Best android tablet games 2012 free download

Best android tablet games 2012 free download

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A tablet computer, commonly shortened to tablet, is a portable PC, typically with a mobile operating system and LCD touchscreen display processing circuitry, and a. You can download movies online on your tablet or Android phone with WiFi or mobile network to watch those movies later. These apps can stream movies; those are free. See what’s new with Android – from phones to watches and more. Visit the official site to explore and learn.
Apps that do not come pre-installed with the system are supplied through online distribution. You’re dumped in 2012 mazes and dungeons full of hideous beasts and must stomp along, finding keys, loot, weapons and the way out. This is your time to shine and Android as fast as Lightning Free. Archived from the original on November 2, Download If your daughter prefer your Tablet than you, maybe because her father is not a good father! Square Enix Collection Price: Games then build a Best machine using the given elements, then try to fly it to the end of the level.
A tablet computer, commonly shortened to tablet, is a portable PC, typically with a mobile operating system and LCD touchscreen display processing circuitry, and a. You can download movies online on your tablet or Android phone with WiFi or mobile network to watch those movies later. These apps can stream movies; those are free. See what’s new with Android – from phones to watches and more. Visit the official site to explore and learn.

best android tablet games 2012 free download

best android tablet games 2012 free download

best android tablet games 2012 free download

best android tablet games 2012 free download

best android tablet games 2012 free download

best android tablet games 2012 free download

best android tablet games 2012 free download

best android tablet games 2012 free download

Games free 2012 tablet android download best wheels steel

That means there is no real goal, other than to see how many crazy reactions you can find by tapping and swiping on the 21 available animals drawn in this app. You can jump, double jump and slide down walls, but that’s it. Although it visually and conceptually resembles a reverse Tetris, with you removing blocks from a tower, Six! If you reckon trudging through games with virtual D-pads and buttons can be a chore, Magic Touch: It had slots for SIM cards to enable support of television set-up box. Battle Golf Online is a major revamp of the original — and hugely entertaining — Battle Golf.

So while Daniel Tiger for Parents may not be a game per se, it still retains a lot of usefulness regarding children thanks to the media contained within. Is your child learning about sharing?

Struggling with trying a new food? Working on what to do with mad feelings? Pet Bingo by Duck Duck Moose is an educational math game intended for children between the ages of Not only is the title completely free to download and use, but it contains a whole slew of math skills to learn.

This includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, measurements, and geometry. This way your child should be covered no matter their current learning level. Both are top-down shoot ’em ups.

The spit is on. Defeat hipster enemies as you collect coins, power-ups and crazy llama costumes. Lllama-tastic scores can land you on the leaderboard, so what are you waiting for?

Toca Boca is one of those publishers that stick to their guns. Not only are all of their games free of advertisements and in-app purchases, but they are also open-ended and gender-neutral. It is a fun little cooking game, in the same vein as Cooking Mama, that allows kids to explore any wacky combination of food they can think of, to then serve it to an NPC for humorous results.

The wildly popular Toca Kitchen is back. With new guests to cook for, more tools to play with and new food combinations to test out, Toca Kitchen 2 invites all chefs to get messy and start playing.

Watch the characters react on burning hot sauce, sour lemon and laugh at loud burps. At last but not least, we added more levels of grossness to the characters. Moonlight Heroes is a simple endless runner that any child should be able to grasp.

These three heroes each have their own unique ability for movement, where one flies, one crawls on walls, and one runs super fast. The meat of the gameplay is all about gaining the highest score through collecting as many orbs as possible.

Moonlight Heroes they are all free of in-app purchases and advertisements. Choose your favourite hero character to play with and journey across the moonlit rooftops, and through the night, collecting as many orbs as you can.

Not only is it a fun little building simulator game for boys and girls, but it’s entirely free. Mainly LEGO releases these games as a loss leader to gain interest in their brick sets, but thankfully their games are just as exceptional as their physical toys.

Explore, build and play on different, exotic islands with LEGO Creator sets that you assemble and use on the islands. Build your favorite LEGO Creator houses and cool vehicles like off-road trucks, planes and boats, collecting bricks with each build to unlock more funny and clever 3-in-1 models, travel to new islands and meet the minifigures, monkeys, rabbits, cats and other adorable creatures living there.

While it’s not a new game by any means, I feel it does not get the praise it deserves. Essentially this plays a lot like a mix of Mr. Driller and Dig Dug. Thankfully the controls are quite simple, which should allow just about any kid to grasp the main mechanic of digging down as far as you can.

Oh, and unlike many free-to-play games, you never use the currency for anything other than trying for the highest score. Doug is a Dwarf. Well, actually he doesn’t: Anyway, one day Doug decided to gather as much treasure from as deep under the earth as he could go.

And he fought monsters and avoided massive avalanches of falling rock. And then he dug some more. And he picked up lots of bling. Tornado Time Free is an older game, but man is it a good one.

It’s simple in scope, as there’s only one stage and you only have one goal, destroy as much of the town as possible. Basically, it is your job to get the highest score possible.

While that type of setup is repetitive in nature, I doubt many children will notice the lack of variety. Plus, it’s super fun to destroy the town over and over again.

