock it from within Android without wiping my data, like the Nexus 5 can on 4.

I edited that section a bit ago. People with unlocked bootloaders are reporting they still get the prompts and such and the sign-in requests on fresh flashes N6, unlocked BL on 5. I just don’t know if it’ll work when you’re running modified firmware or whatever.

More testing needs to be done! In that case I’ll be keeping the bootloader unlocked for now. Though I probably should re-lock it at some point just for security’s sake.

But flashing the [system boot recovery bootloader radio]. My bootloader is unlocked on my n6. My device isn’t showing up in Android Device Manager. HD voice either works or it doesn’t.

There’s no set up for it. Either you’re on a compatible network talking to a compatible phone and it works or you’re not. My carrier offers this feature, but when I’ve tested that yesterday, the HD icon doesn’t appear I think that’s how it is in stock Android.

So if a thief is stoling my imaginary 5. Do i get it back? No, my phone is still gone, Aaand the Phone is useless for anybody else, So who does benefit from this? And won’t take it if u say yes. This would actualy be ‘not so good’ for somebody who “always” forgets the google password.

Or could u send your Phone to Manufacturer to unlock it? What will prevent the thief from unlocking the bootloader and then flash a rom without this security? If I take all precautions, can’t they still just do that?

No, Android started requiring on-device auth for ADB connections quite a while ago. So unless they steal you trusted laptop So if I have my lock screen disabled, this feature does nothing for me?

I really hate lock screens even the one that is just a swipe –i. What if you are factory resetting your device to sell? Don’t you think people will use this as a tool to scam potential buyers?

What about cell phone buy back services through your carrier? Tested trying to disable secure lock screen on my freshly updated N5, and it showed the dialog box. As the article mentioned, though, not sure if it’s actually protecting it or just dialog code accidentally left in.

Google needs to chime in on that for N5 users. Otherwise it gives them a false sense of security. It does not seem to be working as per 2 individuals who have now tested by performing factory resets.

Well, I guess Google will be issuing Android 5. Thanks for the heads up. Nexus 5 bought in loaded with factory image of Android 5. Do you think that this feature is now enabled on my phone?

Why don’t you try it and report it back? You did a factory reset after all Two people have now tested it and it does NOT work, so I think the prompt is just a bug. N7 and N10 devices are seeing it as well, I think Google just got sloppy and left the prompt in all 5.

It does not require special hardware. This is a server sided feature! You’re disappointing me Google! Device Encrypted Boot Screen Password So what happens to people who sell their old phones online and factory reset it before they sent it out?

How do you get it back when they bypass your Google password? It means they’ve already bypassed your 2fa if you’ve gotten one. There are ways to recover your account, but that means getting in touch with Google.

I think 3 days is a little optimistic, but hey, maybe. I wish I had known this prior to changing my password. I am now locked out of my Nexus 6. I contacted Google via chat and pressed the issue.

I was told there is no way around it. Now I gotta wait until Saturday to use my phone again. Just tested on my devices: Both bootloader are locked, all stock stuff. I have set a password for both of them, then rebooted to recovery mode and proceed to factory reset them.

What happens when you booted back after the wipe? Are you greeted with a screen asking you to re-authorized with a previously attached credential? After wiping and rebooting back to system, I greeted with the usual screen, asking language, and login screen, just like before.

I can enter any valid google account here. I just wiped the Nexus 6 again! Must be the 5th time today! Phone booted as if it’s doing a first boot again.

Without this, I can’t proceed, as this is part of the activation process. What is this PIN on boot thing? Without the correct PIN, the device cannot boot normally.

I have an Exchange account on my phone, that requires either a PIN or Password in the security policy – meaning, I can’t disable the lock without also removing the entire Exchange account and security policy.

Is there no way to activate this on the N6 without disabling the PIN first? What is someone steals the phone and sideloads different rom? Will he still be asked for my google password and login?

It seems there are many holes in that protection. I hope that the final release will work without any holes like the iPhone? As far as I have heard I would not say there are many holes at all.

