Best 9mm ammo for self defense

Best 9mm ammo for self defense

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Many manufacturers make 9mm self defense ammo: here’s an overview of the 5 best self defense rounds used by U. S. law enforcement and what sets each apart. We review the best 9mm pistols ever made CCW home defense target shooting and concealed carry. Best 9mm handguns reviews CZ. We rounded up the best new personal defense ammunition for to keep your sidearms loaded with the latest and greatest.
Top ammo manufacturers have worked tirelessly to develop law enforcement ammo that provides amazing performance for self defense. Results 1 to 15 of As for defensive ammo–read this: The inch For is required to Ammo sure Self it will penetrate deep enough to cause damage, while the inch maximum is required so that it will not overpenetrate to the point that innocent bystanders might get hit. Manufactured by the Federal Premium company, this 9mm ammo comes with 50 rounds altogether, in a box. Wednesday, February 14, Best, when a hollow point is in contact 9mm the target, it will result in the Defense of the bullet hence producing devastating results.
Many manufacturers make 9mm self defense ammo: here’s an overview of the 5 best self defense rounds used by U. S. law enforcement and what sets each apart. We review the best 9mm pistols ever made CCW home defense target shooting and concealed carry. Best 9mm handguns reviews CZ. We rounded up the best new personal defense ammunition for to keep your sidearms loaded with the latest and greatest.

best 9mm ammo for self defense

best 9mm ammo for self defense

best 9mm ammo for self defense

best 9mm ammo for self defense

best 9mm ammo for self defense

best 9mm ammo for self defense

best 9mm ammo for self defense

best 9mm ammo for self defense

Windows free ammo for defense self best 9mm pro bit

Federal HST 9mm gr. Too low of a velocity will cause the bullet not to expand and can lead to overpenetration. Assault weapons are a basically meaningless distinction based on largely cosmetic details attached to a semi-automatic rifle. I think you have to be joking.. I carry my Ruger in the Cloak tuck 3.

All bullets are not created equal, though, and for that reason, you need to be certain that your concealed carry handgun is loaded with high-quality defensive ammunition.

Spending hundreds of dollars on a firearm for personal defense then loading it with the cheapest ammunition you can find is a bad idea. So, what type of ammunition should you buy?

Speer Gold Dot Personal Protection. This two-stage design does an effective job balancing expansion and penetration. Smooth bullet profiles and nickel-plated cases ensure reliable feeding in your firearm, and these rounds are loaded with quality CCI primers for proper ignition.

Personal Protection ammunition is available in a wide variety of calibers including popular choices like. Until recently, HST bullets, which have a copper jacket and lead core, were only available to law enforcement professionals.

HST is an example of mechanically-bonded bullet. The copper jacket thickness of each HST bullet is matched to caliber to provide the optimum balance of penetration and expansion. The jacket also has notches that peel backward when the bullet strikes, and the nose cavity is designed to penetrate various barriers.

Generally, heavy clothing is going to have two effects on a bullet. First, it is a tougher barrier to push through, so the bullet will exert energy to overcome it. Also, heavy clothing will partially block or fill the hollow point as the bullet tears through it.

This means there is less tissue in the hollow point cavity to initiate expansion. With less tissue, the expansion will be slower and occur deeper inside the target, resulting in a bullet that can penetrate deeper before it expends all of its energy.

American Eagle Jacketed Soft Point. If your ammo budget is limited, this is a far better option for self-defense than soft lead or FMJ bullets, and American Eagle ammunition is carefully designed to be reliable and perform consistently.

These bullets are available in several personal defense calibers such as the powerful. There are vids of medical examiners talking about this on youtube but beware, it is graphic.

You are the good guy and I want you to survive. We are not fighting half naked people most likely. Whether 1, 2 or 5 bad guys break into your house, you are now in a combat situation.

I want you to survive and win. Maybe if you keep your cool and shoot at lower neck. Do you want to live and protect your family? Of course you do. So, here is what you need to do.

First rethink options and realize we in reality are talking surviving a combat situation and it will be cq or close quarters. You have to think a little outside the box. In a shtf situation current laws will be a moot point.

I am not telling you to break any laws. Here are several examples of rounds effective against body armor of level 3 quality. But not Smith and Wesson. You can also use it in a Dan Wesson A gr.

JHP with a steel ball bearing covered with JB weld if loaded hot will defeat lvl 3 body armor. This is a rifle round. At fps it will deliver a lot of energy. The shotgun has not left the equation.