What kid wouldn’t enjoy that? Take the reigns as you play your way through a fun, physics based game where you wreak havoc with your tornadoes. Plus you have a ton of different ways to outrageously crash, which should be amusing to most children.

There are 33 cars that can be unlocked, and it’s all done through gameplay thanks to the absence of any in-app purchases. This way your kid can play at their own pace without you needing to worry about the game hitting them up to spend your money.

An endless driving game with insanely realistic crashes. See how far you get before you hit a log truck, golf cart, steam roller or all of the above. Most of you are going to be pretty familiar with what type of gameplay Tamagotchi Classic – Gen1 contains.

For those of you who don’t know what a Tamagotchi is, well, it is a digital creature you want to healthily raise through feedings, playing games, and cleaning up after it.

The better care you take of the creature, the happier it will be. There are two modes of play available, one that simulates a physical Tamagotchi, and one that utilizes all of your device’s screen space.

Now you can play the original Tamagotchi on your smartphone. Give them food, flush their droppings, and all the other fun things you can do to care for your Tamagotchi.

Respond to your Tamagotchi’s calls diligently and raise them well. There’s a Toy Mode which recreates the original Tamagotchi devices from back when they first hit the scene, and a fully colored, touch screen enabled App Mode that you can switch between whenever you want.

Smart Kids Puzzles is a slick looking wooden puzzle game for small children. The puzzles take the shape of many random animals where it’s the player’s job to assemble a bunch of colored puzzle pieces into the shape of the target animal.

While none of the puzzles are overly complicated, I would imagine that is by design so that even the youngest of players can earn a sense of accomplishment. Tiny World is a cute and colorful game with simple controls.

You either tap on the left or right side of the screen to control the direction and speed of your vehicle. As it traverses its curved world, it is the job of the player to keep control of the bags stored on top of the vehicle.

Any bump in your path may knock out a few of these bags. Once every bag has fallen off the top, the game is over. Basically, you want to see how long you can last without dropping these bags in order to aquire the highest score possible.

Are you looking for a nice little colourful game which is easy to handle and that takes you away in a few seconds? Play “Tiny World” and embark on the most international driving game, navigating a van across the world and testing your skill and anticipation.

But beware, if you lose your luggage you will have only to return to the start again in an attempt to set a new record. Not only does it feature plenty of adventure game aspects for you child to interact with, but it makes for a great bedtime tale thanks to its heartfelt story.

It will be excellent both as an individual activity for a child and as a bedtime story, read out by parents. Since the text is visible on the screen, the story may also be a perfect aid when the child learns to read.

The text may be read out by the parents or by a professional reader. Disney has taken their popular Where’s My Water? Not only does it contain 5 unique episodes with surprising and witty scenarios, but there are also brand new weather mechanics that change up how you interact with each stage.

Just make sure to watch for the included advertisements and in-app purchases, and you should be able to find an enjoyable experience for your child. Immerse yourself in the ultimate mobile gaming experience as you watch funny episodes while solving challenging puzzles.

Tap, swipe, and swirl to help Mickey collect water and complete each story. While it is a sandbox experience, there appear to be at least a few hidden goals for the player to hunt down.

But for the most part, this is a bright and colorful playground for you child to explore. There is nothing to read, and the controls are quite simple. Any child no matter their age should be able to enjoy the gameplay.

As Shu, a space-cactus of the bouncy persuasion, you spring from planet to planet, spreading plant life and finding new friends. Enjoy a splash in a pond. Play tag with a bee.

Make weird hybrid plants. Launch a giraffe into orbit. Essentially Lightbot Jr is an easier version of the popular Lightbot: Lightbot Junior lets players gain a practical understanding of basic concepts like writing instructions, debugging problems, simple procedures and loops, just by guiding a robot with commands to light up tiles and solve levels.

Teachers worldwide are choosing Lightbot first out of other games and software when introducing their students to programming. Netflix starts to allow downloading movies with Netflix Android App.

For Android users, even you can select to save the downloaded movies or TV shows to memory card to save Android memory. However, Netflix will not allow you to download all of those videos from their collection.

These download features are allowed only for certain titles. You can see a download icon next to the movie or Tv episode title if those are allowed to download into your Android phone. Here is the help link for those who have any difficulty in utilizing this feature.

This App offers mainly Indian TV channels and shows along with movies. In addition to that, those coming in Star Network Channels will be available for streaming or downloading.

Hotstar offers TV shows, movies, animation, music, news, entertainment, gaming, original comedy and other massive videos. This app is compatible with the Android phone and the Tablet.

This app allows to browse categories and channels, cast content to your TV using Chromecast, etc. Downloads are enabled when connected to a Wi-Fi network. It’s a huge game with tons to do.

There is also a story line involving an intergalactic trucker and a bad guy trying to destroy the world. It’s a ton of fun, has full-fledged cloud saving and there’s cross-platform support.

It was our pick for the best game released in for a reason. It’s one of the better tablet games as well. Dimensions is the latest game in the Geometry Wars series and this one is pretty intense.