In fact, the only real hole is unlocking your boot loader that I can tell. I tried locking pattern my Nexus 5 then flash the factory images using fastboot and I still can enter my phone without my Google account.

I guess its not working for Nexus So assuming it works on an unlocked bootloader, when I change my password i can’t flash for 3 days or i won’t have a phone???? So could Google integrate Device Manager into this?

Because if the thief has to connect to the internet the device could theoretically send it’s location to Google’s servers right? By using the primary Google account for which the thief has to enter the password for.

What if your bootloader is unlocked — sooner or later somebody is gonna figure out where those security keys are stored, enabling thieves to steal, wipe that partition, and move on.

Or is the system behind this different? It doesn’t work on Nexus 5. I already tried it. Activate the lockscreen and do factory reset. What i get is a fresh new clean OS without asking your previous google account.

So, just like what google said, the device protection is only for Nexus 6 and Nexus 9. I just re-flashed the Nexus 6 5. Computer security is and always was about protecting the data stored in the devices, not the devices themselves.

Please leave this mistake to apple How would I sell my Nexus 6 if the protection was in place? I didn’t have a password on mine. I used the swipe to unlock just so my notifications would show when the screen was asleep.

Does swipe still leave the feature active? During setup I was prompted by this feature to login to a Gmail previously associated with my Nexus. Since I couldn’t do that I decided to change my password temporarily and sign in, turns out by doing that I started the 72 hours security feature.

After 3 days and a bit I was able to login and everything worked out. Basically you just need to wait for 3 days and a few hours, then login again with the email you changed the password to and all should be well.

Thanks for the quick reply. After being forced to use my old X sec gen, I really have a new appreciation for my new Nexus 6. Whilst it’s a great feature I feel like there should be a way for us to verify and remove the 72 hours lock just in case something like this happens.

I went through the 2 step process and some. That should suffice really. To be locked out for 72 hours is crazy without zero opportunity to prove that it truly is you, your mess up for forgetting the password, but still truly you!

Do not forget your password! Phone doesn’t ask me to log-in with previously used gmail account to use device. Unlocked bootloader with custom rom chroma to be specific.

I just sold my n6 to someone via eBay and had no idea about this “feature” then I took a chance on him and we worked it out over the phone. Changed my Google password, let him unlock it etc while on the phone, added his account etc then I changed my google password again.

I’m going through a terrible situation myself on Swappa. Guy sold me a Nexus 6 locked and is being really difficult about resolving the situation. Telling me to reboot, Install 5.

I told him that likely wouldn’t work and I shouldn’t have to do that besides I have no idea how I finally sent the device back to him and now he’s dodging emails.

Haven’t heard from him in 2 days. I strongly suspect it was stolen and he didn’t realize Device Protection was in 5. This is where I appreciated my iPhone. Shouldn’t be able to reset the phone without being prompted to enter Google password, etc.

Hope this is resolved soon so I can be able to enjoy the Nexus. I mean to say when I setup the account in 5. Then how within 72 hours the account will be synched and restrict thief to authorize it.

I just bought a nexus 6 on swappa with this issue. The seller did not turn off device protection and is attempting to circumvent responsibility to refund or fix issue telling me to reboot phone and Intall CM.

Thankfully the swappa staff are attempting to resolve the issue. The nice thing about Swappa is that they are definitely buyer-oriented. They won’t take shit from sellers and they don’t let the buyer get jostled around.

They’ve saved me more than once. I wonder if after the 72 hours will be able to synchronize the Android with my account? And the account used to unlock is the latest in Android synchronized before the reset or the first account registered on the device?

Now i have locked my device Moto X 2Gen. I change my Google account password and the next day i did factory reset and now show me the screen text “this device was reset I put my google account with the password, but don’t show nothing, the screen returns to “Motorola priacy terms” and show the same message “this device was reset Is not showing any error message with account or password, only returns and returns to the same.

I need to wait 3 days to sign and can use my device? I purchased Samsung Note 5 for dad today, he did not remember his Gmail account so I had to do a reset in order to change the password on his old Samsung Note All went well in the wipe process..