First get a good quality muzzle brake for it. Now the 3 inch mag is reasonable. Use a sabot round. FMJ HP gr. Bullet made for muzzle loading rifles. Winchester makes them already to go.

A minor modification will make it a legal ap round in many states. Take concrete nails and trim to dia. Now cut to fit in the cavity and insert with point to the tip.

This will defeat most body armor a bad guy is wearing. Check your state laws. But remember in a shtf situation laws are a thing of the past and surviving and protecting your family are you main priorities.

This is real life combat with real life evil people. It aint the movies. Unless you do a head shot your 9 or. And an experienced combat vet will tell you that in a fire fight head shot is not guaranteed.

Every shot counts and you can not afford to miss. If out numbered, one shot, one down. Reaquire target fast and go from there. Offer thugs a false sense of security by putting couch or cloth chair between you and them.

Most often they are stupid. And will hide behind what your bullet will go through like a hot knife through melted butter. Forget all the concepts of a civilized scenario of Hollywood thugs.

There are gangs such as Latin Kings and MS13 that have members that have been in the military. But you get the picture. You could be up against a trained thug. You have to put it down fast. Back to Ruger and Dan Wesson revolvers.

Equip with either Hogue or pachmayr grips. Recoil will be minimal. Heavy frame and rubber grips will reduce recoil significantly. This will allow you to shoot target once and move to next target.

You are in a cq hot zone. A semi auto at this point is a joke unless it is a. Fight to live, survive and thrive. May you all live well. Very informative and useful post! Ammo needs normally vary between individuals, but the information mentioned should help to steer those deciding in the right directions.

It patterns better, in my gun, than the 3 or 2 magnum loads. Pattern your gun to find the best load for it. I use an AK 47 military, under folded, with double 30 rounds mag. The rule of thumb is 2 in the chest, and 1 in the head.

You all remind me of a time my buddies were arguing over what type of girl is the best to date. When it comes down to it Personal experience and testing other theories will give you the answers you need.

Where I live we have brick internal walls, and double brick external walls. This is mainly because the 45 0. Alternatively, imagine 45 individual shooters in a house all shooting simultaneously with their 0.

Your email address will not be published. Why use an inferior load made for squirrels, birds and clay pigeons? Story continues below video Buckshot is my choice for home defense.

Do you agree or disagree? Tell us in the section below: TPSnodgrass September 23, at 3: Choose a round that will best kill an invader, period. Always assume an intruder is going to kill you.

Ken February 26, at 3: John Hogan March 25, at 8: June 22, at Peter November 9, at 4: Thug June 22, at Sandman July 16, at 6: Buck Farack December 2, at 7: Joker January 21, at 7: Even worse is the level of stupidity required to render that advice in public.

No firearms training professional gives this kind of advice. Jack December 20, at Peter November 9, at 5: Myself December 23, at 3: Tim September 8, at 7: Jon C September 8, at 7: Larry G Turner September 8, at 7: Richard Franklin September 8, at 9: Tex September 8, at 9: Bran September 8, at 8: Ken Arndt September 8, at 9: TPSnodgrass September 8, at Er doctors call the wound in operatable.

Luke September 8, at Richard September 8, at Steveafrikaner September 8, at You guys are all so technical. Why not speak to the everyday guy that just wants to protect his family and home?

I do like to shoot at the range. I enjoy shooting my 40,my 9 and my 22 rifle. Its fun and cheap. As for home protection, in my opinion, I have a lot of confidence in my judge. I am a super secret us navy seal as opposed the a paraguayan coast guard seal and the cia asks my opinion about what 9mm rounds to use to overthrow evil regimes.

The ONLY round that works is insert the only round you e ever shot here. I am better than you and your gun is dumb. Thank you and good night. Dont repeat this ir you know what!

At the end of the day people must take into account what they can handle. In addition to that cost and use will be a factor. There is a case to be made for every caliber.

Cost of weapon, ammo and ease of finding ammo. Also keep in mind a persons hand size and hand strength. No one gun is a fit all weapon. Just my profesional opinion.

I always informed my students on the facts in determining a weapon for purchase. A lot of us profesional so and gun enthusiast can handle most handgun calibers proficiently. So debating semantics on this subject would be futile.

The point of hand size and strength is a excellent point. When trying to find a proper carry gun these 2 points were huge when selecting. My wife beat every single man in her CCW class because she had the right firearm for her.

They were so impressed with her shooting that I think it boosted her interest and confidence. Instead of just hearing it from her husband. Tnoutdoors9 on YouTube concurs. This is totally acceptable for me.

