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New lithium metal batteries offer double the energy capacity of today’s smartphones, drones, and electric cars, and could keep those devices running twice as long, creators said.Creator, and MIT spinout, SolidEnergy Systems plans to bring the batteries to smartphones and wearables by early 2017, and to electric cars by 2018. This November, they will be available for drones.”With two-times the energy density, we can make a battery half the size, but that still lasts the same amount of time, as a lithium ion battery. Or we can make a battery the same size as a lithium ion battery, but now it will last twice as long,” Qichao Hu, who co-invented the battery at MIT, told MIT News. Hu is currently the CEO of SolidEnergy.The battery switches the common battery anode material—graphite—for very thin, high-energy lithium-metal foil. The lithium can hold more ions, and provides more energy capacity. Typically, lithium metal batteries are short-lived and volatile, but researchers modified them to be rechargeable and safer to use.Researchers have tried to make rechargeable lithium metal batteries for decades, with no success, Hu said. “It is kind of the holy grail for batteries,” he added. Lithium metal reacts poorly with a battery’s electrolyte—a liquid that conducts ions between the cathode (positive electrode) and the anode (negative electrode). And measures to make the batteries safer usually cost its energy performance.The SolidEnergy team used an extremely thin lithium metal foil for the anode, that is about one-fifth the thickness of a traditional lithium metal anode and several times thinner and lighter than traditional graphite, carbon, or silicon anodes—shrinking the battery size by half. The researchers also developed a solid and liquid hybrid electrolyte solution that doesn’t need to be heated to function.In 2012, the SolidEnergy team won the first-place prize at the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition’s Accelerator Contest, and was a finalist in the MIT Clean Energy Prize. The team also placed second at the national Clean Energy Prize competition at the White House.SolidEnergy debuted the first-ever working prototype of a rechargeable lithium metal smartphone battery with double energy capacity in October 2015, and earned more than $12 million from investors.If the technology works, the implications are major: Right now, electric cars can go about 200 miles on a single charge. Hu said he can make their battery half the size and half the weight, and it will travel the same distance—or, he can make it the same size and weight, and it will go 400 miles on a single charge.Elon Musk said in June that Tesla is currently capable of making an electric car that can travel 400 miles per charge, but that doing so wouldn’t make economic sense right now. Instead, the company plans to create a car with a 500-mile range by 2025.MIT spinoff SolidEnergy Systems created a high-capacity lithium metal battery that offers double the power of today’s smartphones, drones, and electric cars.

TRADEOFF While T-Mobile brags that it has no “activation fee,” new customers do have to buy a $20 SIM Starter Kit for each phone ­(included in our cost calculation).

Siebern continued: “Given the comfort and accessibility of this product, it’s one of the most valuable and useful sleep tracking solutions available to consumers outside of a sleep lab.”

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Reversing or even manoeuvring with a trailer can test the patience of unpractised drivers as well as other road users. The critical steering points at which the trailer responds exactly as the driver intends are easily missed and the inverted view in the rear-view mirror makes it even harder to manoeuvre correctly. It quickly becomes evident that the key factor in precise reversing is the steering angle. The Trailer Assist system takes over the steering if required. The driver simply has to put the vehicle into reverse gear, press the Park Assist button and indicate the direction in which the trailer needs to move via the mirror adjustment. The vehicle then steers itself automatically, whilst the driver remains responsible for changing gear, accelerating and braking.