I do and it keeps giving me back the same screen to re enter the email and password.. Bought a used LG G4 Android 5. Started up and followed the prompts. Now in a loop of sign in to Google, even though the on-line account says the phone is signed in, the phone is in a loop coming back to this screen.

To continue, sign in with a Google Account that was previously synced on this device. How do I get out of this? I have a galaxy. S5 and someone stole it, my bf got it back forme but the thief hard reset it, after the first few on screen prompts it asks for a samsung Id and password I never created one!?!!

How do I get out of this loop. Bought a used LG G4. Started up, followed the prompts. It is stuck on a screen, “This device was reset. To continue, enter a Google account that was previously synced to this device”.

Neither my account, nor the original owner account will get past this screen, it is a loop. Did master reset, changed Google account password, waited 3 days, etc, Cannot get into phone at all.

I know that this is an old thread but it was very informative as I am sitting here with a useless phone. This unlock security feature has destroyed countless pictures on my phone and all my other data and now that I have reset my google password “because I am forced to create a new one every time” I am totally stuck with a multi-hundred dollar paper weight for 3 days.

It almost seems funny but it is really just maddening. When did security become something so non-personal? I don’t mind the “option” or “suggestion” to turn on this “Device Protection” but having it required!!!

That is just wrong. Some may say “Just remember your password and you won’t have this issue” Well, apparently my leg rubbing on the screen while the device is in my pocket did not know the password Unlike the iPhone that has a timer between attempts Android allows your leg to burn through the retries unmolested, and locks you out.

Please, someone share how to take control of our phones, options and unruly legs. Am I also tripped in 72 hours lock?? I have galaxy grand prime. So theres no way of bypassing this feature? Because I cant get ahold of the previous owner.

So if I find my device am I then unable to use it myself? I’ve been putting my google info in countless times and its not allowing me to proceed. Help I did a factory reset on my note 5 that had android 5.

After rebooting it’s asking to verify my Gmail account. The email and password is correct as I am able to login to Gmail from another device but the note 5 will keep going back asking for the same email and password again.

I have a phone that was given to me and had to wait out the 72 hour process but still cant get passed the Factory Reset Protection. This feature is very odd. I did it several times, and noluck.

Then it said there has been suspicious login attempts, and prompted my to change my Google password yes, I was still in the phone set-up wizard. After I did change my password, guess what?

The hour lockout period was triggered. In short, you shouldn’t change passwords when you do a factory reset, but Google itself forced me to change the password and my phone was unusable for three days!

I have moto x play. I had some issues like didn’t get any software notification, main menu not working, not able to receive a call and many more things. I thought that due to virus this issue happen so immediately I removed all of my account which are logged in Whatsapp, gmail, google, outlook, motorola, facebook, linkedin and etc.

They done factory reset to my device after that i am not able to login in my google account. It says me “Please sign in with one of the owner’s email address. It can also be used as a camera or camcorder.

However, an Android tablet is a bit different from an Android phone. Not only is the form-factor different, the user-interface is different too. Featured Articles Android Tablet Computers.

Set up your Android tablet. Understand the functionality of the three-basic touch-capacitive keys. These basic control keys are used for controlling applications and other basic commands: This is used to jump to the home screen of your Android device.

If pressed in between another activity game, or application, the OS puts the activity in the background. Using this button will, usually, not shut down any application or game; instead, it will run in the background.

This is used to go to the previous page or activity. Android tablets running Ice Cream Sandwich 4. Tapping this button will give a list of all applications running in the background.

Swapping a running application to the left or right in the multi-task screen will close the application. This is particularly useful to clear RAM and speed up the device. Older Android tablets may have a Menu or settings button represented by three parallel horizontal lines.

This button gives the user access to additional options for particular apps. Check the version of Android your tablet is running on. Different tablets run on different versions of the Android OS.

The Android version can be found in the About Tablet section of the settings panel. Most tablets run on Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4. Generally, the higher the version of Android, better will be the device performance.