The graphics are sharp, colorful, and they look beautiful on tablet screens. The game includes over levels, 12 battle modes, 15 3D grids, companion drones, and more. Grand Theft Auto and Bully Price: Rockstar has had great success in porting their Grand Theft Auto series to mobile.

In fact, San Andreas won our best game of award. These games are huge and provide dozens of hours of game play. The larger touch screens of tablets make controls much easier as you have more space and larger buttons.

Each game easily provides dozens of hours of game play which makes them easily worth the money. Bully is another Rockstar classic that has a lot of the same mechanics, but in a wildly different setting.

There are five total Grand Theft Auto games available on Android. They all make excellent tablet games as well. Pocket Edition is the phone and tablet version of Minecraft.

You still have a ton of stuff to do, blocks to mine, enemies to slay, buildings to build, and crafts to craft. This is another game that feels cramped on phones and a little more roomy on tablets.

With this game, your only limit is your imagination. It is a tad expensive, but Microsoft has been adding new features left and right since they acquired the game from Mojang.

It’s definitely one of the best tablet games. Take a break and check out even more excellent Android games! FPS games first person shooters are among the most exciting game genres out there.

It is one of the most popular genres ever. Additionally, a variety of high-value games have come from it, including Halo, …. Strategy is among the oldest game types in human history.

Whether it’s chess, board games, or even some card games, we’ve been playing strategy games since long before there was ever a computer. Nvidia Shield Exclusives Price: The Nvidia Shield Tablet is still one of the best tablets out there.

Those who have one know that there are tons of games that can only be played on it and the Nvidia Shield TV and Portable. This is the top of the line when it comes to Android tablet games.

We hope for a refresh of the tablet lineup sooner or later, but these games all work on the current iteration of the tablet. The Board Game Price: Pandemic is one of the best board games.

It’s also one of the better tablet games out there. You play as members of the CDC. Your job is to travel the world to stop infections and battle diseases. The game ends if you fail.

It can be played with up to four people on the same device. The game features seven role cards, three difficulty settings, a full rulebook, and more.

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The twist here is a little kitty moves about the grid as you swipe, and objects that enter the grid are combined into consumables and toys. For example, milk and a bowl becomes a kitty drink, and a plate and some fish makes a hearty lunch.

Because it turns out this Wilful Kitty has bite. The aim in each level is simple: Age of is effectively a reskin of popular swipe-based tile puzzler Now, was really a low-rent knock-off of the far superior Threes!

In the original, you swipe to slide numbered tiles about a four-by-four grid. Merged pairs then double their face value. But Age of is all about buildings. Ultimately, Age of is still a slightly limited game, lacking the nuance and charm of Threes!.

Flipping Legend is a demanding endless runner smashed into an RPG-like upgrade system. The protagonist embarks on an orgy of destruction atop a chessboard-like pathway, and can only leap diagonally.

This initially makes your head spin, not least because the path is a wraparound one. This means if you leap off of its left-hand side, you reappear on the right — something you frequently have to make use of, to avoid the many hazards in your way.

To further complicate matters, your health bar drains at an alarming rate, and only refills when you biff enemies. Grab enough bling and you can unlock power-ups for taking out multiple foes.

The premise involves the evil Moon Men kidnapping the children of the blobby heroes. You must find where the kids have been hidden, somewhere inside a massive maze full of jars. Each jar houses a bite-sized challenge packed full of platforms, enemies, traps, and fruit.

Collect enough keys to unlock new areas of the maze. The platforming bits are frequently deviously fiendish. That this all comes for free is astonishing. Drop Wizard Tower is a superbly crafted love letter to classic single-screen arcade platform games like Bubble Bobble.

You dart about, knocking out enemies, grabbing gems and fruit, and duffing up bosses, working your way towards a final confrontation. Your little wizard never stops moving, and can only be directed left or right.

And he only shoots the instant he lands on a platform. Timber Tennis is essentially a souped-up Pong. Two players face off, sending a ball back and forth.

Where Timber Tennis differs from its ancient inspiration is in how you progress. Succeed and you win. It looks great, with varied courts and characters, is fun in short bursts, and has some excellent music.

Fortunately, you can turn him off by disabling the sound effects. Here, two three-strong teams usually human, but sometimes skeletons or chickens, face off, their arms spinning wildly as they move.

Also, the pitch appears to be a massive trampoline. If you can wrestle your bounding trio into submission, you might get a touchdown. If the other side gets one: Ballz is crude and clunky, but it nonetheless manages to mesmerize, with a mix of ideas borrowed from Breakout, endless runners, and Angry Birds.

You slingshot your ball towards a wall of numbered blocks, and it pings about before coming to rest at the foot of the screen. Each number denotes how many times a block must be hit before it disappears, and all the blocks march forward one space when your ball stops moving.

Over time, you collect more balls — all of which are fired at once — but the block numbers sharply increase to counter any new advantage you might have. The physics is rickety and random, the aiming mechanism is fiddly, and the aesthetics are basic, but Ballz is nonetheless compelling as you gradually fashion and unleash massive chains of balls.