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Manufacturer max towing capacity: 8,010As shown, with some cargo and no occupants besides the 200-pound driver, this rig is over its limit; The truck (6,100 with driver) and trailer (8,010) added together is 14,110 pounds, which is 310 pounds more than its GCWR. And with its payload consumed by 800 pounds in trailer tongue weight (10 percent of the trailer’s weight), 200 by cargo, and 200 by the driver, there is nothing left for friends or dogs.We’re basing our inclusion of 4WD primarily on the fact that most people want it just in case they ever need it and it also increases a truck’s resale value. But choosing between two-wheel drive, which drives the rear wheels only, and four-wheel drive can be difficult. Arguments can be made for either choice; an honest assessment of your needs will bring the best results.Mark Williams of PickupTrucks.com always suggests 4WD as an “extension of that ‘just in case’ philosophy” that guides many people to pickup trucks in the first place. It’s an inexpensive option, but foreshadowing even a single occasion where you need it and don’t have it could very well be all the convincing you need. For instance, get yourself stuck some distance from a paved road and the towing service bill could easily pay a big part of the 4WD option. If you tend to drive a lot in snowy or icy conditions, 4WD can help prevent you from getting stuck. We’re also assuming that, as a recreationist pickup truck buyer who might get stuck (literally) at a job site during the week, you’re more inclined to need 4WD than the mall-terrain vehicle at your outlet-store parking lot. We also agree with Mike Magda, who says, “If buyers expect to encounter sand, rugged trails, and slippery boat ramps, then 4WD should be strongly considered.”Keep in mind, though, that 4WD helps only when you’re driving straight ahead, in reverse, or turning from a stop). It doesn’t help you brake in a shorter distance or give you more control when cornering, so you still need to be careful in slippery conditions. Your best aids for those situations are an antilock braking system and electronic stability control, which are standard on all new vehicles.There’s also the potential value argument at resale. Our research indicates four-wheel drive pickups maintain a higher percentage of their purchase price than do two-wheel drive pickups, suggesting the smarter play is buying a 4WD and selling it if you never use it, rather than finding you need 4WD and taking the hit selling a 2WD.Since 4WD adds weight and more moving parts, EPA ratings say 2WD trucks get slightly better fuel economy. When adding 4WD to our selection, the combined mpg numbers for the Ram and Tundra don’t change but the highway mpg drops by one. With the Silverado and Sierra, both the combined and highway mpg drops by one, but the city rating remains the same. We saw the biggest difference with the F-150, where mpg drops by one in city driving, three on the highway, and two in combined driving. Note that larger, more aggressive tires cost fuel, which is one big reason we stuck with the smallest wheels available. And remember that a truck’s EPA ratings don’t change if you get a different axle ratio or cab size, yet both have an effect on fuel economy (a crew cab adds as much weight as 4WD) and that you and your driving style will have a far greater effect on fuel economy.If none of those things are on your radar and your towing will be limited to well-kept campgrounds, a truck with 2WD could be a fine choice as it will cost less to buy, operate, and maintain than a 4WD truck. Two-wheel-drive trucks also often handle and stop better, even in the snow, because that’s more a function of weight and having the right tire; 2WD trucks weigh less. A 2WD pickup on proper winter tires will be much safer in winter than a 4WD on its all-terrain or all-season tires, because while 4WD might accelerate better, the lighter 2WD will stop and often change direction better. And it stands to reason that a truck that takes longer to reach speed in the snow (or sand or mud) but stops much quicker is safer than the opposite.Four-wheel drive also doesn’t change the size of the “contact patch” where a tire meets the ground; it merely allows you to go further into the mud or a snowbank before you get stuck. As Mike Magda notes, “When consumers understand that 4WD doesn’t glue the truck to the road, more intelligent decisions will be made. Thousands of owners in snowy climates manage productive lives with 2WD trucks.”All six full-size pickup trucks that we looked at do come standard with 2WD which costs about $3,000 to $3,500 less than configurations with 4WD. Their 4WD systems come with at least two settings: 4WD high, which drives all four wheels equally on slippery or loose surfaces, and 4WD low, which adds another gear reduction for steeper roads, larger obstacles, or maximum power multiplication for heavy mud or sand. Some trucks have a third 4WD setting for “on-demand” or “automatic” use. In this position, the rear wheels are driven normally and front drive is applied and released automatically when needed without the driver taking any action. You can leave these trucks in “on-demand” or “auto” mode all of the time unless you need to select 4WD low for the low-gear reduction, or 2WD for, say, a smog test. One final 4WD advantage is that most of them offer a “neutral” setting that lets you safely tow your truck behind a larger motorhome—you know, just in case you win the lottery and the trailer you were considering turns into a motorcoach and your pickup truck becomes the dinghy behind it.If such a thing even exists. Both Japanese-branded pickup trucks in this guide are assembled in the US, while some of the “American” ones are partly put together elsewhere. Identities aside, the Japanese trucks from Toyota and Nissan are often seen as inferior to their American counterparts. In some respects they are, as in how they offer fewer configurations. But in other respects like reliability and affordability, they excel.Of all six brands of full-size half-ton pickups, only three are assembled solely in the US and they’re probably not the ones you’d guess: the Ford F-150 is built in multiple plants located in Michigan and Missouri, the Toyota Tundra’s plant is in Texas, and the Nissan Titan’s is in Tennessee. The Ram, Silverado, and Sierra are built in production plants in the US and Mexico, and in the recent past some “domestic” pickups have been assembled in Canada. Most of the gasoline engines are built in the US, while Ford builds some in Canada and Ram’s diesel comes from Italy. Their transmissions are US-sourced, except for some Ram units from Germany and some Titan units from Japan. So if what makes a truck American is where its parts come from and where it’s assembled, the most red, white, and blue of them all is the Toyota Tundra.However, what makes any vehicle American is more than just those two things. It also includes factors such as where it was developed, where the profits it makes go, and where its manufacturer is headquartered. The American University School of Business’s Kogod Auto Index considers 13 parameters from headquarters location to components to profit margin and capital, and the Ford F-150’s index of 82.5 tops the list for full-size pickup trucks, with the Toyota Tundra—sharing the same 70 percent of U.S. parts content—second at 76. Next is the Ram 1500 (61 percent, 74.5 index), Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra (45 percent, 72.5 index), and 2015 Nissan Titan (50 percent, 59 index).There are only two generalizations that can be said with confidence regarding “Japanese” pickups, the Tundra and Titan. One, the companies make fewer of them and there are fewer versions to choose from. Their lower number of sales, due in part because there are far fewer permutations and a la carte choices, means they are redesigned much less frequently so they feel less refined, perhaps even dated, compared to the domestic trucks. They also don’t offer the special “Max” versions that claim bragging rights for tow
ing, payload capacity, or power. That said, they also cost thousands of dollars less because of it.Note that this does not apply to the 2016 Nissan Titan XD, which occupies a niche between half-ton pickups (like the ones in this guide) and bigger, stronger three-quarter-ton pickups.The second generalization is that, if you accept Consumer Reports’ reliability data as accurate, which we do, it’s clear that pickup trucks from Japan have superior reliability. The Tundra is rated well above average for reliability by Consumer Reports, with the F-150 above average, the Ram 1500 average, and the Silverado and Sierra far below average. CR didn’t have enough data to rate the Titan.As we configured them, the Japanese-branded trucks also cost significantly less. In our research, the Tundra and the outgoing 2015 Titan cost about $4,000 to $4,500 less than the American-brand trucks when similarly equipped the way we have them configured. So if cost is high on your priority list and you can live with their lower fuel economy and less refinement, do consider the Nissan and Toyota because they are both very capable pickup trucks. Just know going in that you’re paying less not because these trucks come from a different country, but rather because you’ve got a narrower spectrum of available models and options to choose from, less contemporary designs and electronics, and subpar refinement.We pored over thousands of data tables so you don’t have to, debated amongst ourselves, gathered outside counsel from other experts, and drove virtually every pickup with more than two doors—some more than once and many back-to-back—to determine which is the best full-size pickup for personal use.Using manufacturer website “build and price” tools, we then configured the trucks as closely as possible; the same central US zip code was used for all pricing and cost-to-own data and every truck was built with a plain white exterior and black or dark grey interior. We based our trim and equipment decisions on what a pickup legitimately needs rather than loading them with the luxury features we all wish we could afford. And they also had to be capable of pulling a 5,000-to-6,000-pound trailer, like a 21-foot wakeboarding boat (without ballast) or a lightweight, 22-foot, single-slide travel trailer.Then we drove them—all of them. Most were loaned to us by their manufacturers for a week, sometimes longer, and in many instances our top contenders were driven back-to-back on the same roads and conditions. We towed the same ugly dump trailer with the different trucks, clambered around and underneath each, and we washed and vacuumed them, because you can learn quite a bit from those activities—especially if you’re inclined to lose things inside.There are nearly 40 trim levels among these six full-size pickups, not including subsets. We asked a pair of Detroit-based manufacturers how many permutations of their full-size pickup truck is possible and one replied simply, “Millions,” while the other said, “Dude. I’ll ask. It will be crazy.” The base model trims are only suitable for fleet buyers and customizers looking for absolute basics like air conditioning and an AM/FM radio, and many don’t offer features we consider necessary. At the other extreme, the top trims often come with larger engines you don’t need, enough leather and wood to make a Lexus jealous, every modern convenience you could ever want, and a price tag in the $60,000 to $70,000 range. The sweet spot is somewhere in the middle at about $40,000 to $50,000, which is where we spent dozens of hours researching to find the best choice. Without opening the value-versus-worth can of worms, we find that middle trims give you the best truck for the buck.In these trims you’ll get cloth seats, carpet on the floor, air conditioning, an average audio system, and power windows, door locks, and mirrors. A “value” or “convenience” option package often adds a power driver’s seat or telescoping steering column (they all have tilt). And since trucks keep getting taller, we configured them all with side steps and a backup camera. We did the same for a spray-in bedliner, which provides corrosion prevention, a quieter load ride, and more grip (because wet, painted surfaces are rather slippery). We specified Bluetooth phone and audio streaming, believing if you must answer the phone, hands-free is safer, and a larger touchscreen for easier use by driver and passenger that’s usually accompanied by more inputs (USB, SD card, etc.). We also looked for alloy wheels in the smallest diameter available (no rust, less weight) and a split-bench front seat that permits six-passenger seating.Curiously, only half the trucks came with a receiver hitch, and only the Tundra comes standard with a towing package. Often a truck will offer more than one towing package, from basic to maximum, and the maximum trailer weight typically goes up with the price and level of the tow package. There is no standard on what’s included on a tow pack and what is not; they should include things like greater cooling capacity, a larger battery and/or alternator, dedicated wiring, trailer-plugs, a hitch, larger mirrors with a separate wide-angle element that slides out to “see” past an 8.5-foot wide trailer, and different mechanical components like axles and springs. On trucks that offered two or more trailering packages, we chose moderately, believing that 10,000-to-12,000-pound trailers are better pulled behind larger, stronger three-quarter ton pickups.Some towing packages include an integrated trailer-brake controller (ITBC), while others offer it as a standalone option. An integrated brake controller delivers electrical current to activate the electric brakes (and most electric-over-hydraulic brakes) on the trailer itself. Since an ITBC is part of the truck and has all of the truck’s braking system input available to it, the braking action of truck and trailer together is smoother, more precise, and better than most aftermarket trailer brake controllers. And an ITBC is covered under your truck’s warranty. Although you may not need an ITBC for a trailer with surge brakes, which apply hydraulic brake pressure to a trailer’s brakes as the weight of the trailer pushes against the tow ball, we recommend always ordering your truck with this technology. We configured all of the trucks in this guide with one to increase their resale value, if nothing else.Most full-size pickup trucks offer a choice of six- or eight-cylinder engines, and one, the Ram 1500, a diesel, as well. Any of these engines can get the job done, though normally aspirated V6 engines make a lot of noise when towing near their maximum limit and generally have to work a lot harder. Mike Magda, founding editor of Truck Trend and Hot Truck, would “Never consider a base [V6] engine for a crew [four-door] cab that would serve as a family or personal pickup, regardless of the fuel economy.” We agree, and chose V8 or V8-equivalent engines for every truck we considered.Every full-size pickup truck comes with an automatic transmission, though you might have a choice of six or eight gears. And each comes standard with rear-wheel drive and the option of adding 4WD, typically at the expense of $3,000 and a five to 10 percent increase in fuel consumption. Some 4WD pickups, like our top pick Ram 1500, offer an “auto” or “on-demand” setting that automatically switches between two- and four-wheel drive as needed, much like the AWD systems used in cars and crossovers; otherwise, you have to manually turn 4WD on and off yourself in most pickup trucks. See “You probably want 4WD” above for more info.Modern safety systems are rare at these trim levels—only the Tundra Limited and F-150 offer blind-spot and rear cross-path warning systems. Upper trim levels of the F-150, Silverado, and Sierra, however, do offer forward-collision and lane-departure warning, and the F-150 King Ranch is the only pickup truck that offers such advanced systems as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and active park assist. Unfortunately, the minimum cost for that
configuration is about $61,000.6A few features are unique to certain brands. For instance, the Toyota Tundra has standard front knee airbags. The Ford F-150 has MyKey, which lets you set limits on things like vehicle speed and audio volume if you give the truck to your kid or coworker to drive, and it has optional inflatable rear seatbelts that we skipped because they can be difficult for a child to use or to secure a child seat with. The Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra come with General Motors’ well-established OnStar driver assistance/telematics system, which offers a suite of emergency, security, navigation, and remote diagnostic services, as well as a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot. The Nissan Titan offers a lockable bed storage for things like snow chains, a tow ball, or straps. Lastly, our top pick Ram 1500 offers exclusive options like a RamBox bed with lockable bins in the bed sides, its aforementioned fuel-efficient diesel engine, and the group’s only available air suspension.The 2016 Ram 1500 Big Horn Crew Cab 4WD Hemi truck is the best full-size pickup for personal use. That’s because, of all the trucks we looked at, the Ram does the best job of balancing work-truck capabilities with a comfortable, livable experience that’s well appreciated when used every day. The Ram tows and hauls as well as any pickup, yet its unique suspension gives it the smoothest ride of the group. Plus its automatic, on-demand 4WD system combines the all-wheel-drive convenience of a crossover with the true 4WD capability of a big SUV. The Ram also comes with a strong V8 engine for towing. Then there’s Uconnect, the Ram’s information and entertainment system— arguably the easiest to use in the industry. Lastly, the version we picked is competitively priced at right under $46,0007 with a few options.Though all pickups have presence, the Ram’s imposing grille and contours garner attention: I frequent an office complex and occasionally see a stunning gal who never commented on any car I was driving, whether it was a Bentley luxury sedan, exotic sports car, or numerous more mundane offerings, until I drove up in a Ram. She immediately walked over with a hearty “nice truck” and wanted a closer look. Anecdotal though it might be, our experience suggests more people respond positively to the Ram’s bold looks than any other truck.The thing about these five full-size pickup trucks is that all of them are very good trucks. Most of the time, a pickup’s “truckness” is measured by how much it can tow behind it and haul in its bed and cab. The Ram holds its own in this area, but that’s not where it excels. The Ram 1500 we configured, a Big Horn model with a crew cab (four full doors) and 4WD, can tow 8,010 pounds, which is average in this group; the maximum tow ratings for the others we compared range from 7,500 for the Ford F-150 XLT SuperCrew Short Bed to 9,800 for the Toyota Tundra SR5 CrewMax. (Of course, disregarding any budget constraints, the Ford, Chevy, and GMC pickups could all be equipped to tow 11,800 pounds.)Despite that middling rating, the Ram can tow. Changing the Ram’s axle ratio from a 3.21:1 to 3.92:1—a mere $50 factory option—bumps its tow rating to more than 10,000 pounds. A significant increase like that on the other trucks will cost anywhere from $750 to more than $3,000 extra. You could choose that $50 axle ratio option simply for faster acceleration, but with generous power from the V8 engine and eight speeds in the transmission, grunt is not an issue. Do note that if most of your driving is level highway cruising, the 3.92:1 axle ratio will have a small fuel economy penalty, but we’ve also seen instances where overall there’s a negligible change.As equipped, our Ram’s rated payload capacity—how much weight it can carry including people and their gear, what’s in the bed, and the tongue weight of a trailer—is 1,520 pounds. That’s the lowest in this group, ranging anywhere from 10 pounds fewer than the Toyota Limited to about 300 pounds fewer than the Chevy and GMC trucks. For those planning on routinely carrying heavier loads or towing a larger trailer, those few hundred pounds could be significant, but for most people who don’t use the maximum capacity of their truck everyday, the Ram will easily get the job done. For instance, it can still safely carry a family of four while hauling a 7,000-pound boat or trailer. If you do haul loads every day that come close to the maximum capacity of these half-ton pickups, you should probably consider a bigger and more robust three-quarter-ton, heavy-duty pickup anyway.Of all the tests and literature we reviewed, the vast majority rated the Ram 1500’s ride as the best in this group of pickup trucks. Some go so far as to say it rides like a car, but it’s more accurate to say it rides like a five-year-old car where other trucks ride like 15-year-old cars…or like, well, trucks. Ram’s unique, rear coil-sprung suspension is similar to that used in luxury SUVs like the GMC Yukon and Cadillac Escalade. All the other pickups in this group use more basic leaf-spring suspensions, which are fine for work duties but deliver a stiffer ride and less stable handling. Whether the Ram rides on its standard coil springs or optional air springs (a $1,700 option that only the Ram offers but wasn’t on our configuration), this ride is as cushy as it gets for a full-size pickup truck.Some people think a truck needs to ride rough to maintain its “truck-ness” and macho persona, but a gentler ride will pay off in less driver and passenger fatigue, fewer squeaks and rattles over time, and less noise. We went one better in configuring our Ram with smaller 17-inch wheels instead of the standard 20-inch ones you see in our pictures. These help the ride because they weigh less, shrug off potholes and trail obstacles better, cost less to replace, and, in most applications, better match the full-size spare.Further aiding this better-than-average ride, the Ram 1500, Chevy Silverado, and GMC Sierra are the only pickups at this price with a four-wheel-drive system that includes an “auto” or on-highway setting. Like most all-wheel-drive cars, crossovers, and SUVs, this auto setting means the vehicle finds the best traction automatically, without the driver having to manually change a setting. Remember, however, that it helps only when accelerating—steering and braking rely on the tires, and 4WD pickup trucks don’t do either of those things any better than 2WD ones. The Tundra does not offer an “auto” 4WD setting, and the F-150 requires purchase of a more expensive trim to get it.The Ram 1500’s base engine is a 305-horsepower 3.6-liter V6. Since the transmission’s eight speeds can do more with that power than the six-speed transmissions in the other trucks, this combination can do more than you think. Were we rarely towing or doing so only with a low weight on level ground, we’d strongly consider it. However, since many other kinds of vehicles these days—crossovers, minivans, even some robust cars—can tow small trailers, we chose the Ram’s optional 5.7-liter “Hemi” V8 for about $1,600 more; the engine itself is about two-thirds of that cost while a stronger eight-speed transmission commands the other third. With the V8, the Ram’s payload drops by 120 pounds (because the engine and upgraded transmission are heavier) to 1,520, while its towing capacity with the same axle ratio climbs by more than 3,800 pounds to 8,010. And, of course, its fuel economy ratings drop from 19 mpg in combined city/highway driving (16 mpg in the city, 23 on the highway) to 17, 15, and 21 mpg, respectively.The 5.7-liter V8 makes 395 horsepower and 410 pound-feet of torque, which is more than sufficient; Ram’s heavier-duty 2500 and 3500 trucks actually make do with less power from the same engine. Relatively speaking, the Ram’s V8 is the most powerful engine in this group. The next most powerful is the upcoming 2016 Titan’s 5.6-liter V8, which generates 390 hp and 401 pound-feet of torque, followed by the Toyota Tundra’s 5.7-liter V8 (381/401), the Chevy Silverado and GMC S
ierra’s 5.3-liter V8 (355/383), and the Ford F-150’s turbocharged 2.7-liter V6 (325/375). However, don’t get lost in the numbers, as the Toyota is often quicker than the Ram, Chevy, and GMC trucks.The Ram 1500’s engine is V8-smooth, although the 5.3-liter V8 that General Motors uses in the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra is a bit more refined and makes some classic V8 sounds to match those pickups’ macho images. The Ram 5.7 engine, like the GM 5.3, can switch off half its cylinders under light load conditions to save some fuel when a lot of power isn’t needed, typically noticed only by those with a glass ass. There is no action required of the driver, and these systems do not operate at idle or very low engine speeds because they would feel too rough. The Ram’s engine/transmission marriage is as good as any of its competitors, and the two extra gears in its transmission make acceleration from a stop feel effortless.On the downside, the Ram 1500’s 5.7-liter V8, even with eight gears to work with, is still thirsty, and Ram recommends mid-grade unleaded gasoline. In terms of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates, the Ram 1500 beats the Tundra and 2015 Titan handily, but it’s slightly lower than the others as we’ve configured them. On paper, the Ram gets a combined 17 miles per gallon, 15 in the city, and 21 on the highway, estimated by the EPA. That’s about one to two mpg behind the Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado, and GMC Sierra, and two to three more than the Toyota Tundra, which makes it about as average as you can get. The Ford F-150, with its lighter aluminum body and turbocharged V6 engine, leads the pack with a 20-mpg combined rating, three more than the Ram. But frankly, owners and experts have been having a hard time reaching that number in the real world, especially when asking the F-150 to do real work. After all, the biggest factor in fuel economy, of course, is you and how you drive. All the engines are good, and we’re happy to pay the Ram’s minor fuel-cost penalty to get the most powerful engine here and its matching eight-speed automatic.Ram also offers a 1500 EcoDiesel model that’s unique in this group of trucks, and its engine makes it the clear leader in full-size fuel economy. It’s rated at 22 mpg combined, 19 in the city, and 27 on the highway (in our 4WD configuration) and owners are reporting even better numbers in real-world applications. We didn’t choose it for our configuration because of its higher price, which is $3,120 more than the V8 we chose. Also, since the cost of diesel varies widely state to state, it’s not possible to say with certainty that you’ll spend less on fuel with this engine, even with its big bump in fuel economy.Our Big Horn Ram 1500 came with the automaker’s much-loved Uconnect 8.4A system, which includes an 8.4-inch touchscreen display for operating the stereo and climate control system, syncs with your smartphone or music device, and lets you set myriad truck functions and personalize how you prefer things. The “A” stands for Access, which lets your smartphone do the work through the data plan you already have, and it can turn the truck into a 3G hotspot the same way.Uconnect is considerably more user-friendly than other, similar information and entertainment systems. It’s best known for having the simplest, most easy-to-use interface, and it’s lightning quick in executing your commands. The Ram’s 8.4-inch dash screen is the largest you can get in any pickup truck, easily beating the others that range from 7 to 8.1 inches. Its virtual screen controls include large, movable “tiles” that are easy to hit. And it also has redundant, physical controls below the screen so you can do many things without using the screen at all (touching the right place on a screen can be challenging when you’re bounding along a dirt road).Speaking of which, the Detroit Free Press says “Chrysler’s voice-recognition system for phone, audio and navigation is one of the industry’s best.” Note that says “industry,” not merely among pickup trucks. Edmunds.com’s Brent Romans outlines Five Reasons Why Uconnect Rocks, and they apply whether it has nav or not. Although Ford’s new-for-2016 Blackberry QNX-powered Sync3 has brought it on par with Uconnect, we’ve found no publication naming it superior to the lightly-updated-for-2016 Uconnect.There’s also an 8.4AN system that adds navigation and costs $500 more, but we skipped it because most smartphones already have navigation and can be updated more frequently and less expensively. And there’s only one potential drawback of Uconnect we found: the image for the rearview camera does not display a centerline to mark where a tow ball will meet a trailer, but we could see the tow ball in the image.Finally, despite pickups being generally pricy and offered with an overwhelming number of options, the Ram 1500 is a fair value when you choose those options carefully. Car Guru’s Aaron Cole concurs “The Ram 1500 still provides a good value-for-money proposition, if only because a modestly equipped Ram is probably the best pick. There are countless ways to configure a Ram 1500, but regardless of the trim or spec, it can hold up to much newer competition.”The Big Horn version we chose to consider is one of 12 trim levels and the fifth least expensive of the bunch. The Crew Cab version with 4WD and a short five-foot, seven-inch bed starts at a little over $43,000. That’s about $2,300 more than the SLT trim below it, but it adds useful features like a hitch, the on-demand “auto” 4WD system, a power driver’s seat, 115-volt outlet, 8.4A Uconnect, rear-view camera, 7-inch EVIC configurable dash display, some other small conveniences, and a far larger slate of other available options to pick from. To our Big Horn, we added options like the 5.7-liter Hemi V8 ($1,150) that also required an upgraded eight-speed transmission ($500), the trailer towing mirror and brake control group ($410), running boards ($600), and a spray-in bedliner ($475) for a total price of nearly $47,200. However, we recommend downgrading the standard 20-inch wheels to 17-inch versions to put $500 back in your pocket, which brings the cost to a little over $46,500.8You’d think with literally thousands of permutations that one of these pickups would be perfect, but that’s not what we found. Like the rest, the Ram 1500 isn’t perfect; our gripes include the inexplicable lack of a telescoping steering column, no damped or assisted tailgate option, a smaller middle seat in its rear bench, the fact Ram recommends mid-grade fuel for its engine, and its reliability ratings, which are below the Tundra, Titan, and most cars.The Ram 1500 does not offer a telescoping steering column, which may limit the ability of shorter or taller-than-average drivers to get comfortable behind the wheel. Or it may require some to sit more upright than they like. Some of the issue could be mitigated with the Ram’s power adjustable pedal option, but it’s not available for our truck—only more expensive trim levels.The Ram 1500’s tailgate is also not damped or assisted, as are those on the Silverado, Sierra and Tundra. As such, it feels heavier to lift and close than some and will drop with a thud if you just pull the release. The rear seat cushion is also shorter in the middle section and the headrest is smaller than the outboard headrests; it’ll be fine for kids and child seats facing fore or aft, but not so comfortable for adults.Finally, Ram recommends mid-grade unleaded gasoline that costs a few cents more per gallon than regular. We’ve run them on regular, mid-grade, and premium unleaded but defer to Ram’s recommendation. Most of the engines we considered in the other trucks recommend regular fuel, but the F-150’s turbocharged engine requires even more expensive premium fuel for when it’s towing, and the Silverado/Sierra’s optional 6.2-liter V8 requires premium all the time.This generation of the Ram pickup first appeared as a 2009 model. It was refreshed in 2013 and the diesel engine option was added in 2014. With so many derivat
ives, only a few experts have driven the truck exactly as we configured it, but apart from comments about the diesel engine, the basics apply across the board.It’s no surprise that many remark positively on the Ram 1500’s balanced nature and superior ride quality. Also, having driven both and talked to others who have, the air suspension option doesn’t have much effect in this regard unless the truck is fully loaded. Said Car Driver, “In fact, it rides so well that it calls into question why the others are sticking with leaf springs for the relatively light duties that customers encounter.” Kelley Blue Book relates the ride to another vehicle class, noting the Ram’s unique rear suspension “…absorbs rough pavement rather than deflecting it. In other words it rides more like a body-on-frame SUV (e.g. Ford Expedition, Cadillac Escalade, Lexus LX570) than a pickup.”Consumer Reports evaluated a Ram very similar to ours and the diesel and gasoline versions both landed in the top of their ratings. “This truck may be Ram-tough,” they said, “but it’s the strong, silent type. It’s as tranquil inside as the impressive Chrysler 300.” They further noted, “Reliability of the gasoline-powered Ram has been good, allowing us to recommend it.”When PickupTrucks.com did their 2013 Light-Duty Challenge, judges said the new Ram Big Horn “…was a strong player winning both the interior and overall value categories, and finishing second in the exterior section behind the stylish GMC. If the Ram 1500 had one obvious weakness, it was in our calculated payload and towing capacity events. In those two categories, the Ram gave up the most points of any other competitor in any event, and with that huge distance to make up, it couldn’t close the gap enough on the Ford no matter how well it performed in the other events. In the end, this truck missed the tape by a nose.” Let us point out, though, that if the Ram had the $50 axle ratio option, it would very probably have won that test on points.Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year for 2013 (gas) and 2014 (diesel)11