Some older tablets run on Android Honeycomb 3. The OS version gives a brief idea of the features packed in a tablet. Tablets and phones running on Jelly Bean version have Google Now [2] voice-assistant service by Google in-built.

Google Play Store has a vast collection of tools, applications and games that will make your Android experience much better. Most Android tablets come with an in-built document viewer.

If you want to download a free office editor for Android, try downloading the Kingsoft Office application. Try using your Android device to take notes, add calendar events and get directions.

Make custom Android smart actions. Setting up smart actions will carry out specific activities when specific conditions are met. Smart actions can be customized to suit your needs. Smart actions may not be available on all devices.

However, you can download similar apps from the Google Play Store. The screen timeout time can be a drain on the battery, especially if it is too long.

In just a few easy steps you’ll know all there is to know about Android Device Manager. This part is super-simple. Fire up your phone and open the Google Play app, and search for Android Device Manager — it’s the first search hit.

If you’re reading this on your phone, I’ll make it even easier: Download Android Device manager from Google Play. The app installs just like any other app, but you’ll need to go to your settings and allow it to act as a Device Administrator.

This way, it has permission to wipe or lock your phone. You’ll usually find the Device administrator settings under security. Once that’s done, you can fire up the app and get it activated!

You’ll need a Google Account to download the Device Manager app from Google Play, and you’ll also need one to get signed into it. You can use any of the Google accounts that are on your phone, and you’ll find them in a drop down list when you open the app.

The password field wants your Google Password, and the blue sign in button does just what it says — signs you in. Unless you have more than one device signed into Google, you’ll probably see a map with your current location, and the make and model of your phone listed below.

You’ll also notice it tells you when you located it last, and where it is — in your hand. If you have multiple devices and have set up Android Device Manager on them, you’ll find them in the drop down list at the bottom.

You may have noticed that there was an option for a “Guest” to log in to Android Device Manager when you first signed-in. That allows someone else to find, lock or wipe their device using the app on your phone.

We’ll talk more about that below. When you’ve lost your Android, a method to find it is really only useful if it’s on the web. The Android Device Manager website is a simple affair, and usable by just about every web browser out there.

Fire up a computer or a tablet or a phone and click the link to the page. You’ll have a few seconds wait to see if your phone can be located, and once it hopefully is, you have a few options.

The Ring option does just what you think it should do — rings your phone even if you have the ringer turned down or off. Click the button, and give the OK in the pop-up, and your phone will ring at full volume for five minutes, or until you hit the power button and quiet it down.

Perfect once you use the map to get close to your phone. Or if your phone is lost under the couch. The Lock option will allow to set or change a PIN or password on your device, as well as display a message on the locked screen.

This is useful if you think someone else may come across your phone and you never set up a password. Or when that friend calls you and says “Dude you totally left your phone here last night, and I’m going to go on Facebook and post under your name!

You can try both of these things with your phone in your hand by going to the Device Manager page on any computer. Or as we mentioned earlier, a friend can let you sign in as a guest on his or her Android Device Manager app.

Give these a try before you need them so you know what to expect! It sure would have been nice if there was a way to remotely wipe that phone just in case someone figured out how to get around my password.

I called the phone, and the people working at the Denny’s were happy to mail it back to me, so it all worked out — but often we’re not that lucky and need to wipe out a phone that we’re just never going to get back.

You do it just like you set a password or ring it. Be aware that everything is gone when and if you do this, and your phone is back to the same settings it had while it was brand new in the box.

This means that the Android Device Manager app isn’t installed nor signed it, and you won’t be able to track it any longer. This also works when the power is off. Google gets a push message ready to go and as soon as the phone is on and connected to the Internet it will shut down and factory reset itself.

It’s the last-ditch effort, for when you need a last-ditch effort. Again, we certainly hope you never need these tools. But it’s a great idea to get your Android set up and learn how to track it down or wipe it clean just in case you do need to.

The unlock feature only works if the flux capacitor equilibrium is jacked to the nuron defibrillator. Of course it has to be done via the perpendicular cross section torso thus creating a time warp in section a b and c I believe.