This is no lazy emulator, but a fully remastered game, with improved performance and widescreen 60fps visuals. Most importantly, the game itself remains compelling, with Sonic zooming about colorful landscapes filled with platforms, traps, gold rings, patrolling enemies, dizzying loops and tunnels, and the occasional boss.

If only all old games were reworked for mobile with such care. Up The Wall is suitably named given that it probably will drive you mad. You might be a rubber duck blazing along bathroom tiles, or a skull skidding through a fiery hell.

But the trippy visuals, head-bobbing audio, and varied isometric worlds peppered with devious traps will keep drawing you back. This game flips chess on its head in brilliant fashion, by messing around with the pieces rather than the board.

Your opponent, by contrast, will have a suspicious lack of decent pieces. As you improve, the setup shifts. For free, you also get a daily puzzle and two attempts to beat it.

This game does for racing what auto-runners do for platform games. One Tap Rally is controlled with a single finger, pressing on the screen to accelerate and releasing to brake, while your car steers automatically.

The aim is to not hit the sides of the track, because that slows you down. Win and you move up the rankings, then playing a tougher, faster opponent. In a neat touch, said opponents are recordings of real-world attempts by other players, ranked by time.

In essence, this is a digital take on slot-racing, then, without the slots. But the mix of speed and strategy, along with a decent range of tracks, makes you forget about the simplistic controls.

If anything, they become a boon, shifting the focus to learning track layouts and razor-sharp timing. The idea behind Yellow is to make the screen entirely yellow. The twist is the game has 50 different ways of enabling you to do so, but each level provides no inkling of the required methodology.

Initially, progress is quite swift, as you tap the screen, fling a dot around Angry Birds-style to fill a hole, and then grin when you realize you must, for instance, press a yellow disc with the rhythm of blowing up a balloon.

Later levels, though, are at times willfully – and almost gleefully – obtuse. You can get hints, paid for by watching ads, but to do so feels like admitting defeat in this minimal and clever puzzler.

Rather than walk like a normal pooch, the furry hero of this game stretches as you swipe, until his front paws can cling on to something. His bottom then snaps back into place.

There are 50 scenes in all, along with tricky bonus rooms to try and beat. And although some of the later bits of the game are perhaps a bit too testing, this one as a whole is a very tasty, satisfying arcade treat.

Zero points for innovation in Binary Dash, which is another side-scrolling auto-runner where you tap to jump, and tap somewhere else to flip upside-down. But many points for the combination of super-fast gameplay, superb level design, and a visual aesthetic that thumbs its nose at the modern-day penchant for mids pixel art, instead hurling you back to the lurid charms of late s gaming.

And the game itself is great. Before long, though, your thumbs will be seriously challenged by the tight choreography required to jump and flip your way to the ends of later levels.

Here, a cartoon train lurches along a track with more bends in it than seems entirely reasonable. You must swipe in the appropriate direction to ensure the train turns in time, rather than crashing and providing the operator with a pretty good excuse for a cancellation.

Along the way, you can grab coins and carriages, amassing the points needed to unlock new skins, some of which are very odd. Trains that are in fact massive frogs are the least of it.

With its four-by-four grid and penchant for rapidly restricting the playfield, Topsoil comes across a bit like a horticultural Threes! After three, you get a chance to harvest — and this is where things become more complicated.

You get more points for harvesting many plants at once, which requires them to be on adjacent squares. But on harvesting anything, the soil beneath is turned over. Soil cycles between blue, yellow, and green, and groups of plants cannot cross different soil colors.

The net result is a clever game where you must plan ahead, and where you keep digging for strategies to last longer and discover new plants to grow and harvest. It takes a lot to make a turn-based puzzle game stand out.

Essentially, the protagonist is a triangle that flips into an adjacent tile when moving, leaving a trail in its wake. The trail is solid and cannot be crossed again. A glowing exit is where you must head — but only after grabbing gems along the way.

And those gems might be stuck behind doorways opened using switches, or be located behind teleporters. Yet another into-the-screen endless runner, channeling Temple Run.

Only Sky Dancer has a certain something that keeps you playing — and that certain something is leaving your stomach in your throat every time you jump. As you hurl yourself off the edge of one, you must quickly maneuver to land on a platform below.

Battling gravity and inertia is exhilarating, especially when the game speeds up and you know the slightest miscalculation will result in you meeting a splattery end on the desert floor.

The Phantom World is a lurid, gaudy place, full of deadly traps, bling, and plenty of secrets. A good rule when playing: Retina-searing art style aside, the game feels like a slam-dunk for any fan of classic platformers.

Level design is smart, rewarding repeat play, there are varied modes, and the controls can be resized and shifted about if the defaults require banana thumbs on your device.

It is a bit ad-infested at times, but not to the point momentum is knocked. All in all, Super Phantom Cat is loads of leapy furry fun. Pinball infused with the DNA of an against-the-clock endless runner sounds like an odd combination — but it works.

The basic aim at every turn is to keep moving forward to the next mini-table — and quickly. For advocates, this is a fresh take on pinball that works brilliantly in mobile form. And for newcomers, PinOut is freed from the frequently arcane rules of pinball, but loses none of its frenetic excitement.