Headlamps, halogen projector style

… by the yeti I face.

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus look the same as last year’s models on the outside, but there’s a lot of new parts on the inside, including the fast and efficient A9 SoC. It’s the upgrade to 2GB of LPDDR4 RAM that makes the biggest impact, however. Whether opening apps, switching between multiple browser tabs, or multitasking, the new iPhones really fly. Together with the improved stability of iOS 9, the iPhones deliver a smooth, polished experience no other phone can match. The new 12 MP iSight camera is no better than the older 8 MP version, which is disappointing. Samsung’s Galaxy family of phones still have the best cameras, but the iPhone still performs well and is possibly the best phone for recording video. The iPhone 6s Plus comes with optical image stabilization, a feature the smaller 6s lacks, giving it an advantage in low-light conditions. The iPhone 6s Plus’ larger chassis holds not just a larger screen but also a larger battery, allowing it to outlast its smaller sibling. Being able to last an entire day under heavy use without recharging puts the 6s Plus ahead of the 6s in our book and helps it attain best pick status.



Plan ahead and receive 10% off our best available bed breakfast rate. Payment will be processed upon booking and will be charged to the credit card provided. Reservation is non-refundable and this booking cannot be amended to other dates. Guests who do not arrive to the hotel on the date they have booked will not receive a refund.

3 years/36,000 miles

they left one drone out and it’s just the best Drone I’ve ever flown it’s called the AEE toruk AP10 the best Drone I’ve ever flown I think it’s better than the Dji phantom I like to technology better you have to do a lot with the DJI to get it started the Aee toruk is quick simple and easy and the same technology as the DJIand it flies for 25 minutes to be exact no joke the best

3 GB RAM, 32 GB inbuilt

[117] = 1844

Premium Merchant

11:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

product msrp : 349.0000 MSRP : Array

Prepaid plans

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820

$229 Motorola

Quick start guide

Here you can find the smartphone you choose in many online shops like bangood, tinydeal, merimobiles, dealextreme, 234buy, myefox, …. and compare the price

Color : White, Gold, Blue and Black.

These new technologies mean that E-Class drivers can experience the most relaxed rides of their lives. Theoretically they could now catch up on their emails or read the newspaper while sitting behind the steering wheel. But the law still doesn’t allow this. However, people will still have plenty of time in stationary or stop-and-go traffic to think about how much progress is being made in autonomous driving and to look forward to how much freer they will be in future.

By Jacob

Ireland ‎+353

Table 26

Using a Huawei honor 6, its a budget phone but does not lack in quality and specs. Super buy!


…Read more


May 23, 2016 at 12:50 pm

Wow, fantastic blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your website is great, as well as the content!


January 19, 2016


Leytonstone, London


Microsoft Surface Phone


You just see price and dollars, maybe because you cannot afford an iPhone and thus it’s a stupid choice, but it would be the same for you looking at Ferrari and claiming the same complaints, when you can only afford a standard or supped up car.

IntelliChoice 5-Yr Retained Value

December 22, 2015 at 7:53 am

Mr Cobalas, 30, from Romania, developed SafeDrive, an app that rewards drivers for ignoring their phones while driving.

Floor mats, carpeted front


Battery Capacity


1 inches


Longer trips: Culture

EPA Econ City/Hwy

5 inches (2560 x 1440)

13MP, f2.0, LED Flash

MMB: 25% of people have kept this a secret from a significant other…

0-60 mph

Screen resolution: 1,920×1,080,



Read the full review

Xiaomi Mi 6 Mi Mix 2

Dont have Gorila Glass but it has NCG Protection similar to Gorila glass 2. Moreover do not complain more at 9k because you cant expect an iphone at 9k.

12 Megapixels


RAM: 128MB

Huawei Ascend Mate7

Incredible battery life

Track income and expenses

You only need to provide your MSISDN (Mobile Phone Number) if Connect registration is done using above step 3.1.4 or 3.1.5


Dual SIM: Yes

And Google has acknowledged having a similar problem with its Pixel XL phone.


Five people died when a Toyota Yaris “began to accelerate uncontrollably” while driving on I-10 in the Los Angeles area Thursday, hurtling off the freeway …

Sleeps 4



Page 1 of 9

application to track mobile phone voip


Operating System:Android 4.4

2015-07-21 10:45:05 AM

1920×1080 (2,073,600 pixels)

Mileage 1



Xiaomi Mi 5 review

MIUI is excellent and I would take it over Stock Android an day. OnePlus also has very good software that is near stock with some unique features.

16GB internal storage

Style: Smart Mobile Phone




The application is quick, easy and secure. You can save your application and return to it at any time.


1080p screen


March 21,22,28,29………………1 to 7pm April 2,3 …………………….1 to 7pm April 4…………………….11am to 8pm April 5 – {Easter Sunday}…….11am to 8pm

01/20/2016 |

Touch Screen: Capacitive Touchscreen


Top Highlights


in 10.1″ and Above Tablet

3L V8 with 6-speed automation transmission



5MP front-facing camera

Return Policy: Non-Contract Cell Phone Return PolicySamsung Galaxy S7 Edge Dual SIM Unlocked Smart Phone, Dual Edge 5.5″ AMOLED Display, silver Color, 32GB Storage 4GB RAM International version – No WarrantyOperating System: Android 6.0 Marshmallow

The OnePlus X was the best value smartphone of 2015. We love the premium design in a smaller form factor to the firm’s other phones. Software is a strong point and you get a gorgeous screen. However, cuts had to be made somewhere and the X is lacking features such as NFC, 11ac and Wi-Fi. It also is missing the fingerprint scanner and USB Type-C port found on the OnePlus 2. Battery life isn’t great and cameras aren’t best in class but this is a great phone for the price.


$229 Motorola

Camera: 21MP, f/2.2 with phase-detect autofocus laser autofocus, dual-tone LED flash



Bluetooth Accessories

Bumpers, body-color with Charcoal lowers

Reviewed on: 5 September 16

With two wireless IP55-spec waterproof cameras included, you can keep tabs on the perimeter or interior of your property, with alerts being sent to your smartphone, or indeed, your DECT landline if you wish.

Features :

Washer Dryers

Smartphone OS


Choose from the following offers: • $19 ($30 value) for two tickets • $35 ($60 value) for four tickets The Naptown barBAYq Festival Website

A: Taken them on a date

Zoom optyczny




Get it if… You just can’t bear to say goodbye to the Galaxy Note 7



4G LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 ac/b/g/n ( 2.4 / 5GHz), Bluetooth 4.0, GPS + GLONASS


Ships in 3 days

We are nearing the end of 2016. Unlike some people suggest, I don’t really think this year was boring in terms of innovation relating to smartphones. We saw Google’s own smartphone, we saw iPhone leaving the headphone jack behind, and to top this all, we say the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 burn down in flames. Following these heavy hitters were the budget smartphones. We saw OnePlus and ZTE sell powerful flagship devices for a low price.All in all, this was a great year for us smartphone lovers here in Nepal. I hope we will get to see this trend continue next year. Until then, we have made a list of the best of the best released here in Nepal. Hope this will help you in the time of need. What’s your favorite device of 2016? What device did you buy? Have we missed anything here? Write to us in the comment section.

[61] = 856

Dual LED

5 inches (Large)


Type:Backpack Style

Here’s Kia’s Brandless Stinger For Korea; Should It Follow The Path Of Genesis?

32 GB, 3 GB RAM, microSD, up to 256 GB (uses SIM 2 slot)

best smartphones in 2017 e class

Form Factor

Russian Federation

Huawei P9 P9 Plus

Model #: ZE551ML

Launched: 24 Jan, 2017 (4 Months Ago)

Er was ooit een tijd dat u zich nog bijzonder voelde met uw nieuwe mobiel, maar inmiddels moet er flink in de buidel worden getast voor een modelletje dat opvalt.Mocht u nog ergens een paar duizend flappen hebben liggen, dan kunt u kiezen voor één van deze bakbeesten aan te schaffen. Ze opereren allemaal op Android (sorry, Apple fans), aangezien Apple geen andere telefoonfabrikanten zijn iOS software laat gebruiken.Opmerkelijk genoeg hebben de meeste telefoons hieronder dezelfde features als de smartphone in uw broekzak. Slechts een enkeling heeft exclusieve features. Wat ze van de rest onderscheidt: diamanten, leer, en marmer (!).Een telefoon van marmer die als een baksteen in uw broekzak aanvoelt. Maar mocht u geen zin hebben in afzakkende broeken, dan kunt u kiezen voor de variant met burl-, ebben- of cocobolohout. Er bestaat ook een granieten uitvoering van de telefoon.De Tonino Tauri 88 is gemaakt door Lamborghini en bestaat uit prachtige lederen en stalen omhulsels. Vreemd genoeg beschikt de telefoon echter niet over de laatste features. U krijgt dus vooral uiterlijk in plaats van functionaliteit.Deze telefoon is geheel gemaakt van titanium en 18 karaat goud (oftewel: huilen als er een krasje op komt). Ook deze telefoon blinkt voornamelijk uit door zijn buitenkant en het feit dat elke unit handgemaakt wordt. Niet zozeer om zijn inwendige processen, dus.De Solarin-telefoon is een top secret, extreem goed beveiligd apparaat voor de ultra-rijken en superschurken. Hij is gemaakt van wit leer carbon-textuur en de buitenkant is ingelegd met zwarte diamanten. De eerste telefoon die een buitengewoon uiterlijk met extraordinaire prestaties combineert.De Sky Blue-uitvoering is gestikt en kost zo’n €10.000 meer dan de andere niet-gestikte kalfslederen varianten. De goedkoopste variant van de smartphone is gedrapeerd in hagedissenleer.De minder dure uitvoeringen van de Goldvish Eclipse zijn ook omhuld door alligatorhuid en zijn veel goedkoper (€6.251). Het zijn dan ook de diamanten in deze telefoon die hem voor het plebs onbetaalbaar maken.