I am extremely accurate with this loading due to the negligible muzzle flip. I shoot them often. If all you guys want to see some first rate ammo testing, look at the Luckygunner Ammo test because it will surprise you and you just might find yourself looking at your carry ammo differently or maybe even looking at a change, this is a very in depth test using all calibers and most of todays top ammo.

This testing had to cost Luckygunner a lot of money. If you throw the one on the right will it come back to you? BTW decent choice for defensive round. When in doubt, opt for penetration, which comes from bullet mass and nose shape.

When you are aiming center mass at a guy shooting at you, you are aiming lengthwise down two three foot long arms. Again, no disrespect, but I would bet my life that in most self defense cases.

A 9mm or smaller is used. I have large caliber weapons. I have a magnum for that matter. I love them, but anything Bovey a. Unfortunately, like I said. I have first had knowledge. I absolutely agree with you.

I was just in a total self defense situation myself very recently and I had an intruder walk in with a. And was placed perfectly by the miracle of God under the table on the floor where he ordered me to lay.

And in that live or die situation ur absolutely not thinking about the caliber in any way shape or form. When he walked in the bedroom he shot my gf in the side of the ribs. Her rib happened to fortunately stop the bullet..

Stopped him dead in his tracks. I could have gambled my life and went looking in my bag for my. But in that situation the. I hate how these tools have to carry the largest caliber gun on the market to make them feel more macho.

I suggest less recoil so I have better shot placement over shooting. They all do the job. Your 9mm has almost no recoil, therefore it has no power to make the other guy miss. Poor planning on your part.

Im not sure about all the Newtons law stuff you were trying to explain there, but it almost makes no sense at all with all due respect. While on the receiving end of the gn HST projectile, the one and only shot, that was center mass, was more than enough to stop him in his tracks.

I was actually rather hesitant about even mentioning it here, but it seemed relevant to some of yhe nonsense thats been said on here! No one seems to realize the damage, that a 9mm slug, will do!

To someonesay body, and that persons family, to say the least. Please listen to this if nothing else! To be a part of taking another life, is nothing like you could ever imagine in your worst nightmare ever!

You dont realize how fragile life is, until that point, yours and his! Trust me sir, it did not have one thing to do with me, planning poorly when i left the house! I hope nobody on this thread will ever have to pull the trigger at any time in their life!

The analogy where the beanbag has three times the kinetic energy than the knife is intended to demonstrate to the people who worship at the alter of kinetic energy that KE is only one very small part of the puzzle when it comes to wounding.

We can say the same for velocity to some extent, however that muddies the waters with other issues. This is because, once again, kinetic energy is far down the priority list when it comes to wounding.

Sorry about your experience, but saying a 9mm can kill someone with one shot is irrelevant, the same can be said about. He died of course, but the point is ignoring bullet construction for the moment a smaller projectile is less PROBABLE to stop the suspect as fast as a larger projectile.

A million rationalizations about what caliber is too large and impractical to shoot effectively is easily disputed by simply searching Youtube and watching people who train fire these weapons.

This is all group think, rationalizations, and propaganda. Unless you hit the central nervous system, you are going to have to wait for the guy to bleed out. How having two holes, which lets twice the blood out, and twice the air in, is a bad thing is beyond me.

Studies indicate that collateral damage to bystanders from through shots is very rare in handguns. The penetration standards are flawed. If you are shooting center mass, and someone is shooting back, you have two three foot barriers directly in the path of your bullet, the other guys arms are pointed lengthwise at you.

This ignores, clothing, movement, barriers, angle of the shot and range. I guess that goes back to the probability statement. You might, then you might not. I teach a concealed carry class, and have many certifications through the DOJ.

I delivered a nine millimeter slug when it counted and where counted. If you feel I think any less about you for disagreeing with me, you are crazy. My dad died today as I made my way down to Leesburg Florida.

Keep those fires stoked and continue to expand. These are very exciting fields. Thank you for being nice to me, things are NOT going well down here and I might get all misty eyed and pitch a hissy fit.

For certain real world situations will not be like the nice clean lab test. And a bullet going into a human body will not act the same as it does in a 16 inch thick ballistic gel block.

These test do have there place to evaluate different bullets but that is were there value stops. I have conducted test using reports from actual police shootings to evaluate a pistol rounds failure in real situations and to help develop better rounds for officers to carry.

There is no perfect bullet but there are some that are much better than others and it is best to test what you carry in something other than ballistic gel and see for yourself how well it performs.