The basics are simple: Initially, Polywarp feels impossible, but you soon recognize patterns to commit to memory and master. The aim is simply to reach a goal, but all kinds of objects block your path and respond to your presence in varying ways.

You must figure out how to get past them all, despite being restricted in terms of movement — forward or backward are your only options, although you can and will often have to stop, move slowly, or backtrack, depending on the hazard before you.

As you travel, a story of sorts is revealed, although the text reads like a strange self-help guide. All the chicks have been captured, and so super-hen Cluckles sets off to save them, armed with the kind of massive sword most people would be surprised to find lurking in a henhouse.

The visuals are rough and ready but full of charm. And most importantly, the level design is smart, making it a mild challenge to reach an exit, but a much tougher test should you want to rescue every chick.

Recklessness here wins the day, since the mask bestows the wearer with the ability to climb walls and leap big gaps, giving him a fighting chance of reaching the end of scrolling caverns packed with deadly spikes, guns, and foes, and avoiding an encroaching glowing wall of death.

Whether playing through set-piece levels or the endless arcade mode, Tomb of the Mask is a fresh, fun, vibrant twitch game that marries the best of old and new. In this arcade puzzler, the idea is to place as few dominoes as possible to reach a goal, while grabbing golden amulets along the way.

The controls are odd at first. You tap to drop a domino in front of the last one, and slide your finger to angle it if necessary, in order to change direction.

Early on, you can make all kinds of blunders and still reach the goal. But before long, the shapes become complex many-sided things reminiscent of Tetris blocks, requiring you to think carefully about the order in which their sides are unfolded and the routes you take.

Mess up and you can undo as many moves as you like. The variety of mini-games keeps it fresh and interesting, and the game is often smile inducing thanks to its mix of colorful art, ludicrous concepts and eternally irritated feline.

The longer you survive, the faster and more demanding everything becomes. Naturally, every one of them features the grumpy cat. More or less an auto-runner on a five-lane road, Cubed Rally World is all about belting along, steering left and right to avoid anything in your path.

Survive long enough in this isometric landscape and you hit the checkered flag, where cube-oriented fame and fortune awaits. Each vehicle shakes up the visuals and the manner in which you race – the dune buggy, for example, can leap majestically over sandy hills where the UFO bothers farmyard cows to add some variety into a older game format.

More importantly, for every vehicle you buy, a new track section is added to the rally, the vehicle you control automatically switching when you reach that point. This one-thumb arcade game combines classic slalom fare with the checkpoint racing and branching maps seen in the likes of OutRun.

Using a single digit, you direct a little red boat through the waters of Memento Bay, aiming to collect ancient artifacts. At the end of each short stage, you head left or right to determine the next location.

Obstacles are a major foe — blunder into one and your boat is robbed of momentum — not great when playing against the clock. But you must also be mindful of the arrow at the top of the screen.

This feels harsh a time penalty would have been better, but encourages repeat play. The aim is to eat the dots and avoid the ghosts. Grab flashing power pills and you can briefly turn the tables on your pursuers — by eating them when they turn blue and try to flee.

Despite being over 30 years old, Pac-Man remains a fun game, and the simple controls basically, swipe in the direction you next want to turn work very nicely on Android, as do the crisp old-school visuals.

For free, you get the original maze and several plays per day. More mazes can be unlocked using saved up play tokens — or you can buy more and remove the ads with various IAPs. World-building turn-based strategy series Civilization is a classic, but mobile versions have on the whole been a bit poor, offering neither the scope of their computer-based cousins nor the accessibility on-the-go mobile titles demand.

The Battle of Polytopia gets the balance right. You select a tribe, and set out to expand your tiny empire. Armies are created, resources are utilized, technology is researched, and opponents are crushed.

But the cartoon stylings are approachable, and the mix of entertainment and depth provides a hook and staying power. Smartly, there are also multiple ways to play: And all for free — for which Polytopia deserves to dominate your Android game time for a good long while.

This vertically scrolling shooter plays with convention in a manner that messes with your head. Risk versus reward, then, in this fresh and great-looking blaster that dares to try something different.

This superb arcade puzzler finds you directing traffic about a small town. Only, this town is afflicted with strange temporal oddness that means subsequent journeys overlap previous ones.

Adding to its smarts, Does Not Commute includes a storyline with multiple characters, playing out across its varied environments. The only snag on mobile: If that sounds like too much, a one-off IAP unlocks checkpoints.

Still, he makes the most of it, bounding along, grabbing gems, leaping on monsters, and reaching checkpoints. So far, so standard for a platform game, but Hop Swap has a trick up its sleeve, in having you regularly leap below the ground.

At that point, you flip upside down, jumping downwards to potentially finding more bling and new secrets. Hop Swap is a fun, breezy game, even if it feels a touch stodgy and unresponsive compared to the likes of Mario.

This third entry in the Super Stickman Golf series is perhaps feeling a bit too familiar, but the game remains the best side-on golf to be found on Android. As ever, your little stickman is charged with smacking balls about courses comprising floating islands, laser-infested bases, and space stations.