Integration with Google’s voice actions and predictive Google Now functionality through Android Auto

Pristine White


Operation System:Android



Know more about Times Points

Gorilla Glass 3

Thats misdirected big time. Only difference is that for every 1 iOS device, their 9 Android. So guess who going to be targeted

8 months ago

I have collected 25000 airmiles. We have tried to book flights and hotels and it said no flights and hotels available. We even tried some ridiculous flight locations and come up none available. This is extremely annoying. We are planning to cancel our BMO financial accounts along with our BMO airmiles credit cards .


Samsung j3 2016 gold 16gb open to all network few little marks don’t effect phone charger no box

BBCode Helper

walmart cell phone

MIUI skin is rich in options

Kulbhushan Mangle

updated: 11 Jan 2017

i’m pretty sure they wont miss out on the chance to write GORILLA GLASS 2 in big letters on it 🙂 its one of the main advantages that UMI X2 and G4 have over it.

Certified Buyer

BAQ: Some insurance companies think that as many as 8% of car accidents are caused by this…

Rs. 53,999

Free shipping


Why should I buy a contract mobile phone deal from Carphone Warehouse?



Tora of El Cajon, CA on

Android v6.0 (Marshmallow) 4G, 3G, VoLTE, Dual Sim, Wi-Fi

Gender: Women

Data free music streaming plus 6 month Apple Music membership, exclusive to Telstra mobile customers. Video streaming and non-music content will incur data charges. FairPlay policy applies. For use in Australia.

The device-unlock feature on phones such the $229 Moto G5 Plus (this model with a 5.2-inch screen will ship this spring) offers a much more natural way to get into your phone than—tap, tap, tap, tap—entering a series of numbers or—swipe, swipe, swipe—drawing an unlock pattern on the screen.

Apple launched the first iPhone in 2007. It was so new that Time magazine put it on the cover of the magazine, describing it as ‘the phone that has changed phones forever’. The subsequent generations of iPhone have sold in their millions — when the iPhone 5 was launched in September 2012 it sold five million in the first three days of its launch.


There are excellent smartphones coming out of China. And they’re cheap! While some, like Huawei handsets, have a small foothold in the US, most only ship to other overseas markets. So how do you get one Stateside? Read on to find out.Low cost is the most compelling argument for anyone considering buying a Chinese-manufactured smartphone. Xiaomi is widely considered the best price to performance. Its designs brazenly rip off Apple and Samsung (which might explain why they’ve avoided the US market), but the company offers its wares at a fraction of the cost of US flagships. In addition, the Xiaomi smartphone specs are top-notch and compete well in a “Pepsi Challenge” test among casual users seeking functionality over brand recognition. For example, the Xiaomi Mi5 launched in March has a 1080p display and comes equipped with a Snapdragon 820 processor, up to 4GB of RAM, and internal storage options ranging from 32 to 128GB. The fully tricked-out version goes for less than $400. The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge have higher-resolution displays, but the same internals. And those can cost up to and above $700.Extended delivery wait times can be an issue if you need your phone yesterday, but if you’re shopping in advance that isn’t much of an issue. Pricey costs for overseas delivery is a potential issue with some retailers, but considering the amount of money you may save by buying Chinese, you’ll still end up significantly well ahead.The availability of Chinese smartphones through traditional channels is one of the greatest barriers to ownership. Don’t expect to be able to pick one up from any of the big four carriers – and before you buy one from a third party, make sure the smartphone you’ve got your eyes on will work with your existing plan. This goes for smartphones manufactured by Huawei and Xiaomi, but also includes Meizu, Lenovo, Oppo, Vivo, and ZTE.NewEgg, GearBest, Chinavasion, and GeekBuying are your best bets for getting your hands on a Chinese smartphone in the U.S., as are Amazon and eBay. Some of these sites offer free shipping, but they aren’t the only sources out there. Many manufacturers make their mobile devices available to U.S. buyers directly from their websites. This may provide a little more peace of mind than going third-party, but you may have to pay heavy shipping.Issues of network compatibility with stateside carriers are your chief concern when buying a Chinese smartphone. For example, the aforementioned Mi5 from Xiaomi was originally advertised to support US LTE bands, but that has since been proven not to be the case. Hence, the serious need to do your homework before you spend money on a Chinese-made smartphone.One excellent resource that you can leverage to perform this pre-purchase resource can be found at Will My Phone Work. A quick look here reveals that the previously mentioned Honor 5X – although a good, cheap smartphone – has only a handful of sub-models that are compatible in the States for 3G and 4G connectivity. The vast majority can only be used running 2G, which will likely be a deal-killer for most tech-conscious users.Finally, CYA when it comes to payment, and avoid paying direct with a credit card, debit card, or bank transfer. A PayPal account is likely your best bet. You can always channel any disputes through PayPal should things not work out.Without doubt, one of the most compelling reasons to stick with an American-made or U.S. carrier-warrantied smartphone is your easy access to service. If something goes wrong with your iPhone, getting someone to look at it is as easy as walking into the nearest Apple store. And if your Samsung takes the plunge, there are plenty of places where you can bring or send your smartphone in for repairs or—if it’s covered—replacement.Getting quick customer service on a Chinese smartphone, on the other hand, can be a lot like negotiating a maze without the benefit of a map—and with a potential language barrier thrown in. Also, shipping costs to send your smartphone overseas for repair can be exorbitant. There’s always the option of taking your smartphone to a local repair shop if something goes wonky, but the vast majority of stateside experts specialize in readily-available brands, and you may have trouble finding someone local with the know-how to crack open and fix a Chinese-made smartphone. You’ll have even more trouble finding a resource that has access to individual replacement parts.Security issues can also rear their ugly heads. It was reported recently that Taiwanese-manufactured MT6582 chips, which are in wide use on low-end smartphones from Huawei and Lenovo, can give root access to malicious software and hacker attacks. That said, no smartphone in the world is immune from attack, but it’s something worth considering.Lastly, there’s the far less frightening—but equally important—issue of receiving timely operating system updates, which many adopters of Chinese-manufactured smartphones complain aren’t frequent enough.TechTarget publishes more than 100 focused websites providing quick access to a deep store of news, advice and analysis about the products, technologies and processes crucial to the jobs of IT pros.

Smartphones and tablets


A search on “Android Tablets” provides more than 5 million hits on Alibaba.com. The industry has been booming since the iPad was launched in 2010. Tablets and Smartphones in high demand by small businesses trying to get a piece of the cake. Yet the market is dominated by established brands and small scale importers seem to lose more money than they make importing these products. In today’s blog post I give you a few clues to why this may be the case.There’s no general definition for what a “good quality” product is and electronics such as Tablets and Smartphones are certainly not exceptions. Rather the opposite. Chinese manufacturers rarely keep products in storage and require the importer to provide them with a clear product specification. A product specification for Android Tablets and Smartphones shall at a minimum include the following:Screen size (i.e. 7.7 inch)

The fingerprint sensor also earns high marks. When I saw that a $200 phone had a fingerprint sensor, I had doubts that it’d be any good. I was wrong. Setting it up is actually easier than on most phones, and the speed and accuracy compared to a flagship phone like the Galaxy S6 is almost negligible, maybe a tad slower. The only downside is that the 5X has no NFC, which means no fingerprint-enabled Android Pay—if that’s something you’re into.

Daytime Running Lamps, LED


Competition section. If you currently own one, Nextbit has committed to another six months of hardware support and another year of software updates.

The Oneplus 2 is in the same price range as the Storm, similar on spec and gives you a Snapdragon 810……..(!)

Price: Rs 10,999 Second only to the Mi Note 3 in performance, the Le 1S promises value for money: It sports a metal body, looks fantastic, you get 32GB of storage, and its fingerprint scanner adds an extra layer of security. This device works smoothly when it comes to productivity, as well as performance in gaming and multimedia.

Android Mobile Phones


by Anonymous in Seattle, WA



13 mega-pixel Sony IMX214 F2.0 Aperture OIS

The hub connects via Wi-Fi to your phone, but to the two cameras by the more energy-efficient and secure DECT protocol. The cameras have a smooth plastic waterproof design, and can be mounted on their metal pivoting brackets for wall or ceiling mounting, inside or outdoors. Their dangling power cables are fixed and quite long, so they should reach back inside the property before connecting to their respective power adapters, which are not weather-resistant.

Super LCD3

Rakesh Kamat

Operating system: Android 6.0 with Emotion UI 4.1


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

This comment refers to an earlier version of this review and may be outdated.

: $109.99

Best Big-Screen Phone

3 GB

Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 ( 4 x 1.2 GHz Cortex A53 + 4 x 1.5 GHz Cortex A53) 64-bit processor with Adreno 505 GPU

WiFi access: WiFi networks are public wireless Internet servers. If your mobile phone has WiFi access, it means that you can connect to public WiFi networks to access the Internet.

Front Camera: 16-megapixel

One more thing: The Chinese version of the phone includes a fingerprint scanner, but in Europe you’ll have to make do without.All Honor’s phones are competitively priced, but the flagship Honor 8 is the one to aim for. You’ll get flagship-tier performance and build quality, an impressive camera and all-day battery life for considerably less than the bigger brands are charging. What’s more, it’s only going to get better once Android Nougat and EMUI 5 arrive in the months ahead.Best overall


Chevrolet Bonus Cash Program 2 – $1,000 Expires: 5/1/17

Monthly cost

US $ 85.43 – 98.37 / Piece


Screen Resolution: 1,920 by 1,080 pixels

5-inch (1080 x 1920 pixels) Full HD IPS display

Alcatel Hero 8020D

Plan “Data, talk and text plans : Bring your own phone | 50MB | 100 minutes”

Cannot charge phone while headphones are connected

best smartphone video apps


Sign up get 10% off

Shock Absorber Diameter – Rear: N/A



Add to Cart

UAE Jails Prominent Academic For

Samsung Galaxy On7 G6000 16GB Unlocked Smartphone Black -China Version UU

US $ 0.09 – 0.49 / Piece

Health Beauty

not rated yet

[3] = 792

Shoes Clothing


US$252.94 US$149.09

Seat adjuster, passenger 2-way manual, fore/aft with manual recline

5 / 5 (1)

68 x 19.69 x 45.28 Inches

Specification (cu.ft.)

1920 x 1080 resolution

1080 x 1920


International Talk Services





location: rear


4GB LPDDR4 RAM / 128GB (UFS 2.0) internal storage

HiSilicon Kirin 935 4x Cortex-A53 @ 2.2GHz 4x Cortex-A53 @ 1.5GHz Mali-T628MP4

Battery, maintenance free with rundown protection, 525 CCA

In stock.


Abigail Rivera


Grazie alla porta infrarossi integrata di Honor 6+ e all’applicazione Controller Intelligente puoi pilotare tutti i tuoi TV, decoder e molto altro con lo smartphone: più ordine in casa e mai più telecomandi perduti.

Data ({{proposition.details.tariffDetails.tariff.networkTechnologyTypeMinimum}})

Buy it now

Susie M

So far: mind-blowing bargain. But let’s get real. The Prime 7 costs £75 so there are going to be some compromises. The phone has a low-end Snapdragon 210 CPU and just 1GB RAM.

Flight mode


What Happened When a Mexican Drug Lord Was Invited to Watch General Conference


Door Joke petersen op 30 januari 2016

Safety belts, 3-point, rear, all seating positions

low inner resistance,

Overcharging crooks! Always bringing in new charges for new reasons that don’t make sense. Say you have to verify your credit card machine or pay a monthly fee. They send you a link that doesn’t work to verify. Even when you do get through the right link, they say you didn’t fill it out right. They will nickel and dime you to death! They love to keep charging you after your account is closed. I don’t reccomend them to anyone!!

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I personally think that teens at the age of thirteen should be able have their first cell phone. The reason why I say this is because through out my years in middle school, I know how it feels to not own a cell phone. I went through stages of trying to get hold of my parents, research for school, and the annoyance of asking a stranger for a call home. This is why teens at the age of thirteen and above should have cell phones to prevent the stages I went through.


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However, I prefer to keep old phone as my personal collection. Like a phone museum, I can see the phone technologies evolve.