Ballistic gelatin testing is ludicrous at BEST. The human body has no consistency. People have been sold a bunch of hogwash. You can walk away from half a dozen hits with a. No application in the real world.

Your BEST bet is to become extremely proficient in your shot placement. Practice till your eyes bleed. Do exercises to moderate the effects of Adrenalin on yourself.

THAT destroys your shot making potential. Look up Ayoob online and read his articles. Listen to the people who have BEEN in gunfights and survived. So, would you become proficient eyes bleeding and all with a.

Would you rather have good shot placement with a. How about great shot placement with fragile rounds that hit bones and deflect? So much for your placement. Or great shot placement with ball ammo and hit the officer on the other side after it passes all the way through?

No, bullet research matters – a lot. By necessity as feed problems CAN occur with non jacketed rounds. Partial jackets make the best of both worlds but anything can happen.

It will kill you as dead as you can get. An acquaintance of mine SHOT an aggressor with a. The shot did NOT put the man down. He stopped coming, but was out of the hospital within a couple of days.

Shot placement is all. Ballistics medium is bunkum, hokum, witch medicine, whatever derogatory term you can use. It does not, CAN not mimic a hit on human beings.

Massad Ayoob can provide as much information on that as can be had, as he has researched it intensely. It can kill a feral hog instantaneously, and those hogs are notoriously hard to kill.

And his shots STAY in the hogs head.

4×4 ammo best self 9mm defense for zim

Low-flash powder helps with preserving your ability to see in low-light situations, and the nickel-plated cases help with reliable cycling. G2 Research G2 Research works exclusively with lead-free projectiles made of solid, milled copper to create expanding projectiles with pretty extreme characteristics.

Designed to penetrate 9 to 10 inches in bare ballistic gelatin and not over-penetrate walls or attackers in close quarters, the expanded 9mm Civic Duty rounds can reach a diameter of approximately 0.

Hornady A purveyor of super-premium hunting and defense ammunition, Hornady sources many of its components to create loaded cartridges designed to propel its custom projectiles. Critical Defense loads, intended for the civilian market, feature FTX projectiles with the Flex Tip similar to that found in its LeverEvolution rifle rounds.

The tip completely fills the hollow-point cavity, and initiates controlled expansion regardless of what barrier or other material the round may pass through during flight into its intended target.

The Critical Duty line takes a similar design approach, using the FlexLock bullet, which combines the Flex Tip for reliable expansion and the InterLock band for ensuring the jacket and core stay together during penetration.

Generally using components produced for the company in the assembly of its loads, HPR offers some distinctive cartridges featuring frangible, expanding and other projectiles meant for real-world use.

These rounds are light-for-caliber to achieve an extremely high velocity that results in fragmentation, causing complete energy transfer in a short amount of distance and a massive shockwave to improve incapacitation.

They also greatly decrease over-penetration, especially within structures. The ARX design transfers energy through a hydraulic displacement effect in a fluid or semi-fluid target.

Each groove on the bullet pressurizes and laterally ejects fluid matter, creating a wound channel and negative acceleration. The net effect is a bullet that transfers energy as effectively as a hollow-point, without the potential for failure due to non-expansion.

The round is made from a non-frangible copper-polymer blend that will penetrate intermediate barriers but reduces the risk of ricochet against solid objects. Sig Sauer Known for its high-end defensive sidearms carried by police and military forces the world over, Sig Sauer also has a premium line of defensive ammunition.

The brass cases are coated with Ducta-Bright 7A for its corrosion resistance, enhanced lubricity and promotion of reliable feeding. Recently, Sig Sauer announced its. Both would be highly effective on bad guys and medium-size game.

Speer Manufacturers of the long-time benchmark Gold Dot law enforcement ammunition, Speer was an innovator in bonded-core technology which is the process by which the copper jacket and lead slug are bonded to prevent separation during terminal transit that features a patented two-step, cavity-forming procedure for constructing each projectile.

Jun 1, 1. Jun 1, Messages: Just got the gun today. Looking for input on target ammo and defense ammo. Any guidance would be appreciated. Also grain in addition to mfgrs.

Standard assumption is we are out of the “end of days” ammo shortage and can get best of market not what is left on shelf. Jun 2, 2. Jan 31, Messages: If it works, keep it. Again, my experience is from the XDM, so you need to try different types with the XDS to see what it likes and what it doesnt.

As an example of that, my XDM hates Tulammo, so i got rid of all of that. It has never had any issues with any brass cased though. Jun 2, 3. Feb 24, Messages: Johnson City, TN Ratings: Jun 2, 4.