You set your direction and strength, hit the ball, and hope for the best — although this time you can also add spin. Power-ups eventually enter the mix, providing opportunities to discover new ways to lower your scores.

There are also two multiplayer modes — a deranged real-time race and a more sedate turn-based affair. The free version of Super Stickman Golf 3 is a little limited regarding simultaneous multiplayer games and access to new courses, but a single IAP unlocks the premium game.

You tap the left or right of your display to make your cat move or wall jump when clinging to a wall, or double tap to dash which finds the ktitie hurling itself into the air on reaching an edge.

Also, Android owners get one key benefit over people lumbered with an iPhone: A brutal, brilliant platform game, Circle Affinity finds its protagonist in a literal take on the circles of hell — only here there are considerably more than nine.

He scoots about the edge of each disc, leaps into it, and then must jump to the outer edge of the next circle, which bobs about in the air. All the while, massive teeth-like daggers close in, and demons march back and forth, waiting for you to blunder into them.

Games are initially short, and Circle Affinity almost taunts you on death, as you try to master the inherently-disorienting nature. Over time, you’ll begin to survive a little longer, whereupon you’ll be rewarded with new eye-searing color schemes and additional play modes.

It’s rare even in mobile gaming — frequently full of innovation — to find a fresh take on puzzling, but Kerflux surprises with a simple, original concept that’s perfectly executed.

A crunchy chip-tune plays and you’re presented with three waveforms. The music dulls, as if you’re underwater, and that’s your signal to start manipulating two of the waveforms so they combine to form the third.

Achieving this goal is straightforward, and you can initially blaze through the game’s levels — even if a more leisurely pace is perhaps more rewarding. Before long, though, any complacency about Kerflux’s apparent ease evaporates when additional waves appear and you’re juggling four of them, trying to find the perfect combination that unlocks the next challenge.

Although it visually and conceptually resembles a reverse Tetris, with you removing blocks from a tower, Six! It lurks atop the blocks, and must not fall over the tower’s edges. A few taps in and Six!

This leads to hairy situations where your hexagon wheels and threatens to hurl itself into oblivion. The physics are a touch suspect, but then this isn’t a game aiming for console-style realism.

Instead, you must master Six! Rather neatly, the game’s also not quite done when your hexagon’s gone — you get a few seconds during a ‘last call’ to frantically tap away at remaining blocks and add to your score.

Although you play games, few of them are about play itself, in the sense of experimenting with a set-up or situation and seeing what happens. Orbit, though, while presenting itself as a puzzle game, is more a minimalist sandbox where you immerse yourself in the delights of creating tiny solar systems.

The game is played by slingshotting celestial bodies around black holes. They then proceed to leave colored trails in their wake, while gravity does its thing. Soon, you have planets clustering together, wheeling around one or more black holes, creating minimalist modern art while they do so.

It’s all rather gorgeous and mesmerizing. The only snag is ads periodically wrecking the mood, although they can be eradicated with a single IAP. Even now, years after Android proved itself as a major gaming platform, some developers seem to barely remember the touchscreen exists.

If you reckon trudging through games with virtual D-pads and buttons can be a chore, Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire will be a little slice of magic. Cast spells by scribbling gestures to match symbols on the balloons and said flotation devices explode — much to the surprise of their owners, who then rapidly plummet towards a squishy end.

Miss just one of them and your wizarding days are done. From the off, this is a fresh, frantic survival game, especially when trying your hand at the super-fast extreme mode. Which we all need to do on the odd Thursday here and there.

This amusingly over-the-top racer has you barrel along winding roads, blowing up rival racers, and driving like a maniac. Smash the same kind of car up enough across multiple races and you can buy it in the shop, using coins acquired by terrorizing other road users.

It all feels a bit like someone stripped down Burnout, added a slice of OutRun, and shoved the lot through a Lego-like visual filter. Initially, it seems a mite friendlier than the previously brutish titles — although still existing within a universe of abstract shapes and vivid colors, the protagonist now at least wears a massive grin.

But make no mistake: Each level simply tasks you with reaching the exit, which requires sticking to white platforms. But with your grinning square automatically speeding along, all you can do to stave off disaster is time your jumps.

Should you also want to grab the bonuses along the way — necessary for unlocking new levels — you may need to leap over the exit and tackle the entire level multiple times.

The tension is palpable when going for those final few leaps. With its chunky graphics, angled viewpoint, and tap-to-jump controls, Looty Dungeon initially comes across as yet another me-too Crossy Road clone.

Even early on, each tiny dungeon is filled with spikes, walls, flying arrows, and all manner of other obstacles. Grab enough bling before your inevitable demise and you can buy new heroes, some of which hold weapons that shake up how you approach the game, adding to its longevity.

Coming across like a Flappy Bird game designed in Terry Gilliam’s brain, Steamkraft is an amusingly knowing oddball take on the genre. Each level has you navigate a world of deadly obstacles by way of a fantastical contraption that requires more than a prod to the screen to head skywards.

In a submarine, you yank a lever to move up or down; and a level with a bike hanging from a miniature airship has you frantically rotate a mechanism to avoid crashing into the ground or terrifying mechanical ravens.