Huawei Honor 5C Black 32GB 13MP 4G LTE Unlocked AU WARRANTY Smartphone


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Form Color: Black RAM: 1GB ROM: 8GB Model: HT7 Quantity: 1 piece Material: Plastic Shade Of Color: Black Type: Brand New Power Adapter: EU Plug Network Type: 2G , 3G

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There’s nothing simple anymore when it comes to finding the best cell phone plans. In the past, most postpaid cell phone plans offered — or insisted on — a contract that bound the user for two years in exchange for a reduced price (subsidy) for their phone. Of the major carriers, Sprint still offers that as an option with a limited number of devices, but tacks an added access fee onto your monthly charges that largely negates the savings on all but the carrier’s largest (unlimited) plan.Instead, you can pay for your device in full at the time of purchase, or opt to pay for your phone on installment plans that will increase the cost of your monthly bill. Sometimes that only means paying a few dollars more per month, but for the newest, hottest phones, it can mean a significantly larger bill. Though these installment plans are not “contracts” in the sense that the term was used in the past, if you discontinue service before the phone is paid off, you will be required to make a lump sum payment to cover any outstanding installments.Early phone-upgrade plans are available from some carriers, but the terms can be complicated, so it pays to read the fine print. All require you to trade-in your existing phone — and that can make these a not-so-great deal if the phone you are trading in is an older “flagship” model; many can retain a surprising amount of resale value even one to two years after they were new.All major wireless network companies now offer shared plans that include unlimited talk and text and a pool of data that’s used by all the devices on your account. Pricing of some are based on the size of the data pool, while others — including T-Mobile and Sprint — are once again offering unlimited data plans. To that, you’ll typically add a line access charge for each device, which can include smartphones, basic phones, tablets, mobile hotspots and more. Some carriers still market single-line plans, but, in reality, these are shared plans with smaller data pools and the line access charge included in the overall cost.The phasing out of long-term contracts and subsidized phones may have blurred some of the distinctions between traditional postpaid cell phone plans and prepaid ones, but there are still a number of differences that could make one or another the better choice. Postpaid plans typically require a solid credit rating (since you are paying for service after it is delivered). If your credit is shaky, or if you are just starting to build your credit history, you may need to subscribe to a prepaid plan to get service. That’s not all bad news. Prepaid plans are sometimes cheaper than postpaid plans with equal service terms, and all ride on the same networks that carriers use for their postpaid offerings. While most postpaid plan users are now being funneled into shared-data plans, individual lines are available on prepaid, and can save a few dollars as well. If all you want is talk and text on either a monthly or pay as you go basis, prepaid is also likely to be your most cost-effective option.However, postpaid plans have some powerful pluses as well. While some carriers will activate most phones, including flagship phones, on prepaid, some reserve the hottest new devices for their postpaid customers. Also, prepaid phones use the same networks as postpaid ones, but carriers will sometimes cap maximum data speeds for prepaid users (though still at levels that are fine for almost all uses, including streaming). Some carriers reserve, limit or charge extra for some features, such as device tethering (which allows you to use your smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot for connecting laptops, tablets, etc., to the Internet) or voice over LTE (VoLTE) calling (also called HD voice, which allows for higher quality voice calls), to their prepaid customers as well.The bottom line is that the decision as to whether a prepaid or postpaid plan is best will depend almost exclusively on your circumstances and needs, and both are fine choices. This report focuses exclusively on postpaid cellphone plans; as noted earlier, see our separate report on prepaid cell phone plans for more information on that option.In this report, we name the best cell phone plans based on many factors, including coverage. However, keep in mind that even those networks that perform the best on a national, state-wide or even regional basis will still have local coverage gaps, while a network that might not perform so well elsewhere, will be gangbusters in those spots where you use your phone most often. Coverage maps provided by most carriers are optimistic, at best, and based on theoretical coverage without regard to things like hills, buildings, trees and the like, all of which can impact performance. T-Mobile breaks from the pack a bit by supplementing its coverage maps with information on signal strength drawn from its users’ phones.While we can provide guidance on which cell phone networks have the strongest reach on a national level, the best way to find out which carriers perform best where you live, work and play is to talk to your neighbors, work colleagues and friends to find out which carriers they use and how happy they are with the service. Crowd sourced coverage mapping, such as that provided by Open Signal and Sensorly, can also help you zero in on which networks provide the best local coverage.To create this report, we considered the key factors that separate plans and carriers, including pricing, performance, and customer service. To learn how the carriers stack up on those counts, we look at major customer satisfaction surveys. We also consult expert reviews as well as user feedback, which can be especially helpful in finding out how happy users are over the long haul. The results are our recommendations for the best cell phone plans, and the best values.When it comes to call quality, data speed and coverage, Verizon Wireless (Est. $35 per month and up) wins awards in nearly every test and survey we spotted. It’s simply the best performer in most regions that it serves. However, when it comes to costs and customer satisfaction, things aren’t as rosy, and some other carriers perform just as well, if not better, in some locales, especially in metropolitan regions and along major highways. Still, for rural and suburban dwellers, those who travel to different parts of the country, or those who want to be as sure as they can be (given the patchwork nature of U.S. cell service) that they’ll have a phone that works wherever they are, Verizon gets the nod.Verizon offers a single plan, called the Verizon Plan. For all phones, each line of service is subject to a $20 access line. To that you add a shared data pool (all devices on your account use the same data pool) that starts at 2 GB for $35 per month, and goes up to as much as 100 GB per month for $450. In addition, for plans of 12 GB and above (dubbed the Large plan by Verizon) users get a 2 GB per month bonus per line. Unlimited talk and text are included in these plans. Unused data is rolled over to the next month but expires at the end of that. Safety Mode allows you to stay connected after any plan and carryover data expires, but at greatly reduced speeds (128 kbps). Additional LTE data can be purchased at for $15 per GB.In terms of performance, Verizon shines. It sweeps all six regions in the most recent J.D. Power and Associates survey of user satisfaction with network quality. That’s buttressed by testing by PCMag.com and RootMetrics, which reveals that Verizon delivers top performance in more regions than any of its competitors (though some are closing the gap). In nearly 500 markets (as of May 2016) Verizon performance has been enhanced by its XLTE service, a new wireless band that allows for increased capacity and data speeds with compatible phones (most newer devices are compatible).Phone selection is excellent as well. Nearly all flagship phones and a good number of mid-priced and budget devices are offered. Verizon also has a handful of carrier-exclusive devices, though none that experts say would be compelling enough on their own to tip the balance toward choosing Verizon as a service. International
travelers should note that Verizon uses CDMA technology, one of two wireless technologies in use in the U.S. CDMA is not used in most other countries, however; instead, GSM, also used in the U.S. but by other carriers (AT T and T-Mobile), is the prevalent worldwide technology. To get around that, some Verizon devices are world-ready with built-in GSM radios for use internationally.The downside to Verizon is that it’s customer service and satisfaction don’t rate as highly. “Verizon Wireless receives the highest marks for calling coverage and speed and reliability of the data network, but respondents gave it an abysmal satisfaction rating for fees (5.3),” Ben Z. Gottesman reports in explaining the carrier’s low ranking in PCMag.com’s 2016 Readers’ Choice award survey. That’s confirmed in surveys that measure user satisfaction with customer service and with the buying experience conducted by J.D. Power and Associates; in those surveys, Verizon Wireless earned below average scores.Fairly or not, AT T (Est. $30 per month and up) has taken some knocks over the years for the quality of its service. However, recent testing says that those interested in a cellphone plan that covers most of the country with good to great performance should give that carrier a second look.When it comes to performance, AT T still trails Verizon, but the gap isn’t that large, and AT T is judged to be the fastest performer in the Southeast and Southcentral (albeit in a three way tie in the latter region) in the latest round of testing by PCMag.com. RootMetrics names AT T the number two performer on a national level, finishing second to Verizon in five of the six categories it tests. This is the sixth consecutive test period in which AT T “has remained a strong number-two performer,” Dave Andersen reports.In terms of customer satisfaction, surveys are a mixed bag. AT T fares poorly in the Readers’ Choice poll conducted by PCMag.com, finishing behind Verizon, but shines in two surveys conducted by J.D. Power and Associates, finishing first in customer care and in satisfaction with the buying experience (among postpaid carriers).Like Verizon, all plans are shared data plans and include unlimited talk and text. Pricing starts at $30 for 1 GB of shared data and goes up to $450 for 100 GB of data per month. Regardless of whether your phone is a basic model or a smartphone, access charges are $20 per line ($40 per line for those still on two year contracts, which are no longer offered to new customers). Like Verizon, if you go over your data limit, speeds will be reduced to 128 kbps, or you can buy additional high-speed data. Also like Verizon, unused data can be rolled over to be used the following month.Phones can be paid for in full or financed on the carrier’s AT T Next program. Terms are set at either 30 months or 24 months. For frequent upgraders, the plan allows you to turn in your device early — when the phone is 80 percent paid off (at roughly 24 months) under the 30 month plan, or 50 percent (at roughly 12 months) on the 24 month plan, called AT T Next Every Year — and purchase a new device on the Next plan. For those with shaky credit, or those trying to develop credit, a down payment of 30 percent may be required.AT T’s phone selection, like Verizon’s (and most postpaid carriers, for that matter), is first rate. All flagship phones are available or supported (AT T makes it easy to bring your own compatible device to the service), as are many budget and mid-range devices. AT T also has some exclusive devices, but, as was the case with Verizon, none that wowed critics to the point where it might be the deciding factor in your selection of providers. AT T uses a GSM network, the type that’s prevalent in most of the world — a plus for those who travel internationally.Led by its colorful CEO, John Legere, T-Mobile’s (Est. $50 per month and up) “uncarrier” philosophy has been the driving force behind some of the more dramatic changes in cell phone plans in recent years. It was the first carrier to do away with contracts and subsidized phones, and to introduce other concepts, such as rollover data, that have been adopted by many of its competitors. By introducing plans with soft caps, eliminating data overages, offering roll over data that’s good for up to a year and adding perks such as free streaming music and video, there’s little doubt that T-Mobile offers the best bang for the buck among the big four national carriers. It also offers some of the best capacity and highest speeds in many of the areas it covers. The downside is that the carrier falls behind its competition when it comes to reach; while things are improving, getting service outside of metropolitan areas and away from major highways can sometimes still be a challenge.Be that as it may, if you live, work and play in areas where T-Mobile’s network is robust, it can be a very good choice. In PCMag.com testing, T-Mobile is rated the second fastest network on a nationwide basis, following Verizon. It’s competitive in most regions, especially on the East Coast, where it finishes in a three way tie for first place in the Southeast region, and wins the population dense Northeast outright. RootMetrics places T-Mobile narrowly behind AT T in its tests of data and network speed, and notes that as in the past, “T-Mobile typically performs much better in metro areas compared to state or national levels.”Survey results indicate that T-Mobile customers are largely a happy bunch. T-Mobile is the second place finisher in the most recent J.D. Power and Associates surveys of satisfaction with mobile provider customer care and satisfaction with the purchase experience. It also does relatively well in PCMag.com’s Readers’ Choice poll, finishing stronger than the other “big four” carriers on the basis of higher satisfaction with fees and customer service. Survey respondents also said that they were also more likely to recommend T-Mobile to a friend than were customers of the other major carriers.T-Mobile offers two plans. Its major new offering is called T-Mobile One and is completely uncapped, though with some caveats. Video, for example, is streamed at DVD resolution (480p). Tethering (the practice of turning your phone into a hot spot for other devices) is permitted, but capped at 3G speeds. But that’s largely it; data, talk, text, music, etc., are all unlimited, and perks such as unlimited data and talk in Mexico and Canada, one hour of free data on Gogo enabled flights, and more are part of the package.Pricing is fairly straightforward. The first phone on the account is $70 per month, the second $50, the third is $20, and the fourth is free, which translates to $35 per line for a family of four — a relatively great deal for a typical family.Though it expects to eventually discontinue them, T-Mobile continues to offer its Simple Choice plans. These plans are capped, but you can continue to use data at 2G speeds once that cap is reached, and there are no overage charges. Prices range from $50 per month for 1 GB of LTE data to $80 per month for 10 GB for a single line, with additional lines (up to four) available at a reduced cost. These plans retain many of T-Mobile’s perks, including unlimited music and video streaming (video again limited to DVD resolution), data rollover (up to 20 GB for 12 months), free calls, text and data in Mexico and Canada, and more.T-Mobile doesn’t offer quite as many phones as AT T or Verizon, but most flagship phones and many budget devices are available. T-Mobile also welcomes any compatible GSM phone bought from third parties (such as Amazon.com) or transferred from other carriers. You can pay for your phone upfront, or spread out over 24 payments. T-Mobile Jump! is an early upgrade program that lets you trade in your device after it is 50 percent paid off and receive a new phone. It costs an additional $12 per month, but that sting is offset by the fact that it includes handset insurance and a security software subscriptions that would collectively cost $12 per month if purchased separately.Borrowing a page from Sprint (covered next) T-Mobile also offers Jump! on Demand — an in-stor
e only program that lets users lease rather than buy a phone. The lease lasts 18 months, after which you must return the phone or pay its remaining value if you wish to keep it. You can also trade in your phone up to three times a year at no cost.Sprint (Est. $20 per month and up) doesn’t fare particularly well in large surveys that judge performance and customer care, in fact, it generally finishes dead last, but qualitative testing by PCMag.com and RootMetrics reveal a cellular network that’s clearly on the rise. “This year’s story is that Sprint is finally back,” says PCMag.com’s Sascha Segan. The improvement is largely the result of an upgraded LTE Plus network that’s geared toward faster downloads rather than uploads, he says, adding “but the company argues that most smartphone users’ lifestyles are, too.” Segan concludes: “Factor in how cheap Sprint’s service plans are right now, and it becomes a carrier worth considering again.”The carrier offers a virtual smorgasbord of options when it comes to plans and phone payments. When it comes to the hardware, Sprint has a good selection of phones, including flagship models, mid-priced devices and budget choices, along with a handful of carrier-exclusives (though once again none that should tip the balance toward choosing Sprint over a competing carrier). Sprint will let you finance, pay in full, or accept a subsidized phone with a two year contact (but offsets that with higher monthly payments for service). The carrier will also let you lease some handsets (notably the iPhone). Standard financing terms are for 24 months. If you finance the handset it’s yours to keep at the end of the term, but you have to return leased smartphones when the lease is up. iPhone leases are for 18 months, but you can upgrade your phone after 12 months.Sprint plans start at $20 per month for 1 GB of data, plus a $20 line access charge if you buy, lease or finance your phone. Once you hit your cap, data continues at 2G speeds, or you can add additional high speed at a cost of $15 per GB. Sprint has also introduced an Unlimited Freedom plan, similar to T-Mobile’s T-Mobile One. Talk, text and data is completely uncapped, though there are, again, caveats, such as video being limited to DVD resolution. The first line of service costs $60 per month, the second costs $40, and all subsequent lines (up to 10) are $30 each, plus line access charges. Sprint continues to offer a promotion where it guarantees equivalent service at half the cost of existing service for AT T, Verizon, and T-Mobile customers who switch (available to new customers only). Sprint OpenWorld adds free talk, text and 1 GB of data when travelling in Canada, Mexico and most Latin American countries, free talk and text to Mexico and Canada from the U.S., and free texts and discounted calling to other included countries. The service is free, and can be applied to all plans, but has to be added separately.Most of those who will sign on with a postpaid cellphone plan will select one of the big four carriers –AT T, Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile — but those aren’t the only choices. In addition to the aforementioned carriers there are a number of smaller, regional mobile phone companies that operate their own, much smaller networks, supplemented with roaming agreements that allow subscribers to use the networks of other carriers when out of their home area.Among these, the largest and best regarded options is U.S. Cellular (Est. $50 and up per month). However, its limited reach (the carrier’s home region now covers parts of just 23 states) and better performance among its competitors look to have reduced U.S. Cellular’s former luster to mid-pack status in large surveys, such as the one conducted by PCMag.com.Still, if you live within U.S. Cellular’s home area, the service is worth considering. The selection of phones, while smaller than that of the major carriers, includes a good number of the best regarded high-end and budget devices. Rates are competitive and customer service continues to rate well — though it’s not available 24/7 as is the norm with the national carriers.Plans follow the model set by other carriers. You can finance your phone over 24 months with no contract for service, or for a limited selection of older devices, accept a subsidized phone with a two year contract. Options for individual lines of service are limited, but well priced; $50 per month for 7 GB with unlimited talk and text. There are no line access charges, but device insurance (Est. $9 per month and up) is required. Shared data plans start at 2 GB for $30 per month plus a line access charge. Line access charges are $20 per phone, regardless of type.An MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) is a mobile carrier that does not own its own network but instead provides service by buying capacity in bulk from one of the large national carriers and reselling it to its subscribers. Because MVNO’s typically pay a much lower price than what’s available to individual subscribers, they can often undercut carrier pricing and still turn a profit. MVNO subscribers use the same networks that subscribers to the major carriers use, and receive the same coverage, though some limitations (such as capped speeds) are sometimes applied.Most prepaid cell phone providers follow the MVNO model, and those are covered in depth in our report on prepaid cell phone plans. However, some postpaid providers are MVNOs as well, and some are scoring highly in major surveys.A case in point is Consumer Cellular (Est. $10 per month and up). It finishes near the top of charts among postpaid providers in one large national survey and is a Readers’ Choice winner for the third year in a row at PCMag.com. “Consumer Cellular continues to receive excellent satisfaction ratings from its customers on nearly every aspect of wireless service with many marks of 9.0 or higher,” says Ben Z. Gottesman. Formerly offering service via AT T’s national network, the company has now added T-Mobile to the mix, helping to fill in some performance gaps, particularly in larger metro areas.Rates are a high point, especially for those who want a talk only plan from a postpaid provider. Talk plans start at $10 monthly plus 25 cents per minute, and go up to $50 per month for unlimited talk. Data and text are an optional add-on and start at $2.50 per month for 300 texts and 30 MB of data and run to $40 per month for unlimited texts and 4 GB of data. Additional data is available at a rate of $10 per GB, but that’s capped at 10 GB, and any usage above 4 GB is subject to reduced speeds. You can add up to two additional lines to an account at a cost of $10 each and all lines share minutes, text and data allotments. In addition, calls between lines on an account are free. That kind of flexibility is rare among postpaid cell phone providers and lets users tailor an individual or small-family package with the right mix of talk and data for how they use their service. The company markets extensively to seniors, and AARP members get a 5 percent discount on service.Phone selection isn’t terrific: the latest Apple devices are offered, but the Android line up is limited to budget models. For users interested in talk only phones, a pair of flip phones are also available. If the selections don’t include a phone you like or want, Consumer Cellular welcomes compatible phones from elsewhere, including unlocked phones previously used with AT T or T-Mobile, or an unlocked GSM phone from a third party, such as Amazon.com.