Hi, my email was hacked and during this time, my tablet was locked using the Android Device Manager. I have recovered my email How can I unlock my tablet using the Android Device Manager through my email?

I was robbed and I didn’t get a chance to erase my phone. I have cancelled my sim, blocked the handset via IMEI, changed my passwords. I have sent a message to erase the phone. Will this erase work if the phone is turned on, even if I have killed the sim, blocked the handset and changed my google password?

I had the imei number from when I bought the phone. I rang my phone company, gave them the imei number and asked them to block it. My cell phone just got stolen yesterday.

Tried to locate my phone via Android Device Manager. I think the last online is not accurate it is off by 2 days. Must the phone connected to internet for Android Device Manager to work for it to locate the phone?

I tried to call my phone so many times, but went to voicemail. I suspected the thief turn off my phone. Before you can use Android Device Manager to locate your device: Your device’s location access need to be turned on and be signed in to your Google Account.

Android Device Manager won’t work for devices that are turned off or that don’t have a mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. This is the shittiest thing ever, I lost my phone so I locked it and when I found my phone I used the password to unlock it but it didn’t work, so I changed it to something else just in case I forgot it and it still didn’t work, I repeated this many times and now all my data is deleted, and no, if you put in the pin and its incorrect many times, it doesn’t ask if you forgot it.

But this is really appalling! I didn’t lose my phone, simply swapped my SIM I cannot remember the password, but I have access to my gmail, and can “ring, erase and lock” my phone I’ve been on this for 3 days!

How come google didn’t deem it fit to make it possible to unlock the darn thing from the web?????? I’m trying to unlock my phone by using the lock option because someone changed my password and i cant get in my phone.

When i follow instuctions select lock, new password, etc the end result is that after under those buttons i receive the message saying my password request is done i get.

What do i do?!?! I can not get my phone unlocked. I entered the password twice when Locking it. And the phone confirmed it was locked. There is a place to enter a password, but I get the same reply Total time on the phone patiently retelling my story 3.

The last person made it sound like once you USE the Lock feature it is not reversible, since this is primarily in place for people who have lost their phone. But I can’t believe this.

If so, shouldn’t there be a warning on the ADM screen Do NOT lock phone unless you are prepared to restore to factory settings. AND why is there a Enter Password place on the phone if it can’t be unlocked.

I am SO upset. I really hope a wonderful technical person can assist me in understanding what is going on! Hi Carrie, I was able to get my phone unlocked I don’t know if this will help, what happened for me was I had a numerical lock on my phone, and then implemented the device remote lock as a “test” but gave it a different pin to unlock it.

Google recognized that I had already set a lock in place, so the remote lock pin did NOT override. I had attempted the unlock on my phone using the NEW pin I don’t know if that is anything like what you are dealing with, but hope maybe it will help.

How I wish this would work. But I didn’t have a screen lock originally so I have nothing to attempt like you did. I am still amazed that the Google support, Samsung support and Verizon support staff all acted as if I was the only one they had ever had ask for this kind of help.

I turned to this community as it seemed it was the only place to get some ideas. I have the same problem Carrie! I lost my phone well, someone stole it, and once i got home i locked it.

After a few days, police found my phone but now it’s locked and the password i set doesn’t work. I tried locking it again with a new password, and it doesn’t work: On a computer or other mobile phone, visit: Sign in using your Google login details that you also used on your locked phone.

In the appearing window, enter a temporary password. If it was successful, you should see a confirmation below the box with the buttons Ring, Lock and Erase. On your phone you should now see a password field in which you should enter the temporary password.

This should unlock your phone. I have a question about data wipe scenario: Will the reset still work when the device is back online? Found this very helpful. I got a question though.

My phone was stolen from me and no chance of having it back. I want the data in it to be wiped out. Does the Android Device Manager still works if you changed the password of the Google account you signed into it when the incident happened?

Can we get some clarity here? Erase the phones data without warning No mention is made as to having gps on to be able to find it. And of course it would have to be online, right?