During play, everything is, in all honesty, a bit simple and sometimes a tad unfair projectiles being flung your way with merry abandon, often leaving little hope of avoiding them, but the novelty factor – in terms of both visuals and controls – shines through to ensure Steamkraft is nonetheless a worthy freebie.

Flash game Gimme Friction Baby heavily influenced a number of mobile titles, each featuring a little oscillating gun that fires balls into a single-screen arena, said balls then having to be destroyed by subsequent shots.

Hue Ball presents its own spin on the theme, which is respectful to the original source but smart enough to succeed on its own merits. Here, balls don’t expand to fill space but instead grow another layer when a pulsing disc retreats to the center of the screen.

When balls have too many layers, they’re converted to indestructible skulls that take up valuable screen space. You must therefore quickly destroy any on-screen balls, while also taking care not to return one over the ‘line of doom’ that depletes your small selection of lives.

We’ve heard Perchang called a mix of Lemmings and Marble Madness. That’s a touch ambitious, but this is nonetheless a smart puzzler to test your brainpower and reactions. The idea is to lead a stream of ball bearings to various exits placed within contraption-filled levels.

Your only means of control is two buttons, used to trigger colored items such as flippers, magnets and fans. At first, bridging gaps is simple, but Perchang quickly ramps up the complexity, turning the game into a kind of frantic juggling act, balls flying all over the place as you struggle to contain the chaos.

Every few challenges, an ad roundly flings ball-bearings in the face of Perchang’s minimal ambiance, but you can be rid of them with a cheap one-off IAP. In, Sega released a racing game called Out Run.

Being that this was in the days before boring, gray ‘realism’ became mandatory for a number of years, the visuals were colorful, the controls were simple, and the traffic tore along at insane speeds, suspiciously all heading in the same direction.

Final Freeway 2R is a loving tribute to Sega’s title. You get the same breakneck arcade racing, forks in the road, cheesy music, and a car flip when you crash. You also, in this free version, get ads, but they’re not intrusive, and are easily ignored.

If you’re old, you’ll be in gaming heaven; if not, the speed and carefree nature of Final Freeway 2R will finally make you understand what retro gamers are always wittering on about. You might moan about trains when you’re – again – waiting for a late arrival during your daily commute, but play this game and you’ll thank your lucky stars that you’re not in Train Conductor World.

Here, trains rocket along, and mostly towards head-on collisions. It’s your job to drag out temporary bridges to avoid calamity while simultaneously sending each train to its proper destination – it’s exhausting.

From the off, Train Conductor World is demanding, and before long a kind of ‘blink and everything will be smashed to bits’ mentality pervades. For a path-finding action-puzzler – Flight Control on tracks, if you will – it’s an engaging and exciting experience.

We do wonder when light-fingered archaeologists will learn. No sooner has the hero of Raider Rush grabbed a massive hunk of bling than the ancient temple he’s in starts filling with lava.

To escape, he must bound from wall to wall, like a hyperactive flea, making his way towards beautiful daylight, before realising he’s merely stuck in the next tower to escape from. With 30 bespoke levels and an endless mode, there’s lots of leaping to be done in Raider Rush, and the two-thumb controls for hurling the hero left or right make for a pleasingly frantic arcade experience, akin to juggling your little explorer to the surface while presumably scolding the idiot for not leaving other people’s possessions alone.

It’s resulted in swarms of smartphone users roaming the streets and countryside, searching for tiny creatures they can only see through their screens. In all honesty, the game is simplistic: But despite basic combat and the game’s tendency to clobber your Android’s battery, it taps into the collector mentality; and it’s a rare example of successfully integrating a game into the real world, getting people physically outside and – shock – interacting with each other.

It turns out the Axis of Evil needs overthrowing immediately, on account of having access to a ridiculous number of planes and tanks, some of which are the size of small villages. Sadly, we’ve had some cutbacks, which means our air force is now, er, you.

Still, we’re sure you’re going to love your time in AirAttack 2 , cooing at gorgeous scenery shortly before bombing it, surviving bullet-hell, and puffing your chest to a thumping orchestral soundtrack.

Sure, you might have to turn down the graphic effects a bit on older hardware, and it’s a bit of a grind to reach later levels, but you’re not going to get better freebie shooting action this side of World War III.

You’re dumped in dank mazes and dungeons full of hideous beasts and must stomp along, finding keys, loot, weapons and the way out. Levels are randomised, adding a Roguelike quality to proceedings, and the entire game’s underpinned by a levelling up system.

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Unlevel the playing field Android TV personalizes your entertainment experience so you can enjoy more and browse less. Technology that moves you Android Auto is designed with the driving environment in mind, from Google Maps to voice controls.

Come on, get appy With more apps than iOS, Android puts a world of options at your fingertips. Apps Carousel Explore a selection of Android applications that you can use to make your Android phone, tablet, wearable, auto console and television one-of-a-kind.

Candy Crush Soda Saga. Stitcher Radio for Podcasts. Android in real life AndroidIRL. Make your phone uniquely yours Android Tips. Switching to Android is easier than ever. Hand draw your own maze and watch it appear on your phone Android Experiment.