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Clean11/06/16 Recapping Steve Ballmer, Computer Related Introductions, Emma Hinchliffe, Ariel Bogle, Adario Strange

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OnStar Basic Plan for 5 years includes limited vehicle mobile app features, Monthly Diagnostics Report and Dealer Maintenance Notification (Basic Plan available for 5 years from the date of vehicle delivery and is transferable. Does not include Emergency, Security or Navigation services.)

AP set, warranty tak leh pakai. Kalo kedai tak lingkup, nak mintak claim warranty amik berbulan2. Tu pun nasib kalo dia bagi claim.

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Settings suggestions: Within Settings, get suggestions for how to get even more out of your device.


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Simple Simon Says, “EMUI 3.1 and Lollipop!”

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Edge is the best it’s ever been with the Creators Update.

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Instrumentation, engine oil life monitor

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So when I go on the road I’ll get the $44 per month plan which includes all of the above in the $29 plan with a extra 3 GBs of Data at 4G or a total of 4GB of 4G data. WOW. Rater do that than pay for “stuff” in wifi cafes etc.

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Virtual Reality looks so promising. I wonder how the gaming experience will be? Planning to buy one VR headset. Can you please suggest the best one to have an ultimate gaming experience. Thank you.

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Update: Our Honor 8 review has been updated to include out thoughts on the Honor 6X and European-exclusive Honor 8 Pro. Neither stands out as much as the Honor 8.The Honor 8 is the shiniest smartphone we’ve ever reviewed, with extremely reflective glass that gives off an Aurora-like effect as it bounces light around at all different angles.Better yet, for anyone buying a cheap phone, Huawei’s budget-friendly Honor sub-brand brings a lot of the same specs and performance as Samsung’s devices, but at a mid-range price.It’s a step up from the aluminum Honor 6X and a little more one-hand-friendly compared to the forthcoming (in the UK and Europe) Honor 8 Pro. Neither of these new Honor phones shines like the Honor 8.It’s therefore automatically the third wheel due to its later launch date. And illogical software choices – like no app drawer – make it the “Oh, we’re not with him” oddball of the group.That’s okay, it does other things right. Like the Huawei P9 that never made it Stateside, it thinks outside the box with inventing gesture shortcuts and a dual rear camera that provides sharper than average mid-range photos.There’s also an IR blaster so your phone can become your TV remote and a rear fingerprint sensor that can be customized with all sorts of single and double-tap shortcuts.The Honor 8 relies on these novel features to differentiate itself beyond its light-diffracted good looks. Let’s find out if it’s enough to become your next shiny new object.You won’t find the Honor 8 in carrier stores in the US and can’t buy it on a device payment plan. It’s available at full price through Best Buy, Amazon and Huawei directly.It costs $399 in the US and £369 in the UK, both SIM-free and with 32GB of internal storage. A 64GB configuration costs $449 and is only sold in the US. Honor 8 supports microSD cards and adoptable storage, so this may not matter if you’re in the UK and need extra space.The good news about paying full price is that it’s off-contract and completely unlocked. Be warned, this phone is only compatible with a AT T or T-Mobile nanoSIM cards in the US, not CDMA networks like Verizon and Sprint.Honor 8 is the best-looking glass phone we have ever tested next to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. That’s because it doesn’t just reflect like a mirror, it captures and diffuses light.Like moving spotlights at a fancy Hollywood premier, this phone bounces long rays of light off of its glass back and waves them back and forth as you move it. It’s a true showman in a world of pale-colored aluminum phones.This Aurora-inspired effect is accomplished with 15 layers of glass and nano-etched color filters that diffract light at different angles. Most glass phones have six to eight layers.Drawing even more attention to the intricate light rays is the fact that the Honor 8 has a smooth, bump-free design. There’s no camera bump whatsoever, even with two cameras on the back.Naturally, that means the Honor 8 is an incredibly slippery smartphone. Put it on what looks to be a flat train seat next to you and you’ll soon find out how truly horizontal that seat is (or isn’t). The Honor 8: part phone, part leveler tool.The good news is that despite its ultra-sleek glass body, the phone’s size is easy to handle at 146 x 71 x 7.45mm, and a weight of 153g. You can operate it easily in one hand without discomfort.You really don’t want to have to resort to buying a case for this shimmering smartphone, which comes in Sapphire Blue, Pearl White or Midnight Black. There’s also a Sunrise Gold color, but it doesn’t appear to be available in the US and UK. It’s likely limited to Asian markets.There are only two reasons to even think about getting a case: This glass phone is a fingerprint magnet and it can take on very fine scratches. Like the Jet Black iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, you can only see them in certain light, but they could build up over time if you’re not careful.Honor 8 doesn’t use Gorilla Glass, but a very similar Nippon Electric Glass. Using the phone without a case, we didn’t experience any damage or large scratches. Just one faint blemish on the back when posing it on the sidewalk. It’s held up pretty well overall.You won’t soon forget that this is an ‘Honor’ phone, either. Huawei printed the name on both the front and back of the handset. Luckily, the screen bezel is pretty narrow (especially along the sides) and the phone uses space-saving on-screen soft keys instead of dedicated capacitive buttons.The Honor 8 makes us proud to be holding a cheap Chinese phone in our hand. That doesn’t always happen with inexpensive Android phones. This one shines like a diamond.5.2-inch 1080p LCD looks good, even with fewer pixels than rivals


iPhone 6s, then I started to make about 6,0000 dollars, then I went on the internet to find info. Finally I went to the Apple store to buy the phone!”

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AccuWeather, the global leader in weather information and digital media, and Microsoft Corp. continue their strong collaboration with the release of Winter Warrior Winter, an online challenge between two individuals to prove who had the worst winter and recognize the true Winter Warrior.





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Let’s now view few rumors on specifications of the LG G6 which can be seen in this new LG mobile.


Inject life into your cloud-hosted applications: 5 best practices to boost end-user experience



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It also doesn’t look compatible with any US LTE towers.


Note: Amazon.com changes price frequently so deal may expire at any time. Please refer to post time to see when deal was posted.


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Cheapest plan — $30 per month for 100 minutes of talk, unlimited text, plus 5 GB of LTE data


Can anyone comment on this statement made by CNet: “Verizon Wireless is the only major wireless carrier today that does not put a software lock on any of its 4G LTE smartphones. This means that whether you are on a contract or you paid full price for your Verizon 4G LTE handset, it is automatically unlocked. (Note: This is only for 4G LTE phones, and it is not the case for 3G devices on Verizon.)”

TRUTHS: this place gets VERY busy and i really appreciate how their workers are concise in explaining things and can speak a multitude of languages. What made this place stand out from other t-mobile stores was they used to give a bunch of free accessories (phone chargers, cases) when i got a new phone but they don’t anymore. HOWEVER: lemme just say that MANY OF THEIR 5-STAR REVIEWS ARE VERYYYY QUESTIONABLE. With just a quick scroll down their page, notice that many 5-star reviews come from users with only 1-5 reviews or friends. VERY SUSPICIOUS. Just wanted to put that out there even tho I do like this place.

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Battery Life (As Tested): 10 hours, 0 (LTE video streaming) minutes Pros Relatively affordable. Sleek metal design. Crisp Quad HD display. Booming speakers. Expandable storage. Fingerprint sensor, NFC, and dual-band Wi-Fi. Google Daydream-ready.


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I am just patiently waiting for the V20 and new Nexus/Pixel reviews.

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May 4, 2012 – Forget smartphones or tablets – the future of touch control could be doorknobs, furniture or even your own body. Researchers at Disney Research in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, have created Touché, a system that can detect a variety of touch gestures on everyday objects.

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May 8, 2016, 10:32 pm

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GM’s electric Chevy Bolt to go 238 miles per charge

My husband and I had always said our kids wouldn’t have cell phones until at least 12 years old. Our daughter ended up with one at the age of 9 but ONLY because she rides horses and started competing with her barn and I wasn’t always able to go. We received the cheapest smart phone the cell company had with the minimal things needed. She is now almost 12 and last Christmas we upgraded her phone to a Samsung Galaxy because she showed she was responsible enough to have one. Our son who is almost 11 got his phone at 9 as well but only because our in-laws had been living with us and moved to another state and it was there phone and it was only $5 a month on our plan. He also got a Galaxy last Christmas and he does nothing but games on it as he is not interest in social media yet. I really think it depends on the child and the circumstances with the child as when they should have one.

Tons/yr of CO2 Emissions @ 15K mi/year: 9.8

Vucic’s main challengers include human-rights lawyer and former Ombudsman Sasa Jankovic; former Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic; and Vucic’s former mentor, Vojislav Seselj, a nationalist who has been tried for war crimes.


Digimac Fusion

best smartphones in 2017 when is thanksgiving

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Location Herrin-Gear INFINITI

The image resolution, which is measured in megapixels, of a smartphone’s rear camera. The more megapixels, the higher resolution the images produced will be. Megapixels do not, however, equate to image quality. There are a number of other factors. In fact, smartphone camera technology is going through the same megapixel race which digital cameras went through, which is why we have models with 41 megapixels, like the Lumia 1020. The fact is, the vast majority of users don’t need anything higher than 8 megapixels, which is not coincidentally why Apple has equipped the iPhone 6 with an 8 megapixel camera. Instead, look towards camera aperture and sensor data, sample pictures, and the DxO Mobile score. These provide unbiased specifications that more accurately reflect image quality than megapixels alone.

State Tax Departments provides links to your state’s Web page. The companion page,

Connecting decision makers to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas, Bloomberg quickly and accurately delivers business and financial information, news and insight around the world.