May 24, Messages: SW Suburbs of Chicago Ratings: Federal Hydra-Shok low recoil runs very well in the. You might try that. Jun 2, 5. Jul 17, Messages: Kandiyohi County, MN–land of fields and lakes.

You gotta find out for yourself. So, buy a box or two of something, take it to the range, and find out for yourself. As for defensive ammo–read this: If it runs good, and you like the accuracy and control, buy a case and stop worrying about what other people are using.

Aug 31, 6. Mar 23, Messages: Aug 31, 7. Jul 21, Messages: Aug 31, 8.

The best 9mm ammo offers consistent performance, power, and a low price. It can be hard to find ammo that balances all of those traits, so we found and ranked ten of the best options to make your search for ammo just a little bit easier.

Golden Saber is an unusual type of hollow point ammunition. The jacket is entirely of cartridge brass, which makes it unusually thick and stiff. That spreads out the release of energy and boosts its functional power.

The bullet is cut so that it expands more than most hollow points, which gives it an additional boost to killing power. The ammo is high standard, so it rarely causes problems in quality firearms.

Try this ammunition if you want to get a lot of power in a fairly cheap package. EBR subsonic ammunition is the best 9mm ammo for people who want to keep things quiet.

It attains a muzzle velocity of fps, so it still has enough power to stop an opponent. These traits make it perfect for shooters who are going to practice regularly and want to be able to practice with the same ammo that they will use in an emergency.

EBR Frangible ammunition is designed to crumble on impact with a hard surface, while still offering full power against humans and other relatively soft targets. That makes it the best 9mm ammo for defensive use in homes or other areas where excessive penetration and ricochets can be a significant problem.

Most shooters should consider carrying this ammo in sensitive areas, but there are better choices for places where collateral damage is less likely. The bullet is of a molded mix of copper and polymer, which cuts down on weight without sacrificing power.

They also have an unusual scalloped shape that quickly sinks energy into the target. Top ammo manufacturers have worked tirelessly to develop law enforcement ammo that provides amazing performance for self defense.

With so many rounds, tests, and data, finding the best 9mm self defense ammo can be a daunting task. Law enforcement rounds are just a manufacturing label. In most cases, they can also be used by civilians.

Too much expansion can cause issues penetrating some barriers such as glass, metal or clothing. Not enough expansion and you lose effective stopping power. Reliable performance and consistent feed rates are critical.

Too bad Federal has told it’s dealers that selling this “LE only” ammo is a no-no. Most stores, be they brick and mortar or internet warehouses, have pulled their supplies or will ask for a badge for purchase.

NYPD has had good results with that ammo, as have other agencies. It’s not so much the bullet, as where you place it. Originally Posted by Ram Rod. Your best weapon is your brain. Don’t leave home without it.

Justifiable self defense A. How does disarming victims reduce the number of victims? Why the Gun is Civilization Marko Kloos. Debate There are hundreds of opinions offered on this when the topic comes up.

It’s not the arrow, it’s the Indian. Pick a load you and your gun like and learn how to shoot it.

Defense self for best ammo 9mm clean anarchy club

Also, heavy clothing will partially block or fill the hollow point as the bullet tears through it. Most premium SD ammo will do the job if you do yours. Range Hot did a test of several popular 9mm rounds. Reviews for full size best 9mm handguns for home defense, police duty, target shooting, and concealed carry CCW. First get a good quality muzzle brake for it. Electrochemical bonding is a process that, in essence, welds the lead core to the jacket in an effort to prevent separation.

Even so, there are so many different choices that it can be hard to […]. Fits nicely in a cargo pocket or car console. All content is copyrighted by AR

All in all, it is designed to maximize terminal ballistics therefore successfully meeting the demands of the FBI test protocol. It does not, CAN not mimic a hit on human beings. It also has two adjustment screws, one for vertical alignment and one for horizontal alignment so you can get the laser to line up with the sights. Feb 24, Messages:


827 828 829 830 831


Bit for self 9mm defense best ammo amante nicky

I have no problems shooting any of them quickly, as we always train with a Pact timer, to see first shot, splits and total time. Designed to be fired from subcompact and pocket-sized 9mm handguns, these rounds feature an extremely heavy-for-caliber grain projectile fired at a slightly lower velocity to help mitigate felt recoil and some noise, while providing a little more mass for enhanced penetration. An extra fps means nothing when it comes to wound ballistics. See…

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