Works almost like the computer version. Should make the backup app backup your music for free instead of having to upgrade to pro not that big of a deal tho other then that no problems so far!

I have Avast on all my devices my laptop and Android devices it’s the best free protection I highly recommend putting Avast on your Android and Computer. I use the security, anti-virus and anti-theft.

I was happy to see they have one for my Galaxy S3 android. Loaded it and and found it easy to navigate and very thorough. Scans downloads, gives you access to apps that are running and more.

I had to remove my sim card and then put it back in and the anti-theft app considered this as a stolen device. I eventually got it to recognize my sim card, but I don’t even remember what I did to do it.

I tried so many different things. Pros outweigh the cons, by a long shot. I mean, how often do you have to remove your sim card and put it back in? I am a very happy camper and will continue to use avast on both my android phone and my pc.

Most important functions are for free. Anti-theft is a must if you like your phone. My friend got some malware on his phone and it almost kill his device. I better install mobile security solution as I don’t want this to happen to my phone.

I installed the program on an LG P mobile. It’s caused nothing but trouble – the security of having a pin keep thieves out of my contact data and email account hardly seems worth it if I can’t use the phone in the ways it’s intended to be used — I was reduced to making voice calls in the end.

You may be buying a free shipload of trouble I’m happy to hear that it works well for many people, it sure caused me much grief. Noticed Anti-virus signatures were out of date by over 2 months Tried to update with a good wireless conection [had just download a 40mb program] I chose this because Avast on 7 Pc’S works great Out of date by 2 months with no warning is unacceptable.

I downloaded Trustgo which found 3 low risk but potentially problematic apps that I deleted. Had no problem updating. My android tablet runs Android 4. Firewall help to contain data traffic.

Anti theft is great Low memory usage Block calls and smses. Doesn’t eat up RAM nor the battery. Anti-virus and anti-theft is great. You can find your lost phone, lock it, or delete its data.

I’ve never had a virus so i can’t tell how does the anti-virus work: It’s a great product, definitely worth a try. Would be the best if they’d finished the portal. Login or create an account to post a review.

The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. Click here to review our site terms of use. If you believe this comment is offensive or violates the CNET’s Site Terms of Use, you can report it below this will not automatically remove the comment.

Once reported, our staff will be notified and the comment will be reviewed. Overview Review User Reviews Specs. Visit Site External Download Site. After a scan, an ad takes over two-thirds of your screen.

Bottom Line Avast Mobile Security presents a streamlined interface for monitoring your phone for malware. Protect yourself against viruses and malware that cause popups and unwanted ads with Avast Mobile Security, the world’s most trusted free antivirus app for Android.

Get alerted when you install spyware and adware apps that violate your privacy by sending your personal data to their servers. Secure your devices against phishing attacks from email, phone calls, infected websites or SMS messages.

Here’s a sample of some of the other features packed into this lightweight app: We are now offering premium features: Protect your most used apps and make sure nobody else can access them – not your child or even an intruder.

Avast Mobile Security in detail. Provides insights about installed apps and helps you understand your apps’ access rights, ad network integrations, and permissions.

Add phone numbers to your blacklist and block callers you don’t want contacting you. Scans and blocks malware-infected links, as well as trojans, adware, and spyware for privacy and safe Web browsing, e.

Chrome and also fixes mistyped URLs. Check the security of each network and email, browse and make payments wherever you are. Reviews Current version All versions.

Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating. Results 1—10 of 13 1 2 Next. Pros Free and appears to offer virus and malware protection in one package.

Cons When at home it displays a permanent error that my router “is dangerous” and implies it needs correcting. Summary I felt I had no choice but to remove this product from my laptop, mobiles and other devices as it appears to have fatal flaws.

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This third entry in the Super Stickman Golf series is perhaps feeling a bit too familiar, but the game remains the best side-on golf to be found on Android. As of, the two most popular brands were Ziosk and Presto. More importantly, for every vehicle you buy, a new track section is added to the rally, the vehicle you control automatically switching when you reach that point. But with your grinning square automatically speeding along, all you can do to stave off disaster is time your jumps. Canonical hinted that Ubuntu would be available on tablets by Cars – Racing Lightning Mcqueen Race fast and free as Cars characters with nitro charged, arcade racing!

The Phantom World is a lurid, gaudy place, full of deadly traps, bling, and plenty of secrets. Summary My friend got some malware on his phone and it almost kill his device. Sago Mini Robot Party is all about allowing your child’s creativity to shine through creating an assortment of robots out of hundreds of different robot parts. In Leap Day, your little yellow character is tasked with getting to the top of a tall tower.

The simple premise cut the ropes to release Om-Nom’s lunch sustains over well-pitched levels, packed with character and cartoonish charm. I am a very happy camper and will continue to use avast on both my android phone and my pc. Square Enix is one of the best game developers on mobile.


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Pet Bingo by Duck Duck Moose. Doug is a Dwarf. And when you’re ready for action again, a one-off IAP unlocks three tougher variations on the main game. See…

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