Been using ES file explorer for years. It’s taken some flak lately for ads and things, but I bought the pro version and don’t see any of that. I’ve tried many other file explorers but nothing else matches the feature set that ES offers and that I use regularly.


Air bags, dual-stage, frontal, driver and right front passenger with passenger sensing system, Thorax side-impact, seat mounted, driver and right front passenger, head curtain, side front and rear outboard seating positions (Always use safety belts and child restraints. Children are safer when properly secured in a rear seat in the appropriate child restraint. See the Owner’s Manual for more information.)

Standaard meegeleverd


Ships in 3 days

Sprint Unlimited

Item #: N82E16875169330Operating System: Android 7.1.1 Nougat


CPU:Quad Core

An affordable offering by HTC, the HTC Desire 626 is worth spending your bucks on. This budget smartphone from HTC has to compete with some real tough competition mainly from the Chinese manufacturers which are bringing in new devices every day into the market. Now, Let’s find out what has HTC packed with the Desire 626 which will help it beat the other competition.


(And no, I don’t work for Tmo)


India may have emerged as a key supplier of generic and affordable medicine for the world market, but it has an “overwhelming dependence” on China for the raw material required to produce these drugs, industry association Assocham said.Indian companies depend on China to supp…

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Ultra-strong, fingerprint-resistant cover that is even more scratch-resistant than glass.

Brian Studdard’s father turned 99-years-old this week. On Saturday, Studdard drove from Atlanta to Birmingham for a family celebration at Niki’s West. But once Studdard arrived at the restaurant, he says a hostess explained there was an issue with his attire.

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Nokia Android phones

Steering wheel controls, mounted audio controls

For ultra-fast Internet, you need fiber, right? Wrong, say promoters of a technology called G.Fast, which is creating quite a bit of buzz at the Consumer E…

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Mobile Phone

“Uiterst tevreden”

Battery Life (Hrs:Mins)

Do you think this would be any good for an Easter present?



Rear Camera:

A: Calories

Water resistance:


Two available powertrains

For the new year the Honor 6X replaces its predecessor the 5X on this list. While you won’t be blown away by magnificent design or all of the top-end features, the Honor 6X is an exercise in what you can get for about $250. You get a good enough screen, expandable storage and a fingerprint sensor, wrapped in a metal body that’s better than the plastic offerings out there. There’s also a neat dual camera setup around back that can take interesting-looking shots.


Get 5% instant discount + 10X rewards using Snapdeal HDFC Bank Credit Card

7 Years Ago Today

Indice DAS


January 3rd, 2016 at 12:39 am

Plan and add-ons

Jet Black With Jet Black Accents

Exterior Silver Ice Metallic

12 MP, f/2.0, autofocus, LED flash

How did you grab the shot? Print Screen or extract?

Whenever you’re shopping online, it’s important to make sure that the products you are interested in purchasing are actually good. Sites like Amazon provide a great system for consumers to let each other know about what they think of a product after purchasing. Reviews out of a 5 star rating and the written feedback go a long way in giving you real information about the product’s performance and quality. In this video, we’ll discuss how to use them optimally and make sure you buy products that are quality.

Part Number: ZC551KL-S430-2G32GN-SL

Cheapskate Deals

Accelerometer, Ambient Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Digital Compass, Fingerprint Sensor




Girls’ Shoes

LOS ANGELES, CA – JANUARY 29: Actor Uzo Aduba, winner of the Outstanding Ensemble in a Comedy Series award of ‘Orange Is the New Black,’ pose in the press room during the 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at The Shrine Expo Hall on January 29, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

Features :

Click Here To BuyKey Features

2 GHz Quad Core Processor

1440×2560 px

Cheers, Stephen Larsen

With a 5.2-inch screen, Moto G5 Plus bags the honours. Smartphone tasks such as viewing videos, browsing the Internet and using Facebook and Twitter are definitely a better proposition on the phone. In contrast, iPhone SE’s 4-inch screen may leave users asking for more.

Focal Length Adjust:Yes


Follow these simple steps to create a new password:

Battery life that lasts up to 1.46 days with moderate use and over a day with heavy use

March 13, 2017 at 8:45 pm

Hello friends!!! We sale 100% brand new full boxed (with every single accessories) items. Our products are directly imported from Singapore. Items quality is…


GSM / 4G LTE Capable

AUDIO SYSTEM, CHEVROLET MYLINK RADIO, 7″ DIAGONAL COLOR TOUCH-SCREEN DISPLAY AM/FM/SIRIUSXM STEREO with MP3 playback capability, outside temperature indicator and Radio Data System (RDS), includes Bluetooth streaming audio for select phones; voice-activated technology for radio and phone; Hands-Free smartphone integration with Pandora and Stitcher; Gracenote (Playlist+, Album Art) (STD) (May be upgraded to (UHQ) Chevrolet MyLink radio with Navigation.) (UFU)

With dozens of different handsets battling for our attention, there is more choice when it comes to buying a new smartphone than ever.

After switching Malaysian distributors from Benelli Keeway Malaysia to M-Force Malaysia – currently distributor of SYM scooters – Benelli has introduced the 2017 Benelli RFS150i supercub. Priced at RM7,407 for the base RFS150i and RM7,778 for the RFS150i SE (including GST), this is Benelli’s entry in to the 150 cc supercub segment.Popular in the region, especially locally and in Indonesia, the supercub category is currently dominated by the Yamaha Y15ZR and Honda RS150R. For the Benelli RFS150i, power comes from a liquid-cooled single cylinder 149 cc power plant that produces 15.5 hp at 8,500 rpm and 13 Nm of torque at 7,000 rpm.Unique to the RFS150i is a three-spark plug cylinder head configuration – called B3SP – that, in conjunction with the bike’s ECU and fuel-injection system, is designed to optimise fuel efficiency and produce optimum power, while reducing emissions. Power gets to the ground via a six-speed gearbox with wet clutch, as is typical in this class of machine.As “RFS” means “Riders For Speed” in Benelli terminology, the RFS150i comes with proper racing-style upside-down forks along with a monoshock rear-end. Braking is with hydraulic disc front and rear, with the front carrying a 240 mm petal brake disc, and a 220 mm diameter disc at the back.Fuel for the RFS150i is carried in a 4.8-litre tank under the seat, and dry weight is claimed to be 115 kg. Seat height is set at 787 mm, and top speed for this new supercub is claimed to be 100 km/h, but, from experience, we know that supercubs are somewhat faster than this.There are three colour options for the 2017 Benelli RFS150i – yellow, red and blue – while the RFS 150 SE comes in matte grey, with availability in local Benelli showrooms starts immediately. Competitors to the RFS150i in Malaysia are the Yamaha Y15ZR at RM8,210, and the Honda RS150R goes for RM8,213 for the standard model, and RM8,372 for the advanced in Respol racing livery.As the latest addition to the Malaysian maxi-scooter scene, the 2017 SYM Cruisym 300i aims to provide a value-for-money choice for riders needing a scooter that can handle longer journeys with a decent turn of speed. Shown at the Gempaq Penang 2.0 roadshow sponsored by SYM and PJ1 lubricants, the Cruisym 300i was on display at the Seberang Jaya Expo in Penang.Carrying a 278.3 cc single-cylinder SOHC air-cooled engine fed by EFI, the Cruisym 300i puts out a claimed 26.9 hp at 7,750 rpm and 27.3 Nm of torque at 6,750 rpm. Power gets to the ground with a centrifugal dry clutch and automatic CVT gearbox.Suspension on this Taiwanese scooter is with telescopic forks in front, and unit-swingarm in the rear, where the engine and gearbox is an integral piece of the swingarm. Braking is by hydraulic master cylinder for the front and rear, grabbing a 260 mm and 240 mm disc, respectively.LED lighting is used for the turn signals and brake lights, with twin halogen headlights in front. A possible option for the 300i is forward and rear cams which record road activity and can be viewed on the rider’s smartphone, though this is yet to be confirmed.The Cruisym weighs in at 198 kg wet, which makes it a touch hefty, although the scooter’s low center of gravity makes handling easy. There were two colours on display at the Gempaq 2.0 roadshow – white and red, and we were informed that there is a third colour option, grey.Pricing for the 2017 SYM Cruisym 300i has not been set as yet, pending government approval. Direct competitor to the Cruisym 300i is the Kawasaki J300, which retails at RM31,498.Honda has been focusing on communications quite a bit today, it seems. Aside from the Horn Emojis on the new 2018 Odyssey, the company has also developed a new Tinder-aping in-car dating app called H-Swipe – set to be available in the UK in the summer – that helps drivers find love from behind the wheel.Claimed to be a world-first, the technology utilises a digital windscreen to display the nearest available person to date, accrued via geolocation. The driver can use the interactive directional windscreen ‘s-wipers,’ swiping left and right to either accept or reject and move on to the next candidate. The app can only be activated when the car is stationary, such as at the traffic lights or when parked.Research conducted by Consumer Research UK showed that 80% of millenials struggle to find love because of a lack of time due to their “on-the-go lifestyles.” As such, Honda hopes that the app will give drivers a unique in-car experience, helping them steer themselves towards a better online dating experience.“We know how much time people spend in the car daily so we thought…why not use this as another opportunity to find your perfect match!” said Future Opportunity Occupational Lead, J?dan de Eipuriruf?ru. “We’re also extremely passionate about innovation at Honda, and H-Swipe, is the next step in offering our customers unrivalled experiences that fit into their busy lifestyles.”

I bought it to use for Pokemon Go, as my last phone couldn’t handle the game (Amazon fire phone). This phone doesn’t have a gyroscope, but that wasn’t a deal breaker.For the money this phone is simply amazing….. At the time of purchase it was 150.00 and I’ve have phone that cost twice as much that this outshines…. Cough cough….

Screen Size: 4 inches

4 februari 2016 | 18.33 uur

Extendable Memory:

kathleen clisbee


Part #:

NAV, Heated Leather Seats, Tow Hitch, AUDIO SYSTEM FEATURE, PIONEER PREMIUM Back-Up Camera, Onboard Communications System, Alloy Wheels, All Wheel Drive. Premier trim, BLACK exterior and SADDLE UP/ JET BLACK interior. KEY FEATURES INCLUDELeather Seats, All Wheel Drive, Heated Driver Seat, Back-Up Camera, Onboard Communications System, Aluminum Wheels, Remote Engine Start, Heated Seats, Heated Leather Seats Privacy Glass, Keyless Entry, Steering Wheel Controls, Child Safety Locks, Heated Mirrors. OPTION PACKAGESENGINE, 3.6L V6 SIDI (SPARK IGNITION DIRECT INJECTION) with VVT (Variable Valve Timing) (301 hp [224.4 kW] @ 6500 rpm, 272 lb-ft [367.2 N-m] @ 4800 rpm), ENHANCED CONVENIENCE PACKAGE includes (AH8) 8-way power front passenger seat, (TB5) power programmable rear liftgate and (UG1) Universal Home Remote, TECHNOLOGY PACKAGE includes (UHQ) Chevrolet MyLink radio with Navigation and (UZ8) Pioneer premium 8-speaker sound system, LIFTGATE, POWER PROGRAMMABLE REAR WITH FIXED GLASS, LPO, TRAILERING EQUIPMENT PACKAGE includes Class II 1-1/4″ receiver hitch and 4-wire connection, LPO, INTERIOR PROTECTION PACKAGE includes (VAV) All-weather floor mats, LPO and (VLI) All-weather cargo mat, LPO, UNIVERSAL HOME REMOTE, AUDIO SYSTEM, CHEVROLET MYLINK RADIO WITH NAVIGATION, 7″ DIAGONAL COLOR TOUCH-SCREEN AM/FM/SIRIUSXM STEREO with MP3 playback capability, GPS navigation system, outside temperature indicator and Radio Data System (RDS), includes Bluetooth streaming audio for select phones; voice-activated technology for radio and phone; Hands-Free smartphone integration with Pandora and Stitcher; Gracenote (Playlist+, Album art), AUDIO SYSTEM FEATURE, PIONEER PREMIUM 250-WATT 8-SPEAKER SYSTEM includes mid-range speakers in each door Horsepower calculations based on trim engine configuration. Fuel economy calculations based on original manufacturer data for trim engine configuration. Please confirm the accuracy of the included equipment by calling us prior to purchase.


The available Generation-2 6-speed automatic transmission delivers impressive fuel efficiency and a more direct feeling when shifting.

Joana BG Dizon

Opening the iBooks Store.




Tina Fey blasted college-educated white women who voted for Donald Trump. “A lot of this election was turned by white, college-educated women who now would like to forget abo..

Fuel economy display


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Selfie Stick *

Friday, October 21, 2016

wireless connectivity across all Smartphones on SpecOut.

16MP Rear, 16MP Front-Facing Battery Life (As Tested)

* Estimated

Stand alone package, office based solution designed for small businesses. Features include data collection and management View Profile Modular system that addresses the needs of a service-based organization such as managing planned maintenance and routine service calls. View Profile

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Over all, I think this is a good drone to consider if you want a little bit of everything. It has some features from the Inspire 1, some features from the Phantom 4 and styling that makes it look a bit more professional than most drones out there “if that’s something you care about”.

Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820 chipset


Curved glass and metal cutting-edge design

Price Estimation

Operation System: Ios 9, Upgradable to Ios 9.2

Bang for buck


Recommended Content

5MP front-facing camera, f/2.4 aperture

honor phone


Model #: iPhone 7

X Place your order by 4pm Mon May 15 and your order will ship the same day. For further details see delivery estimates in cart. International orders are processed the next shipping day.

But if you want to stand out from the norm a little bit, with something that has its own winning ways, consider the 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro. It’s not as powerful as the $48,325 Ford F-150 Raptor, though it has the same-size engine, and it can’t tow as much. But for a good-looking rig that is more affordable, no less reliable, and just as commanding to drive (especially for people who will use it in the city as much as in the country), it’s a smart option.