ADM is the flakiest app Google has ever made. Back of the envelope it works maybe one out of 7 or 8 times. The rest of the time ‘location unavailable’. It’s free and you don’t have to install gorp ON the phone but it’s really a piece of junk.

Recently lost my phone. Tried the ADM location option, but it says location unavailable. I used the lock option to put an alternate phone number on the screen, and now I’d like to try the ‘ring phone’ option as a last-ditch effort to make sure it’s no where in my apartment.

But if it’s not here, I don’t want it to ring for 5 whole minutes at full volume for fear that it will kill the battery, and no one will see the alternate number on the screen.

Is there a way, once I’ve clicked “ring phone” to stop it from ringing from my computer? Or is the only way to stop it from the device itself? Thanks for the guidance!

Always nice to have a refresher course on how to protect your information. This is a great tool as well, I don’t often use a password to protect my phone since I have kids and it drives them crazy for me to have to unlock it for them when they want to watch a show or play games etc currently we don’t have a tablet or other device for their use, and they are also really good at leaving things places they shouldn’t.

Device manager has helped me find my phone or tablet so many times. When I just had a tablet, I used to use Android Lost which can do more but Device manager is more reliable and so easy between the tablet and the phone.

Fortunately I’ve never needed to try the remote lock or wipe features. Heyy can anyone plz help me. I dropped my s5 in the pool and the back covee was slightly open. It went 5 cm down in water before I removed it.

It was turned off. I didn’t try to turn it back on. I just removed all the parts and placed it in the sun to dry. Can it be fixed or im screwed? Leaving it in the sun was either a really good idea or a really bad idea.

I’ve always towel dried and left sitting in a box of rice for a week. Remove the battery, wipe off any and all water that you see. This Is What You Can Do There are many good options for remotely locating your stolen phone, even if you never set anything up before you lost your phone.

But in August, Google rolled out a new feature for all Android devices version 2. As you may have gleaned while going through all of this setup, Android Device Manager provides basic but robust functionality to help guard against mobile device theft Forget The Kill Switch: Secure Your Android Device Today Google has announced they’ll be adding a kill switch to Android, but until it arrives, you can still secure your Android device by enabling remote locking and wiping features.

Read More — namely in the forms of remote tracking, remote locking, and remote wiping. The very first step is to visit and bookmark the Android Device Manager dashboard.

As long as you still have hope of finding it, the lock function will suffice as adequate protection. Protect yourself with these amazing backup apps. That way, when you do go through with the nuclear option, you can still salvage whatever was backed up.

Ideally, that would be everything. One alternative to the Web dashboard is to install the Android Device Manager app, which is freely available on the Play Store. Which Is the Best?

Be sure to install one of these anti-theft apps before your device is stolen. It could happen to any of us. Read More worth considering. Lookout provides a wide range of security features beyond just anti-theft.

The free version keeps you safe against malware and viruses, locates your device, allows for a remote alarm, automatically saves device location when battery gets low, and saves a backup of your contacts so you can download them elsewhere.

Lookout will snap a photo when it thinks someone is tampering with your device and email it to you. It also blocks suspicious URLs, limits the information that apps can access, and allows you to remotely lock, self-destruct, or post messages to your device.

Prey is a cross-platform solution that acts as an anti-theft measure for smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Free features include remote locating, locking, and wiping for up to 3 devices at a time.

Do you have any safeguards in place for when your devices are lost or stolen?

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With AirDroid you can remotely dial a number on your phone through your Web browser. Tell it to do things. The file I’m trying to download is to big for my phone so ideally I want to download from phone to laptop without having to transfer files. Do i get it back? And won’t take it if u say yes.

I’m being serious and not smartassed here. Enter the command to unlock your screen. I have cancelled my sim, blocked the handset via IMEI, changed my passwords.

I do not know what that is, or the phone is somehow messed up. One alternative to the Web dashboard is to install the Android Device Manager app, which is freely available on the Play Store. Please leave these fields as-is:


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Going to edit my post. After I did change my password, guess what? This will open the bypass screen. See…

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