Coolpad Note 3 Lite

Device Compatibility with United States Carriers


Screen compatibility: 4″ – 7″


microSDXC Memory Card Slot

Update 1: 2016/11/15 8:32pm PST

LED taillights

Battery Life (As Tested): 6 hours (LTE video streaming) minutes Pros Fast performance. Attractive design. Crisp AMOLED display. Dual front and back speakers. Fingerprint sensor, dual-band Wi-Fi, and expandable storage. Comes with VR headset. Supports Windows Continuum.

Boost wants to pay you to watch ads on your smartphone

MPG 27 City* 36 Hwy IPod/MP3 Input, CD Player, Bluetooth, “On the road, the 2017 Nissan Versa delivers a comfortable ride quality even over rough road surfaces.” -Edmunds.com. S trim. EPA 36 MPG Hwy/27 MPG City! SEE MORE!KEY FEATURES INCLUDEiPod/MP3 Input, Bluetooth, CD Player. MP3 Player, Remote Trunk Release, Child Safety Locks, Steering Wheel Controls, Electronic Stability Control. EXPERTS ARE SAYINGGreat Gas Mileage: 36 MPG Hwy. OUR OFFERINGSThank you for visiting World Car Nissan / Hyundai. We have served San Antonio, South Texas and the Hill Country. Every new vehicle comes with a Lifetime Limited Power Train Warranty, and Lifetime Roadside Assistance, at no additional charge. These additional warranties demonstrate our commitment to each World Car customer; we will stand behind the products we sell. Let us help you select your next vehicle. Fuel economy calculations based on original manufacturer data for trim engine configuration. Please confirm the accuracy of the included equipment by calling us prior to purchase.

Christian Cawley

End-users not technologies shape the market. Consequently marketers need to stay abreast not only of technological developments but also of the way people respond to them.

best smartphones in 2017 india

November 22, 2016 at 3:00 am

Honor 5X


Does the G4 Plus have NFC? Last time I checked it didn’t

You make us laugh, Ken. Your comment was just fine. We sometimes get comments that make absolutely no sense and we have to trash them instead of posting them. If we can’t understand what the writer is saying, neither will anyone else.


With this feature, the smartphone’s functions can be accessed and operated using the car’s electronics. Android Auto is compatible with touch-screen-equipped vehicles and with voice recognition systems. It also works with a long list of apps, including Google Maps and Google Play Music, as well as several Internet music services. First offered by Hyundai in 2015, Android Auto is now available on many models. Here are some of the best, and remember, many cars that are compatible with Android Auto also work with Apple CarPlay.

4 inches

If you’re not using a password manager, start now. As we wrote in Password Managers Are for Everyone—Including You, a password manager makes you less vulnerable online by generating strong random passwords, syncing them securely across your browsers and devices so they’re easily accessible everywhere, and filling them in automatically when needed. After 15 hours of research and testing, we believe that LastPass is the best password manager for most people. It has all the essential features plus some handy extras, it works with virtually any browser on any device, and most of its features are free. (A Premium version, which costs only $12 per year, adds advanced security features, a shared folder, and other useful tools.)

Sony Xperia X F5121 32GB Smartphone (Unlocked, Lime Gold)

Storage / Expandable


Northern Territory

Has Accelerometer

[80] = 896

September 19, 2016 at 11:43 pm

Most of us simply can’t shell out more than $70,000 for a Tesla. But comparatively affordable electrics like the Nissan Leaf still travel only about 80 miles on a charge—not far enough to dispel the dreaded “range anxiety” that such a low number provokes in most American drivers. A 2013 study by the California Center for Sustainable Energy found that only 9 percent of consumers said they would be satisfied with an electric car that can go 100 miles on a charge. Increase that range to 200 miles, though, and 70 percent of potential drivers said they’d be satisfied.

Tomorrow morning (April 1), Daylight Savings ends in NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT. For some reason, the obligatory clock readjustment tends to flummox otherwise intelligent people. Do you move the clock forward or backwards?? If you suffer from this embarrassing annual brain fart, here’s an old adage that will help you to permanently remember.

jules045433364 commented on 3/11/17

Pre-Order Samsung S8/S8+ Mobile Phones @ 7% OFF

Sky 4.0D

UI Screenshots (10)


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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Honor 5x released new version volte for reliance jeo sim itz stunning after updating marshmallow I got volte 4g


The Mall will open at 12 noon on Thanksgiving Day and the promotion will end after the 6pm drawings. Every top of the hour starting at 1pm, there will be a drawing for ten winners who will each receive $100.00 in Mall and Footlocker gift certificates. In addition, there will be free Super Train rides, Santa Claus and his photo elves and the fantastic Holiday Lights Experience.

Data transfer: HSPA 42.2/5.76 Mbps, LTE Cat 6 300/50 Mbps

December 22, 2015 at 7:47 am

9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

50 inches and more

Aunque no es el mejor del mercado, el ZTE Axon 7 es el mejor celular de la empresa China y es una de las mejores alternativas de celulares de alta gama a bajo precio que sobresale por su excelente diseño, desempeño y calidad de sonido.

Cost: With competition for mobile users pretty fierce, wireless service costs are similar across all of the major providers — and when one carrier cuts costs, others tend to follow. Still, comparing data and voice plans side-by-side can pay off; AT T’s switch to tiered, rather than unlimited, data plans is an example of a differing pricing structure that could influence your smartphone buying decision if you’re a heavy data user.Another factor for selecting a smartphone for business is whether your employer’s IT department will support your personal device. The advantage of company support is that your employer’s IT folks can help you with remote setup and troubleshooting connectivity to company resources, such as Microsoft Exchange Server for email, contacts, and calendar access.If you mostly need your mobile phone to connect to company-provided resources, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile phones may be your best choices. These mobile platforms are, by far, the most supported in the enterprise, offering IT departments greater control and business-oriented features compared to the more consumer-oriented Android and Apple iOS platforms. (Other smartphone platforms do have apps that can help you set up Exchange Server connections, accessed remote resources, and more — you’ll just probably be installing and troubleshooting them on your own.)Speaking of apps, all of the smartphone platforms offer common office and business productivity apps you’ll most likely use, such as document viewing and task management. You may lean toward one platform versus another, however, based on your other app needs: Apple’s iOS is the way to go if you want first access to apps and the broadest number of them since most developers prioritize developing for the iPhone.

Just like the iPhones, the Pixel and Pixel XL are identical, save for their screen and battery sizes: spending $130 more for XL will get you a larger screen and battery, but the same processor, camera, and software.



Made for Asia, not sold officially elsewhere


Febrero 2, 2017 at 3:21 pm

You agree you will not use our messaging services to send messages that contain advertising or a commercial solicitation to any person or entity without their consent. You will have the burden of proving consent with clear and convincing evidence if a person or entity complains you did not obtain their consent. Consent cannot be evidenced by third party lists you purchased or obtained. You further agree you will not use our messaging service to send messages that: (a) are bulk messages; (b) are automatically generated; (c) can disrupt our network; (d) harass or threaten another person; (e) interfere with another customer’s use or enjoyment of our Services; (f) generate significant or serious customer complaints; (g) that falsify or mask the sender/originator of the message; or (h) violate any law or regulation. We reserve the right, but are not obligated, to deny, disconnect, suspend, modify and/or terminate your messaging service or messaging services with any associated account(s), or to deny, disconnect, suspend, modify and/or terminate the account(s), without notice, as to anyone using messaging services in any manner that is prohibited. Our failure to take any action in the event of a violation shall not be construed as a waiver of the right to enforce such terms, conditions, or policies. Advertising and commercial solicitations do not include messaging that: (1) facilitate, complete, or confirm a commercial transaction where the recipient of such message(s) has previously agreed to enter into with the sender of such message(s); or (2) provides account information, service or product information, warranty information, product recall information, or safety or security information with respect to a commercial product or service used or purchased by the recipient of such message. Although it is illegal for unauthorized people to intercept wireless device calls intended for others, MetroPCS cannot guarantee the complete privacy of your calls. Wireless calls by nature may be intercepted by third parties. METROPCS SHALL NOT BE LIABLE TO YOU OR TO ANY THIRD PARTY FOR ANY INTERCEPTION BY THIRD PARTIES OF COMMUNICATIONS FROM ITS SYSTEM. Additionally, MetroPCS does not necessarily encrypt your calls.

6 hours, 10 (LTE video streaming) minutes

Since their hardware is so similar, the phones’ main differences are found in the software. Oppo’s Find 7a runs Android 4.3 with a custom interface, which the company calls Color OS. Much like Samsung’s TouchWiz or HTC’s Sense, Color OS touches almost every aspect of the operating system with Oppo’s customizations. Many times it feels a bit heavy-handed and unnecessary, and in today’s flat design obsessed industry, the gradients and textures used throughout Color OS look decidedly last decade. But the interface is fast and responsive and it doesn’t ever feel like Oppo’s customizations slow the Find 7a down.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 …

Could not use on a countertop microwave


Support for mileage reimbursement and mileage deduction


GOOD MORNING MISSISSIPPI: Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts was sitting at center court. She was cheering on the Bulldogs, who hail from her home state. Roberts brought out a Bulldogs jersey on her morning show.

Well based on reading the past 2 pages of posts highlight issues , I’ve been reading for the past few weeks


BAQ: There are certain relationships that can cause troubles in your relationship with your significant other. “Mother-in-law” came in at #1. What came in at #5?

La sortie casque du Honor 5X était à deux doigts de se classer parmi les meilleurs élèves du secteur : puissance généreuse, distorsion quasi nulle et dynamique très large. Malheureusement, la diaphonie (séparation des canaux) pêche assez lourdement et offre donc une image stéréo très resserrée. On évitera comme souvent de jouer de la musique sur haut-parleur, puisque le son se concentre sur les hauts médiums et sature facilement. Seule l’une des deux grilles situées sur le bas du téléphone abrite d’ailleurs un haut-parleur.

Engine 2.4L 4 Cylinder Engine

A business software designed to maximize productivity and efficiency with field based staff by making your office paperless. View Profile Cloud-based system with mobile job completion tool, batch order processing, email integration for maintenance/equipment sales service. View Profile

Your guide to the latest and best Chinese phones of 2017. Check out our latest reviews and buyer’s guide on the top Chinese phones you can buy in the UK this year.


Top di Gamma


Check Wait Times See attraction wait times for Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park at a glance.

US $ 96.49 – 124.60 / Piece

Dispatched in 10 to 15 working days.

Very high density, 401

AU $222.00

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Gionee Marathon M5 Plus Battery Capacity: 5020 mAh

Compatible Cards:TF

Yet the 1020 is ‘only’ dual core and HD display.


Access for up to 5 users8

16GB Storage Capacity + 2GB RAM

Display Size (Pixels)

Videocon V1388

Xiaomi hopes to design a phone that has a screen that entirely covers the front of the device. Plus it will be the first Chinese phone with no physical buttons.

SIM : Dual SIM (Micro-SIM, dual stand-by). 2G bands GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 – SIM 1 SIM 2 (dual-SIM model only). This device is Carrier-unlocked and can be used on GSM networks. It will work on …

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Need quick assistance? Use our private customer service line to help answer any questions or concerns.


People do not know what cheap is. Cheap is not expensive. Some people like me can’t pay more than $50. How stupid.

Extended Storage


4 / 5 stars

All you need to do is wait at least 12 months, pay $149 when you’re ready for a new handset on a new 24 month handset plan and return your original smartphone undamaged and in good working order.

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Easy as 123

A: Gym bag

Single Sim, Micro-SIM, GSM

Tires, P225/65R17 all-season, blackwall (Included and only available with (RVF) 17 (43.2 cm) aluminum wheels.)

Rs. 10,990

Android: It runs on the stock Android Lollipop 5.0. Elephone is providing support for CM12.1. The official video of Elephone P7000 video running CM12.1 is given below.The Elephone P7000 is priced at an attractive price of $200 i.e. approx. 12,000 INR on their website. But Elephone is running a special launch offer where they are giving away 15,000 units of P7000 for $160 every Wednesday using the ELE Codes. This is the link to buy the Elephone P7000, but note the price stated is excluding shipping cost and import duties. Those will add up to you final price in the cart depending upon where you are shipping them. For example: Elephone P7000 is listed for $229 (approx. 14,000 INR) in Aliexpress.com with free shipping. But here too there will another few additions in the form of Currency conversion charges Customs Duty.IUNI is a spinoff brand of the Chinese giant Gionee. IUNI is an online exclusive brand of Gionee which has launched only three devices so far U2, U3 and i3. Online exclusivity have made the company keep prices low along with providing a stunning hardware. It created a stir in the world with the launch of the device IUNI U3 back in 2014 for 1999 Yuan (approx. 20,000 INR) and gathered a lot of fanfare. Most importantly IUNI sells it globally with an international warranty.



Factory System

Spice X Life 511 Pro

BAQ: Parents were asked how they DE-stress now that the kids are back in school. This was #5 …

Data transfer: GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA, LTE, Wi-Fi

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1 GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 210




Fuel cells for traction

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“Full service restaurants would do well to look elsewhere–the system lacks the ability to suspend sales (crucial for managing several tables’ orders at once).”As of about a week ago, suspended tickets have now been added…this small cafe owner rejoices 🙂


February 18, 2017 at 4:39 pm


You can even produce professional video with just a phone (the iPhone 6S Plus has been used to film documentaries already)

Miranda Robinson

3000 mAh, non-removable

Government of Pakistan This award recognises the Government of Pakistan’s proactive approach in consulting with the industry as it embarks on a series of regulatory reforms, starting with the adoption of the Telecom Policy 2015 to drive further regulatory modernisation …



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